Autobuffers: reviews of car owners and specialists

We all know that in our country roads are a very big problem. The path from home to work is simply Each year, the statistics of accidents and accidents increase. At the same time, there is one simple way to minimize the risk of damage to cars, which is associated with this condition of roads. You can use autobuffers for this, reviews of which are given in the article below. With them, your car will be easier to cope with various road irregularities, while passengers and drivers will feel much more comfortable.autobuffer reviews

What it is?

Autobuffers (reviews about them are given in this article) are small elements that prevent excessively fast compression of the shock absorber springs, which ensures smooth running of the machine. They are made from a material called urethane. It is worth noting that, unlike its rubber counterparts, such products do not break and are not deformed with a sharp and strong compression.Autobuffers do not break the spring, during compression, repeating their shape very smoothly.

How did they come about?

Autobuffers, reviews of which are of increasing interest to machine owners, have already appeared two decades ago. On the outskirts of a town in Korea, Jung Mun Soo was a car accessories seller. The idea of ​​creating these devices appeared in his head. At the same time she came absolutely by accident.

Jung suffered from osteochondrosis, and his nerves in his back were severely pinched. When traveling by car it shook quite strongly on the bumps, which, of course, gave a not very pleasant feeling. Then he began to think about improving the comfort of movement. This is how the idea of ​​creating autobuffers was born (read the reviews at the end of this article). Over the course of twenty years of testing materials and forms, they have been improving. But at the moment, if you ask a lover of driving about them, he will answer immediately how comfortable it is with them than with a conventional car suspension.

So, having shown an elementary care for oneself, Jung Mun Soo, a simple seller of auto accessories, founded a successful company TTC, which presented to all motorists an excellent product that could significantly improve the driving properties of cars.At the present moment, the autobuffers, reviews of which can be found mostly positive, have improved so much that they have the effect of memorizing the shape of the spring.avtobafery car owners reviews

How to pick them up?

TTS autobuffers, reviews of which are not hard to find today, are universal, therefore, they can be installed on almost any car with spring suspension, and it doesn’t matter if it is a folk “Lada” or a rare “Jaguar”, common “Solaris "Or representative" Mercedes ".

In addition, there is a positive experience of installing them on commercial light transport, for example, on route taxis such as Ford Transit, Autoline, and Peugeot Boxer — this allows us to make the design simplicity and high safety margin.

Of course, such a huge range of applicability of the same size autobuffer (reviews of car owners about them, see below) can not provide, therefore, the manufacturer offers eight models differing from each other in height (38-106 mm) and diameter (125-180 mm). Weight is also different: the smallest car carrier weighs about 165 g, while the largest is 705 g.

Between the coils of the springs, the minimum distance at which the installation of the autobuffs is possible is 10 mm, while the limiting distance is 67 mm.It is worth noting that over the years a huge catalog of their applicability has been formed, therefore, it will not be difficult to find out what sizes of these devices are needed for a particular car model.autobuffer pros and cons reviews

Autobuffers: pros and cons, reviews

The use of buffers in a car's suspension is the most effective and affordable way to tune it. It is worth noting that it fits perfectly to all cars with shock absorber spring suspension. At the same time, the improvement of the driving characteristics occurs without changing the component of the geometric suspension. Let us now determine exactly what bad and good autobuffers are, the feedback from the owners will be the basis.

Positive properties

Consider their advantages:

  1. The stability of the behavior of the suspension improves, rolls and swaying go away.
  2. In front of the car during heavy braking it tends to be less.
  3. Reduced risk of leakage and breakdown of shock absorbers.
  4. More comfortable going overcoming road barriers.
  5. With long trips, comfort is enhanced.
  6. The functionality of the suspension increases.
  7. The product will last more than three years.

Patented technology

With the help of stamping, rather than casting, a urethane autobuffer is produced, the majority of which can be found to be positive. This significantly improves their properties. TTC President says that no Chinese fakes are made using this technology.

