Baby stroller Jedo: photo and review of models, reviews

Parents are very important to choose the right stroller for walking with the baby. The choice of children's transport will depend not only on how comfortable the baby will be, but also on the convenience of the parents themselves.

Among the huge number of brands it is difficult to choose the same brand. Jedo-strollers that allow you to get real pleasure from walking with a crumb. The brand has proven itself not only in the market of children's goods in Russia, but also in Europe, which is due to the high quality of products and good functionality. The model line of goods of the brand is represented by a huge assortment of strollers for every taste and budget. Newly parents need only to choose the transport that suits them exactly according to the set of requirements and characteristics.


stroller model

Jedo strollers are distinguished by their high durability, since the frame of the product is made of a special duralumin alloy. Models of children's transport are resistant to stress, the frame does not bend under the influence of heavy physical exertion.

The wheels of Jedo baby strollers are inflatable and have a large diameter, which is sufficient for unhindered off-road driving. The irregularities encountered in the path of the parents and the baby during the walk are smoothed out thanks to the spring damping system. The carriage develops like "books". A special locking system prevents unintentional folding of the device.

The brand includes a huge range of baby strollers, differing from each other in design. In total, the brand - the manufacturer of children's goods - has more than a thousand colors.

Most models have a fabric base. Some strollers are supplemented with elements from eco-leather.

Assortment of jedo strollers. Popular models

jedo stroller 2 in 1

Among the huge number of wheelchairs, some models are especially popular with the buyers of children's stores:

1. Jedo Bartatina 2 in 1. This is the most popular and common model of this brand.

2. The Jedo Special stroller has a modern design. The model is quite maneuverable and easy to operate due to its relatively low weight.

3. The Jedo Fyn stroller is stylish and versatile.

4.Jedo Koda is a stylish model of the stroller of the famous brand with additional cushioning on the frame. Parental handle is covered with artificial leather. The front wheels are equipped with a swivel mechanism with the ability to lock in one position.

5. Jedo Lark M Line 60. Premium class model. The cost of the stroller can reach 37000-40000 rubles in various stores of children's goods. The diameter of the front wheels of this model is smaller than the similar value of the rear wheels. In addition, they are equipped with a swivel mechanism. The stroller has four points of support.

There are no fundamental differences in the above models. The main differences in design features.

Stroller Jedo Bartatina 2 in 1

jedo fyn stroller

The most popular and demanded model among the newly-made moms and dads who are in search of the perfect transport for their baby. During its existence, the stroller has undergone several modifications that made the device model Jedo Bartatina 2 in 1 more perfect.

One of the latest innovations was the improvement of the mounting system of the cradle to the chassis. Moreover, in the latest models, new soft fasteners on the seat belts have appeared, and the frame is made of high-quality steel.By the way, the steel frame makes the weight of the stroller significantly higher than that of counterparts with a frame of high-strength aluminum.

Complete strollers

design option

Jedo package (2 in 1 strollers) is presented in the standard version:

  • cradle;
  • walking block;
  • raincoat;
  • mosquito net;
  • capacious bag for children's things.

The cradle is easily removable from the chassis. This element is intended for children from birth to 6 months. When the kid masters the skill of self-sitting, you can start using the walking block, the weight of which, by the way, is somewhat less. Inside the cradle is a mattress of cotton material and soft sidewalls.

The walking unit is quite roomy, so that the crumb even in a winter suit or overalls will feel comfortable while walking.

At the bottom of the stroller there is a bulky basket for things that will allow young parents to make purchases without any problems, combining this activity with a walk. The bottom of the stroller is rigid, ventilated, prevents the occurrence of the condensation effect, and also serves to anatomically support the spine of a small child.

Clear advantages

baby carriage

Many new parents prefer the Jedo brand. Strollers of this brand have a number of undeniable advantages. Feedback from parents confirms this. Among them are the following:

  1. "Jedo" -carriages 2 in 1 are equipped with two modules that are fairly easy to mount in the position facing the road or back.
  2. Adjustable backrests and a reliable security system allow parents to not worry about the child during walks.
  3. The possibility of adjusting the height and inclination of the handle of the stroller makes it easier for moms and dads to organize a walk, especially when the growth of parents is noticeably different from the average.
  4. The bag that comes with the stroller is placed on the metal grid under the module.
  5. The brake system is very sensitive. It is enough to lightly press the foot on the pedal, and the movement of the wheels is blocked. This avoids accidents while walking with the baby.

It is thanks to the above advantages that Jedo strollers are very popular among millions of parents from all over the world.

Cost of

stroller in the lobby

The cost of Jedo strollers directly depends on the model, design and feature set of children's transport.On average, you can buy a famous brand stroller for 30,000 rubles. In online stores, you can buy Jedo models for less than 25,000-27,000 rubles. During the stock and sales period, the value of the brand’s wheelchairs becomes even lower.

The price of some models may exceed 30,000 rubles. For example, the average cost of a stroller Jedo Lark M Line 60 is 36,000 rubles.


2 in 1

Before you buy a vehicle for the baby, parents carefully examine all the information about the brand Jedo, strollers. Reviews in most cases are positive.

Newly mom and dad celebrate the incredible maneuverability of baby strollers of this brand. In addition, the undoubted advantage is a good cross in off-road conditions. According to parents, all the irregularities are easily overcome by the transport of the famous brand Jedo. Strollers allow you to make a walk with the baby as comfortable and unobstructed as possible.

Most parents consider the affordable price of wheelchairs a huge advantage. In their opinion, for a relatively small amount you can buy a pram in an ideal price-quality ratio.


Jedo strollers are very popular among millions of moms and dads from around the world. Such demand for brand models is due to the high quality of materials, excellent product functionality and the ideal price-performance ratio. The cost of most Jedo strollers does not exceed 28,000 rubles. In the period of sales and stock price models become even lower.

Strollers are quite maneuverable and easy to operate. The weight of the models is quite small, which allows young parents to easily move the transport for the crumbs in a high-rise building.

Inflatable wheels of large diameter allow you to overcome any obstacles in the form of irregularities and potholes while walking with your baby. The carriage practically does not make any sounds during the movement. That is why walks with strollers Jedo not only allow the baby to feel as comfortable as possible, but also bring real pleasure to the parents of the crumbs. Warranty is 1 month. The maximum age of the child, allowing the use of strollers Jedo for walking, 3 years.

The range includes models of various designs and colors.Every mom and dad can choose exactly the stroller that suits their baby and meets all the necessary requirements.

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