Ayats from the Koran for every day

More than 14 centuries ago, Allah sent down the Koran to mankind through the Prophet Mohammed. The Holy Book became the revelation of the Most High, the likeness of which man cannot convey. The evidence is the verses of the Koran, in which believers are looking for help, support of higher powers. Prayers really help a person even in the most difficult situations.

What is ayah

“Ayat” means “sign” of the Quran. All information contained in Holy Scripture is related to the outside world. Therefore, the verses from the Qur'an are considered reliable, reasonable and insightful. Revelations of the Holy Scriptures were sent to humanity at different times for 22 years. Some suras were completely revealed to the prophets, others - fragments in the form of ayahs.

quran sura ayaty dua

The last divine revelation was received by Saint Mohammed shortly before his death. He became the last prophet to give God's commandments to people through the Qur'an. Therefore, the information contained in the Holy Book of Muslims, are considered the most reliable.

In the Holy Scripture, it is said that Muhammad received the revelations of the Most High in parts. It was convenient for their further interpretation and memorization.In addition, the constant receiving of the ayahs strengthened the faith in Allah, allowing people to sense his divine presence. Muslims tried to memorize the Koran, suras, ayahs and du'a (prayer). As revelations were revealed, the prophet indicated in which surah a new verse should be placed. Their chronological sequence, established by Mohammed, has been observed so far.

Daily prayers

Muslims are obliged to pray (pray) 5 times a day and read Holy Scripture at least once a day. For daily reading, you can choose different ayahs from the Quran. But the most famous and readable became ayat al-kursi. Imams (Islamic clerics) recommend reading it daily and in all situations: before starting an important business, going out of the house, before studying.

In the evening it is good to remember the Yasin prayer. At the end of the night prayer it is recommended to read the verses from Sura Korova. On Fridays, Muslims read Al-Kahf. It is believed that the Most High forgives any sins to the reader of the ayah from the Quran. The Prophet Mohammed wrote that 70,000 angels will pray for the soul of a person who reads the verses of Hell-Doohan in the evening.

cleansing of the Koran

By prayers Muslims ask for the following:

  • that Allah be pleased with the believers;
  • Gd sent his native people to the true path;
  • so that all members of the family are well and be avoided;
  • The creator sent a good and believing life partner (for unmarried and unmarried);
  • God protected from hell and bestowed paradise;
  • to stay healthy and full of vitality;
  • faith in Allah grew stronger every day;
  • there was wealth in the family and financial well-being;
  • all life problems were solved correctly and fairly.

The Prophet also taught Muslims to ask the Most High for knowledge every day. To this end, Sura Ta Ha (verse 114) was revealed.

house cleansing

Ayaty to clean the house

Muslims sincerely believe that gins exist in parallel with us. They are trying in every way to harm a person, especially at home. Genie blamed for the beginning quarrel between relatives. They make the culprits of human failure. And the worst genies can take possession of the soul of a person and torment her for a long time.

The verses from the Koran help to clear the house of unfriendly jinn. To begin a religious ceremony, you must prepare:

  1. Make general cleaning in the house.
  2. Perform a full ablution.
  3. Wear clean clothes.
  4. Read thoughtfully and slowly the special ayahs of the Quran.

House cleansing is done by reading Surah Al-Baqarah and Al-Imran. Adhan (prayer call) also helps clean the home of bad spirits. When a verse is called to begin a prayer, the genies leave the house.

Ayaty for the soul

Muslims strive to fully open their heart to Allah. Therefore, the purification of the ayahs of the soul is widespread in Islam. For this, believers read the ayahs of Al-Fatih, Surah Al-Ikhlas, Kafirun. Such prayers help strengthen faith and ease mental agony. Sura Isra, Fussilat helps to strengthen health. And the holy poems Yasin facilitate the life of a person as a whole.

Any verse or sura from the Quran has a beneficial effect on a person. Prayers help to gain peace of mind and perseverance, if they are read sincerely and with faith in the omnipotence of Allah.

what is ayah

Do verses teach violence?

Muslims claim that Islam is a peaceful religion. However, in modern society Islamists are equated to terrorists.

In fact, it is part of the political game. Religion has always been convenient to cover up violence. And if the verses from the Koran, being subjected to a false interpretation, call for the killing of enemies, then this becomes an excellent reason to hang the stigma of cruelty on Islam. In fact, many verses and suras are misinterpreted.After all, Islam forbids killing. This is stated in Suhr Al-An’Am (151). By careful analysis of the Holy Scriptures, one can see that many suras refute extremist attempts to impose false interpretations of the holy text. The Koran only calls to fight for Allah with those who cross the border of what is permitted. And this rule applies in any religion.

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