A urethane can be given a wide variety of properties if it is produced at a specific humidity and temperature. This is due to the fact that under different conditions of humidity and temperature, urethane molecules are distributed from each other at different distances. The patented TTS production technology, kept secret, ensures high quality of the produced urethane, due to which the auto buffer (the reviews of experts about them are given below) ensure maximum comfort while driving and almost do not wear out.autobuffer negative reviews

Structure and unique shape

At the cushion, the perimeter of the circle has special grooves, thanks to which it keeps tight in the spring, thus eliminating the possibility of its accidental “jumping out”.

Here there are technological special holes, the position and shape of which have a clear technical justification.Also, these holes are used to absorb shocks from various road irregularities. They also, on the other hand, do not allow the pillow to block the spring, therefore, the spring can work with it for compression.

So, autobuffers are a unique tool that gives comfort while driving. In addition, without changing the geometry of the suspension, they can effectively improve the performance of the machine.


Thanks to the buffers, shock absorbers make their way less often. The probability of their “leakage” decreases. At the same time, the service life of shock absorbers is doubled.


The buildup and rolls of the car are reduced, its roughness decreases, the rolls on bends become less. The machine becomes better assembled, less subject to buildup in the pits, which minimizes bumps on the roughness of the road with an increase in clearance together.

Increase clearance

When loading, the car sags by 4 cm less than before the autobuffers appear in it. They can be chosen in such a way that the ground clearance increases to 17 mm, which depends on the car. There is an increase in handling and comfort, in contrast to the simple spacer needed to increase clearance.avtobafery car owners reviews negative

Driver care

Fatigue on long journeys decreases.Reducing the buildup of the machine leads to a reduction in the amplitude of the body oscillations.


In addition to the economic effect of reducing the number of breakdowns, buffers are also a great alternative to replacing shock absorbers. This is due to the fact that they restore their properties.

Autobuffers or inter-turn spacers?

It is not correct to compare inter-turn spacers manufactured in Russia 10 years ago with TTC autobuffers. Then rubber products were produced, which stone, cracked and dried out in the cold. Basically they were set to lift the car. At that time, no one thought about comfort. At the moment, you can hear only good reviews about autobuffers. There is almost no negative in them, and we'll take a look at all the shortcomings below. Korean autobuffers offer you a well-developed and modern form that allows a spring to work out extreme compression without blocking it. This patented design together with the urethane reduces to zero the risk of breakage.autobuffers tts reviews

Autobuffers: car owners reviews (negative)

Now let us consider their shortcomings, which were also compiled in accordance with the reviews:

  1. The first disadvantage is the creation of a solid suspension. This item has already been mentioned earlier as an advantage of a car with an autobender. In fact, the stiffness of the suspension can be safely attributed to both negative and positive qualities. This is mainly due to the fact that not every owner of the car welcomes specifically hard or soft suspension. Many preference is given to various properties of the vehicle. So, the choice depends only on the preferences of the owner of the vehicle.
  2. The second weighty argument is considered too high cost. Not everyone can buy a part for such a “tidy” amount. At the same time it is necessary to remember also about the presence of positive weighty qualities, which are written above.
  3. The third drawback is the attachment of poor quality. Quite often, you can encounter buffers that were repeatedly lost when the vehicle was moving. Their fastening occurs with the help of special kapron clamps. They have the property of fairly quick wear. Due to this, there are frequent losses. To avoid this, you need to check their availability periodically, which can take a lot of time and money.
  4. The last disadvantage is that spacers do not always fit. Since the springs on the TP come in various sizes, in some cases it becomes necessary to trim the buffer. At the same time, there are no difficulties in performing this work, although it will still have to be a little tricky.

Self install

Now let's talk about installing them. This procedure can be done independently in a few minutes:

  1. Jack up the car.
  2. Before mounting the buffer, its location can be suspended, thus increasing the space for installation. Then lubricate the spring and spacer with soap suds.
  3. Insert the urethane gasket between the coils of the spring, pulling it over the grooves.
  4. Secure an additional buffer with a tightening plastic collar.
  5. Cut off excess from the gasket. Ultimately, the spacer should be the same diameter as the spring.
  6. The autobender is held by friction and through slots.owner reviews


As mentioned above, reviews on the use of buffers are different and often contradict each other. One thing is to say - with them the car will be less likely to break, but they will have to pay a decent amount for them, which not everyone can afford.

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