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On the Internet, Axapta is often mentioned. What is this program? Behind this name is a resource scheduling application.

Development history

The application was jointly developed by Daamgaard Data and IBM and was originally called IBM Axapta. The program was released in 1998, the first was the market of Denmark and the United States, but after the release of version 1.5, product rights were granted to Daamgaard Data, which, in turn, merged with another company called Navision. This happened in 2000. The new company was named Navision Daamgaard, and later the name changed to Navision A / S.

Two years later, Microsoft bought this company, and in 2011, the AX 2012 application was released. Now there is also an updated version of the Axapta application. What is this program for and what is its structure?axapta what is this program


The program is written in X ++. This language integrates SQL queries into Java code. Microsoft has published the so-called "Statement of Direction", where the application development plans were described.It was stated that in new versions of AX, an increase in vertical functionality will occur, regional calculations and HTML5 will be added.

Where to read about Axapta?

What kind of program it is and what it is eaten with could be found on the official website. Here were laid out the latest news about the company and the product itself. In 2002, before the company was bought by Microsoft, this resource had the most followers. However, after the purchase, the entire content of the portal was transferred to Microsoft Business.

At the time when version 3.0 was released, the software was well advanced, various conferences were regularly held, among which participants were official representatives from Microsoft. They carried out almost all the content of official sources. However, now to get free access to this information is not as easy as before. Why? The fact is that after the release of Microsoft Dynamix AX 4.0, interest in the product has increased so much that many unofficial portals began to publish their news. Professional blogs also have a hand in this process.

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Axapta software is focused on companies that regularly use a variety of software.AX 2012 is a reliable ERP system for enterprises (both medium and large), allowing you to plan resources. It is functionally saturated and large-scale, has several advantages in distribution and production.

With a wide range of functions, it is able to serve a multitude of customers in various industries. Multicurrency and multilingualism made the program the most popular among companies seeking to centralize all operations. Thus, it is easy to link offices around the world with Axapta.

What is this program for resource planning, if it is impossible to manage warehouses and transport through it, manage raw materials stocks, plan supply and demand chains, predict material needs? AX all this can. In addition, quality control and product cycle management are available. The current version of Axapta relies on Net technology from Microsoft and is installed, as a rule, directly.

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Where is the app useful?

However, all this gives a rather vague idea of ​​Axapta. The description of the industries in which this product can be applied is much more effective.Some manufacturers of industrial equipment, high-tech industries can successfully use the program. It will also be useful for planning the resources of aerospace production, metallurgy, medical devices and consumer goods. Thus, the scope of use of Axapta is wide, besides, it can predict various situations and recurring events.

With the help of the program regulated production processes that require automation of the parties. It is successfully used in enterprises engaged in the production of pharmaceutical, chemical and food products. Flexible program settings allow you to meet the needs of production of almost any type, even if it is retail.

For medium-sized vendors, Microsoft has developed a special version of Axapta, called Dynamics AX 2012. It is also able to evaluate retail software solutions. As a rule, the application is used by those companies whose size, requirements and income justify the cost of AX. Most user enterprises have an income of at least 50 million per year. axapta 2009


Axapta is an application whose function is to make decisions based on resource planning, it can also design business processes. The program can simplify and speed up business through an intelligent user interface with the ability to solve problems automatically. In order to make an informed decision, it is enough to analyze the situation in the application in real time. And it can be done on any device and anywhere.

The efficiency of doing business increases, the manager can always see a complete picture of both the enterprise as a whole and its individual industries. The program will help improve and accelerate business processes, introduce new products and create more favorable conditions for manufacturing and supply.axapta training

How to study?

First of all, it should be noted that without data loading, many forms and reports simply cannot be opened. This confuses almost all new Axapta users. The user manual, of course, contains a lot of information, but you can learn about such trifles only in practice. For starters, you can download sample data. In any case, this is done through the main menu.You need to go to the tab "Administration", then the submenu "Periodic operations", select "Export / Import data" and "Import". You can import data into Axapta through the "Definition groups" in the same submenu. This applies to version 3.0. In lower versions, the path is as follows: the “Administration” tab in the main menu, in the opened window the submenus “Database”, “Import / Export”, “Import”.

The application will request a file and group. The group is optional, and the file (when loading the sample data) is taken from the Demonstration data directory. It comes with the installation files of the program, but may be called demodata. Further, the user only needs to run any file in the name of which ru is present. All questions of the application at this stage, you can answer "Yes." Now you can begin to get acquainted with the functionality of Axapta.axapta user manual


The first steps in the development of AX should begin with an acquaintance with the tree of objects. To open it, in the "File" menu, select the "Open" sub-item, and in it - the "Application Object Repository". There is also a corresponding button on the toolbar. A window will open in which the application objects are divided into groups.

Open the Forms group and find objects that begin with the word tutorial. Any programmer will immediately understand the purpose of almost all forms, and for some, a brief description is given in the developer’s manual. Some forms are games: tic-tac-toe, sea battle over the net, tetris. One of the forms is voice input, it is called tutorial_burger. It is enough for the user to say a phrase into the microphone, which are marked in bold on the form, the system will process the data and fulfill the order. If you understand. In the case, if you refuse to understand, you can set up recognition just as it is done in the Speech CDK from Microsoft. What voice commands can the system perform? For example, saying Thank you, the user will complete the order.

Screenshots can be taken from Axapta forms via tutorial_FormCapture, it works in both versions.

To the developer

However, these are only useful or just fun forms in Microsoft Dynamics AX. How to start a real learning? Of course with the help for the developer ("Menu", "Axapta Developer Guide"). All documentation in English. You should first study the sections “Creating Forms” and “Creating Data”. There is a lot of information, but all of it requires detailed study.In order not to be bored, you can periodically switch to the sections Using MorphX, Working with Project, and also to Using Debugger.

Then, if the demo data has already been loaded, you can apply the knowledge in practice and create your first form, but before that you must learn Creating Forms / Tips / Drag-and-Drop. Actually in this documentation it is a lot of useful. If a specialist speaks English, he practically does not need any additional literature from the Web.

After all the specified sections have been studied, the user got an idea about Axapta, what this program is and what it can do, you should try to make a form and a report, and then proceed to create a master-detail form. When the basic elements are mastered, you should familiarize yourself with the programming standard, read the recommendations of the programmer and the section Best Practice.importing data into axapta through definition groups


Despite the fact that Microsoft Dynamics AX has the possibility of programming, it is best to try to use the existing functionality, at least when it is possible. The time required for implementation is significantly reduced in the case of using ready-made tools, so first try to choose the most suitable functionality.The program aims to automate actions, so do not neglect this opportunity. After thoroughly studying the program, the programmer can leave it to work almost independently, and at this time do some other work. Or go to the buffet.

After acquaintance with the English-language literature comes the turn of the Russian-language guides on finance, warehouses, customers, production and other ready-made functions.

What do those who do not speak English? Of course, it is worth learning a language, because in almost all programs in one form or another the user encounters it. If there is no time, then do not despair. The Axapta application is now very popular, so there are many manuals on the Internet, but be prepared for the fact that you will have to read a lot. But those who do not have a copy of the program at hand, suitable video courses. For example, on Youtube there are several courses on Axapta 2009. The general course is divided into several lessons, each of which lasts about 45 minutes. This will help to quickly deal with the program.

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