Arnis Licitis: biography, photo and interesting facts

Arnis Licitis is a Latvian-born actor who gained popularity back in the times of the Soviet Union. Nowadays, he continues to successfully act in films and often appears on television. What films with the participation of the artist deserve special attention?

Arnis Licitis

Arnis Licitis: a photo, brief biography

Arnis was born in 1946 into the family of theater and film actor Alfred Viedenx and the operetta artist Helga Licite. The father of the future actor left the family when the boy was very young. Therefore, in the future, Arnis Licitis officially took the mother’s surname.

The family was in a difficult financial situation, so Arnis from adolescence constantly worked somewhere somewhere: he participated in labor brigades, then went on expeditions with geologists.

Despite the fact that Licitis had chances to become a geologist or a philologist (the artist was easily given the opportunity to study languages), he nevertheless entered the Latvian State Conservatory named after Janis Vitol and joined the acting dynasty.

After working several years in the theater, Licitis seriously interested in a movie career.

The first work in the cinema

Arnis Licitis appeared on the big screen for the first time in 1965, playing the "Ambassadors Conspiracy" in a Latvian detective story. The young performer was entrusted with the image of the Latvian shooter Lidaka. The role was small, but Arnis had a chance to work on the same film set with Oleg Basilashvili.

After a whole series of episodic roles, Litztis got into the project The Chronicle of the Night, where he played the terrorist Ricardo. Even then, the actor’s role began to take shape. Arnis was different from other Soviet artists of “western” appearance, so basically he was invited to play the roles of foreigners or anti-heroes: now he plays Obersturmführer, now an American pilot, then a captured German lieutenant. But there were other images in the career of an artist.


Arnis Licitis received the first leading role in 1976. Vasile Breskan was then filming the crime movie “Favorite” and entrusted the image of the main protagonist Alan York to the Latvian actor.

Arnis Licitis films

The film was shot based on the novel by Dick Francis. According to the plot, Alan York’s friend mysteriously dies at the races, after which the main character opens his own investigation into the case.York manages to figure out that there’s a whole gang behind the death of a friend. Now the ordinary jockey will have to bring mafia bosses to clean water.

"Long road in the dunes"

Wherever Arnis Licitis was filmed, films with his participation were a success. The actor was not always given the leading roles, but sometimes a fleeting appearance in the frame was enough to remember the artist’s thoughtful face for a long time.

For example, in the cult Soviet TV series “The Long Road to the Dunes,” Arnis got a small role - Dr. Loren. However, the melodrama of director Alois Brench is still one of the best works in the filmography of the Latvian actor.

"Primordial Rus"

The actor Arnis Licitis in the historical drama “Primordial Russia” got the main role - the peasant Malkh. The film was released in 1985 and narrated about the life of the ancient Slavs in the 6th century. n er

Arnis Licitis photo

The first stars of Russian cinema became partners of Licitis on the set: Vladimir Antonik (“Wild Field”) played the leader of the Slavic tribes Ratibor, Lyudmila Chursina (“Ugryum-river”) - the mother of Ratibor, Boris Nevzorov (“Young Russia”) - Vseslav, Margarita Terekhova (“The Dog in the Seine”) - Byzantine Empress Theodora.

"Thieves in law"

Arnis Licitis, whose filmography mainly consists of criminal films and action films, played another major role in 1988 - in the film “Thieves in law” by Yuri Kara. Licitis appeared on the screen in the form of a principled policeman who saved the hero Vladimir Steklov from the "werewolves" in uniform. True, the senior lieutenant soon paid the price for his act: corrupt police officers falsified the case against him and took an honest man behind bars.

Actor Arnis Licitis

The plot of "Thieves in Law" is a panoramic overview of the life of a criminal gang that operates in a seaside town. A member of this gang is the beautiful Margo (Anna Samokhina), who leads a wild lifestyle and from which all men around are crazy. One fine day, the KGB tightly takes the seaside "mafia" into development, and then it becomes hard for everyone: the bosses, their mistresses, and corrupt militiamen.

"Prisoner of the Castle of If"

Georgy Yungvald-Khilkevich - director of the musical film “D'Artagnan and the Three Musketeers” - in the late 80s began to shoot a picture based on the famous novel by A. Dumas about the mysterious graph of Monte Cristo.The scenario for the new project was developed by Yungvald-Khilkevich together with Mark Zakharov.

In 1988, the premiere of the film “The Prisoner of the Chateau d'If” with Viktor Avilov in the title role finally took place. Anna Samokhina, Yevgeny Dvorzhetsky and Mikhail Boyarsky were also involved in the shooting. The picture later became a classic of Soviet cinema.

As for Licitis, he played a supporting role in the project of Jungwald-Khilkevich - the royal prosecutor Count de Villefort. Voiced the character of another actor - Alexey Inzhevatov.

Creativity of recent years

After the collapse of the Soviet Union, Licitis did not go the distance and continued to actively act in films.

In 1991, the Latvian actor played the main role in Oksana Bayrak’s comedy “Cruise or Divorce Journey”. In the story, the hero Licitis is going to divorce his wife (Elena Borzova), but as soon as he sees a flock of boyfriends next to her, he immediately changes his mind about leaving.

Arnis Licitis Filmography

In 1992, the movie “Musketeers Twenty Years Later” was released, in which Arnis performed the role of Lord Winter. Also, the actor appeared in 2 projects of Alexander Inshakov - "Crusader" and "The Knight's Romance".

Since the 2000s, Arnis has mostly been featured in TV shows: “Cobra.Antiterror ”,“ Red Capella ”,“ Star of the Epoch ”,“ Leshy ”,“ Diversant ”, etc.

For 2017, the premiere of the fantastic thriller “What they do not see” is planned, in which Licitis will play the main role together with Katerina Spitz and Yevgeny Tkachuk.

Arnis Licitis: personal life. Interesting information

Arnis Licitis speaks excellent English.

In Latvia, the actor is known as an excellent theater teacher: he is the artistic director of the international Charlie Cinema School, which trains future cinema and theater actors.

Arnis Licitis personal life

Licitis's personal life is rather modest by the standards of modern show business. He was never married, so he was not a member of high-profile divorce proceedings either. Arnis Alfredovich twice entered into a civil marriage, but the actor prefers not to discuss this topic.

The third civil marriage Licitis concluded more than 10 years ago with actress Inga Aizbalte, who is younger than him by almost 20 years. And then this happened completely unexpectedly: according to the Latvian law on restitution, the artist had to move out of his apartment, then Inga offered to live together.

Children at Arnis Licitis still not.

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