Is the Usher Cat a New Breed or a World Scam?

In 2006, the hearts of cat lovers all over the world trembled with joy - a new unique breed called Ashera appeared. The animal had a very solid size, the color of a wild beast and the character of a pet.Asher's cat

New Breed or Scam of the Century?

The story began with the fact that Lifestyle Pets, in two thousand sixth year, notified the world community from the pages of famous newspapers and magazines that as a result of painstaking laboratory work by crossing a serval from Africa, an Asian wild cat and an ordinary home breed the world. Moreover, it was claimed that the new animal does not cause allergic reactions in humans.

Dimensions and appearance

The cat of Asher had a length reaching one meter, weight about 15 kg. Instantly, the Internet flooded photos and video of the miracle beast. From those who want to have such a pet there was no end. Giant cat Ashera began to receive increased attention.Large size, bright color, predatory teeth and kind, playful character made her more and more in demand. True, not for everyone. The cost of the animal was twenty-two thousand dollars. For the money you could buy a nice new car. "Breeders" continued advertising campaign. They claimed that it was the most affectionate pet, who loved to sit on his hands and purr at the master's feet. In addition, it was stated that the cat of Ashera is the only domestic cat with pleasure to walk with its owner on a leash.Asher cat

Terms of purchase

To acquire an animal, it was necessary to stand in a huge queue, which was designed for a year. This animal was not only a sign of luxury, but also a prestigious attribute.

Was there a new breed?

The most amazing thing in this whole story is that the world famous and readable world publications have published unverified information on their pages. The scam opened up in two thousand and eight, when the famous breeder Chris Shirk from Pennsylvania recognized his work from photographs in the press. He was a breeder of the savannah breed, which was the cat of Asher - the most expensive cat in the world.Asher cat

Usher or Savannah?

Following the statement of this breeder, a thorough incident investigation was carried out. An Asher cat and its supposed ancestors were tested and sent to the official forensic research laboratory in the Netherlands. According to the results of long-term studies and numerous tests, it was confirmed that the cat of the Usher breed is a typical representative of the savannah breed. It was obtained by crossing the Egyptian cat Mau and Serval. These are rather rare breeds, it is difficult to distinguish them even to specialists in felinology, which was used by the crook who bought several savannah kittens from a famous breeder. Thus, it is a fictional breed, which was named after the goddess Ashera. Despite the scandalous revelation, this breed is still advertised on the Internet, reviews of happy owners are published, and it is proposed to buy valuable representatives of a non-existent breed.

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