Baby swing for the house do it yourself

Summer is always the sun, fresh air, a variety of fun and relaxation. This is especially true of our children, who with great pleasure spend in the summer almost every day on the street, on the grounds, where the main attribute is the swing.

Few people know that making a swing for children at home is not so difficult as it seems to all of us. For this you need desire and some tools that can easily be found in any private home.

It would seem that this is such an irrelevant thing, but the swing brings the kids a lot of happiness. Who does not want to make your child nice? Who does not want to surprise the baby? Today everyone learns how to make a swing for children hanging for the house. Let's start with a review of possible models.

Kids swing with their own hands

As you understand, anyone who just wants can make a swing by themselves. To do this, it is not necessary to be an expert, it is enough just to study the material in detail, and then, observing all the points, build a swing for your children.

First we consider the most common type - floor model in the form of the letter "P". We will discuss a variety of children's swing for the house (floor, suspended and others) today, we will learn how to install the structure ourselves, what is necessary for this.

Outdoor swing letter "P"

Baby swing for home

This type of swing is considered the simplest, most convenient and common in Russia and many other countries. Similar swings are suitable for summer houses and houses where there is an empty seat.

For the manufacture we need a few wooden or iron (which is much better) pillars having a certain length and diameter. Important: the height, width and all dimensions of the swing, you must individually select.

The dimensions depend on many criteria, for example, on the suspicion of the load on the structure. Do you need children’s swing for home? So why not build them yourself, and not spend crazy money? By the way, we will also talk about the cost, but a little later.

Pillar installation

Children's swing for home: price

The pillars, which will serve as a support, must be buried to a sufficient depth of 80-120 centimeters. But there is also an easier way to install: use two slightly curved pipes made of metal.Their ends need to be buried in the ground so that the swing is stable. Then your child, riding them, will be in complete safety.

In the same spirit, you can make a swing for children hanging for the house, but in this case, we will not need long pipes. More information about the swing swing you can read further in the article.


In the meantime, we return to the topic of fixing all the necessary metal parts / parts for our design. To fasten the components of the structure with each other, we need either bolts with a huge diameter, or a welding machine.

On the crossbar of the swing with an ordinary rope or some kind of cable you need to fix the wooden seat. For the manufacture of seats, we need to take some wooden board, the thickness of which is about 3-6 centimeters, process it with a planer, and then paint it with your favorite paint color. Riding on such a swing is possible both for a small child (from 5 years old) and for an adult person - he can endure everyone!

Now you have understood that it is not so difficult to make a swing for the house with your own hands, as it was thought before.

Suspended swing for the apartment

Kids swing for home hanging their own hands

Suspended rockers for the house are more popular than ordinary floor, because to make the first much easier.

Now we will talk in detail about how to make a swing swing for an apartment.

What do we need in order to establish such a design as a children's swing at home? To do this, you need: a good rope, a few hooks that are screwed into the wall, as well as tools along with everything you need for a swing swing.

Important! This design is suitable not for all apartments. It will be possible to ride a child weighing up to 20-30 kilograms, as the swing will stay on the doorway.

Two hooks are screwed into the doorway (above). Next you need to prepare a seat for swings. For this we will use an ordinary tree. You can make a seat at your own discretion, as there are simply an incredible amount of methods, and it is extremely difficult to choose the best of them.

We connect the ropes with the seat, after which we put the ends on hooks in the doorway. That's all. Children's swing for the house (suspended), made by hand, ready!

Suspended swing for home

Kids swing for the house do it yourself

If you think a little, you can understand that such swings are almost no different from the apartment can not. Only if the fact that they can hang on the street. But in this case, you will have to use a different method of manufacturing the product, because for the street, the suspended swing is made a little differently.

If in the courtyard of your house there is a good tree that can become the basis for a swing, feel free to use it. However, experts still recommend not to install these children's devices on the trees, as it is unsafe. .

Of course, it is better to simply buy special hooks and other elements in order to fix the swing as best you can. Do not wrap a tree with just a swing rope! Your main task is to take care of the safety of your child - do not put children at risk!

Now let's talk about the cost of swings in stores.

Money spendings

Swing for children for home floor

Swing is one of the main and most favorite entertainment for children and their parents, therefore, they are in great demand.

Nobody forbids buying a swing in specialized stores, but have you seen the prices for this product? Most likely not, so you can't even imagine the cost.

Did you know the fact that the simplest swing for children in special stores cost about 100-150 dollars? Single swing with metal racks cost more than $ 300, and double swing from wood have a cost in excess of $ 600.

This is really crazy money, and there is simply no guarantee that the structure will not break in a week. Without a doubt, it is better to build on your own at least a quality children's swing for the house, spending only some materials, if they are not at hand.

You can make a swing at home without any difficulty, even in an hour (of course, if you try). Some people, however, can make a swing for their children for weeks - they say, it is incredibly difficult. However, in reality there is nothing complicated and incomprehensible in the installation of such a construction.

Read more about how to install a swing in the apartment, in the country or in your own yard, you could read a little higher. It is not difficult, and you will succeed.

Wooden rocking swing for children

Children's swing at home

While children can ride on an ordinary swing only from the age of five, rocking swing is popular not only among grandmothers, but also among small children.

Many do not even imagine that they can independently make beautiful and comfortable swings that will last for many years.

For the manufacture we need a wooden bursa, a small sheet of plywood, the width of which exceeds 18 millimeters. Also useful glue (waterproof), a variety of screws, paint or ordinary varnish.

Now you know that children's swing for the house, the price of which is rather big, is easiest to do on your own.

The timber must be cut into a shaft, the length of which should be two meters, as well as several racks (height - 80-90 centimeters). Plywood will serve as a seat for swings. Dimensions are considered individually, so before installing this and any other kind of swing, be sure to count everything on a sheet of paper. Do not forget to process all the elements with sandpaper before final installation.


Swing for children at home is an integral part of the child's life, because each of us was a kid who loved to ride on a swing every day, wasn’t it?

Swing for home for children

Today we discussed the main aspects that you need to pay attention to when installing a swing in your house, apartment or at the dacha.In no case do not forget about the safety of the child, be sure to be next to him when riding on a swing. After all, we all know that an incredible thought can come to the head of a child at any moment. The kid may think, accidentally fall and hit hard. And then there will be a lot of tears and screams. Save both children and yourself from this.

Have a nice day and good mood!

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