Asymmetric bob - custom charm

If there is something permanent in the changeable world of fashion, this is a classic square. Times change, but interest in this haircut does not fade. Strict, perfectly smooth hair lines give the female face an amazing charm with a slight veil of mystery. Of course, each generation introduced some changes in the original contours. The shape was corrected using a graduation to make the haircut lightness. They played with the length, experimented with bangs. But the most, perhaps, bold and creative variation of the unfading classic is an asymmetrical four.

asymmetrical carChange, but not change

Girls who have already tried out all the delights of the traditional square, appreciated them and are now at a crossroads - like there is a desire to change the familiar image, but you don’t want to part with your favorite haircut - they can easily refresh their hair by adding a little extravagance to it. Or not a bit: perhaps your nature does not like half measures,and you prefer the most extreme asymmetrical car, in which the hair from the side is practically reduced to nothing, but on the other hand, they may well touch the shoulder.

asymmetrical four of a kind photoTurn cons into pros

For such a haircut does not need to have very thick and perfectly straight hair. Skillfully executed graduation will emphasize the beauty of wavy curls. A special haircut technique visually “weights” thin strands. Angular or large facial features become feminine and soft. Age is also not a hindrance, on the contrary, you will drop a couple of years by choosing an asymmetrical four of a kind. Photos will help you to choose not too "radical" form.

Unwavering hand

If even a beginner master can cope with the classics, then a haircut, in which one side is much shorter than the other, will require a certain experience from the hairdresser. Strands begin to align from the parting, one wrong move - and the shape of the hairstyle will be hopelessly spoiled. The asymmetrical square allows the master to show imagination, there is no framework, the elements of the haircut are plastic and can change. Length, fringing, bangs, way of processing strands - you need a perfect sense of style to create a spectacular haircut.

asymmetric bob with bangsBangs look

What only "modifications" do not go out from under the hands of stylists who create an asymmetrical square on the charming heads of their clients. With bangs, they also love to experiment. Smoothly cut strands, oblique torn fringe, graded elongated fringe. Perhaps your hairdresser is ready to offer your own version?

Color the rainbow

For an unusual haircut requires an unusual approach to coloring. The latest innovations in color are fully in the character of our hairstyle. Contrast highlights will emphasize extravagance of a hairstyle. Fashionable “degradation” will force the hair to play, drawing attention to the face. 3D coloring will visually thicken the strands. Entrust yourself to professionals, and an asymmetrical bob will look like a finished stylish haircut.

Hair to hair

Lured by asymmetrical lines, be prepared to periodically visit the salon. Growing up, the haircut loses its contours, therefore, having started it, you will very soon encounter a complete disgrace on your head. If you do not forget about the correction, to take care of and nurture your hair, then your stylish haircut will again and again cause amazed cries of others.

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