Baby champagne: description, composition, manufacturers and reviews

Often, parents, organizing a holiday for their child, decide to buy for the company of young guests a non-alcoholic substitute for a popular adult drink - baby champagne. Some believe that this drink differs from the traditional drink only in the absence of alcohol. In fact, as experts say, children's champagne has nothing to do with high-quality natural champagne wines. In composition, it is close to the usual lemonade. Should I buy it for a child?

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What is a drink?

Baby champagne is a highly carbonated non-alcoholic beverage with a variety of aromatic additives that look like sparkling wine. The product is produced at distilleries and factories specializing in the production of soft drinks.

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Baby champagne: composition

The composition of the drink includes water, sugar, citric acid, carbon dioxide, synthetic or natural aromatic substances, as well as E211 - sodium benzoate (preservative). It is the last component that is responsible for the formation of a fluffy foam in the drink, which many kids like so much. But in order for the foam to be sufficiently abundant, manufacturers have to increase the concentration of preservative to the level that is maximally acceptable. Adults should understand that baby champagne contains much more harmful substances than regular soft drinks.

How is a drink harmful to children's health?

There are no useful substances, according to experts, in children's champagne. In some cases, synthetic substances and preservatives in children cause severe allergies, which then have to be treated in the hospital.

The following statement cannot be regarded as a recommendation for mandatory implementation, but adults still need to know that in ordinary sparkling wine, used in moderation, much less harmful to human, and especially to children, health substances than to its non-alcoholic analogue .

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Experts say that children can not too often buy both sweet soda and children's champagne: such drinks contain a significant amount of calories, which, if abused, leads to obesity. Sweeteners used in the beverage industry are extremely dangerous to health: cyclamate and saccharin, for example, are carcinogens, and aspartame, the most popular sweetener, is a protein that causes allergies and adversely affects the retina of the eye (which contributes to visual impairment).

Citric acid contained in children's champagne, irritating the oral mucosa, causes microdamages in the oral cavity, the stomach and the esophagus and the stomach, spoils the tooth enamel.

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Carbon monoxide contained in a drink is harmless by itself, but if a child suffers from a bowel disorder or stomach problems, it is better to refuse to treat him with carbonated drinks. For healthy children, as well as for adults, gas in large volumes is not recommended: it causes gas formation, abdominal distention, belching.

Flavors are included in the composition of champagne to improve its taste and aroma.It should be remembered that the use of natural aromatic additives is ideal for a child’s health, but their use in production is rather limited due to its high cost. It is necessary to take into account that artificial flavors are used in the manufacture of an inexpensive children's drink.

The preservative E-211 is officially authorized in the Russian Federation and in Europe, and yet it is known that at this time there are active discussions on its negative impact on the intelligence and behavior of children. It is expected that this substance will soon be banned in baby food.

Pediatricians are opposed to the use by children of both children's champagne and any soda. They believe that the use of these drinks by children under five or seven years old should be extremely limited, and children under 3 years old, as well as children suffering from diseases of the stomach or intestines, should not be allowed to use champagne.

About the popularity of the drink

Quite often, parents buy children champagne for their children on their holiday. Reviews characterize it as a tasty drink, with a pleasant aroma of strawberries, apples or other fruits or berries.Since the drink is highly carbonated, users warn that it should be opened carefully, otherwise the cork can fly out with a lot of noise and an abundance of foam and spray. At the same time, children may be doused with sweet foam, which will only enhance their elevated festive mood.

The reviews of adults do not call the children's champagne useful, but they note that the presence of this drink on the children's holiday table underlines the exclusivity of the moment, heightens the joy of the children gathered around the table. Since children's champagne is bought infrequently, but only for family holidays, which occur several times a year, parents believe that its use will not bring much harm to children. If at the same time take into account how much joy brings a sweet foamy drink to kids, adults confidently recommend its acquisition to their friends who are planning a children's holiday.

What do psychologists say?

Psychologists note that in drinking children’s champagne is meant to imitate an adult ritual: children are especially happy with shooting with cork, eruption of foam, and choking with glasses. Experts believe that this fun for children is not the best.

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Drinking a drink naturally will not turn them into chronic alcoholics. But for children suffering from a predisposition to alcoholism, the cause of which is heredity and peculiarities of their social circle, the first glass of a harmless drink can be a step towards a serious adult disease. Such children should avoid such experimentation. In the world of children, everything starts with an adult role model. Having received his first experience in the use of non-alcoholic champagne, it will be easier for the child to uncork the first real, adult bottle. Like a child, whose actions no one stopped, when he, playing, smoked a cigarette from simple leaves, it would be easier to drag on a real cigarette - he did not develop a psychological barrier before using an adult “toy”. Psychologists recommend as little as possible to fix the child’s attention on bad habits, such as smoking and alcohol intake. Children, they believe, it is better to drink children's soda, and let the champagne remain an adult.

How much is baby champagne?

In order to interest kids with their products, manufacturers make the bottle with a drink as similar to the real one as possible.What do parents offer to children when they buy baby champagne (the price of children's non-alcoholic champagne, by the way, is not childish)? Children are invited to completely plunge into the popular game of adults and engage in drinking alcoholic beverages.

So how much does baby champagne cost? The cost of this product, like any other, can vary depending on the type of drink, its suppliers and the store where it is bought. The question of the cost of goods is always interested in the buyer. No exception and those who are going to buy baby champagne. The price of a 0.75 l bottle of domestic beverage is about 180 rubles. Foreign analogues are much more expensive. For example, Hungarian Disney is very popular - children's champagne, the price of which in different stores in Moscow is from 120 to 221 rubles.

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Reviews of grateful parents, who brought joy to their children and bought children's champagne for the holiday, note, in particular, the excellent quality of the following drinks with various flavors:

  • “Wunsh-Punch” (“Aquatorium” (natural mineral water plant), Perm).
  • "Alice" (SP Maltsev P., Ulan-Ude).
  • Kidibul (Belgium).
  • Blub Blub (Italy).
  • Fabula Branding Company (Belarus).
  • “Tili-tili” and “Cherkassky” (TM “Cherkassky”, Ukraine).
  • Tom and Jerry (Hungary).
  • Robby Bubbl (Czech Republic).
  • "Fairy champanetto" ("Kubanoprodukt-wholesale", Krasnodar).
  • Detskoe (Alisa soft drinks factory, Ufa).

About Precautions

Parents should definitely pay attention to this inscription on the label. “Caution,” says a warning, “a bottle under pressure!” What does this mean? Carbon dioxide in a champagne bottle is more than in soda. By opening it, children can be injured by the cork shot. Therefore, it's better that a bottle of champagne is uncorked by an adult at a children's party.

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But adults also do not always know how to open children's champagne so that the cork, having flown out of the bottle, does not damage the ceiling or does not hit any of the guests.

  • First you need to cool the drink to 6-8 ° C, putting it for a few minutes in a bucket with ice or placing it on the bottom shelf of the refrigerator.
  • Wrap the cooled bottle with a napkin, trying not to shake.
  • Remove the foil and wire, setting the bottle at an angle of 40-45 degrees to the table, rest it on something solid. At the same time, the neck should not be sent to guests or any valuable items.
  • Holding the cork with your thumb, you should start rotating the bottle.

Observance of these precautions will allow to avoid splashes and cotton which, as it is known, give out to the layman.

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