APK Resort Spa 3 * (Thailand, Phuket): photos and reviews

Thailand has since become a real Mecca for the Russians. This amazing island country offers tourists a truly fabulous vacation among coral reefs, Buddhist temples, exotic plants and crocodile farms. And great shopping and a vibrant nightlife made tours to the Kingdom of Thailand desirable for a huge number of travelers. Apk Resort Spa 3

Holidays here are so varied that for everyone there is something suitable. You can come to ultra-modern Bangkok or to the fiery club of Pattaya, to the exotic islands of Samet, Koh Chang, the cleanest beaches in Samui and fantastic Krabi.

This country attracts our compatriots not only with developed infrastructure and a multitude of attractions, but also with the opportunity to swim and sunbathe in any season. And islands such as Phuket and Phi-Pi, tourists are provided with the best options for a tropical holiday, starting with daring fun and ending with an exotic bliss from advertising "Bounty."The first of these is the largest in Thailand and one of the most famous provinces of the kingdom.

Phuket is a popular destination.

Here several thousand of our compatriots rest every year. Advertising brochures about a wonderful holiday in Phuket are in almost every travel agency. The island is surrounded by the Andaman Sea. Three bridges connect it with the mainland.

Despite the popular belief that Phuket is the most expensive resort in Thailand, many will say that it is not. Do not believe those who consider it a place where only people with wealth can come. Phuket is a very democratic resort. Here you can find hotels for any wealth and taste: a free villa with a chic garden and private pool, cheap guesthouse or a good three-star hotel, such as Apk Resort Spa 3 *. That is about him and will be discussed.Apk Resort Spa 3 Thailand, Phuket

general information

There are several main reasons why many tourists choose Apk Resort Spa 3 * (Phuket) for a holiday. Patong Beach is one of the best beaches on the island. The sea can be reached in a few minutes. Near the hotel there is a market where you can buy exotic fruits, a shopping center, shops and cafes, as well as entertainment complexes.Therefore, the location is one of the main reasons why tourists choose Apk Resort Spa 3 *.

Reviews about the comfort of the rooms of this hotel are another criterion. This hotel is always clean towels, soft mattresses on the beds. Other reasons are fairly good food and the presence of a pool on its roof. But the most important advantage of this hotel are fairly affordable prices.


Apk Resort Spa 3 * (Thailand, Patong, Phuket) is located almost on the outskirts of the resort town. However, its location is close enough to the beach, which is very convenient for tourists. Across the road from the hotel there is a large shopping center where you can buy not only gifts and souvenirs, but also goods necessary for daily use. In the evenings, stalls with various food open at the shopping center. Residents can buy something delicious for dinner, and at affordable prices.

A lot of clubs, discos and night bars are within walking distance of Apk Resort Spa 3 * (Thailand, Phuket). Reviews of our compatriots indicate that life around the hotel in the evening can be very busy.Most Russians find its location excellent, even though this is not the first line from the sea.

The hospital is located 300 meters from the hotel, a little further is Paradise Complex Patong and Jungceylon and Banana Walk shopping centers. The international airport is forty minutes away. This is another plus of this hotel, especially for those tourists who come with children and prefer a short transfer.Apk Resort Spa 3 reviews


Apk Resort Spa 3 * (Thailand, Phuket), despite its low category, offers guests quite comfortable rest. He has a very developed infrastructure, corresponding to the declared star. The hotel offers concierge services, airport transfers, a small car park that does not require advance booking. The hotel’s lobby has a tour desk, and there is also a paid dry cleaning and laundry service.

The front desk is always open. Guests can receive the keys to the room immediately, without waiting for the check-in time set in the rules. The staff at the registration desk will help customers book tickets, rent a car or a motorbike, with which it is very convenient to move around the island. Here you can also use the depositary safe (service is paid).

Housing stock

Apk Resort and Spa 3 * (Phuket) consists of two multi-storey buildings with elevators.There are only ninety-nine rooms in the following categories: standard, junior suite, superior, suite and deluxe. All of them are equipped with solid new furniture and decorated in traditional Thai style. Almost all the rooms of the first building overlook the beautiful mountains surrounding the hotel and have balconies. Judging by the reviews, in the evenings it is very nice, sitting in a chair, watching the sunset. Here you can stay in deluxe rooms or the Executive Room with lounge and lounge. In the second building there are standards, as well as suites and combined apartments with an improved layout.

All rooms have standard furniture: single or double beds, bedside tables, wardrobe, desk. Dark-colored high-quality furniture looks especially good against the background of light walls and thick green curtains that close the doors to the balcony.

The rooms also have a refrigerator, a mini-bar, where you can always find ice tea or coffee, a telephone, a TV with satellite TV and two Russian channels, as well as a manually controlled air-conditioner split. Depending on the category of room, there may be a small balcony. There is ceramic tile on the floor, electronic locks on the doors,opening with special cards.

The hotel has one bridal suite, as well as smoking rooms in a separate wing. Vacationers say that in Apk Resort Spa 3 * excellent sound insulation. Judging by the reviews, the rooms do not hear any outside noise or music coming from the disco.


The hotel Apk Resort Spa 3 * (Thailand, Phuket) bathrooms combined. In the superior rooms, the bathroom area is quite large. Living in the suites can use the Jacuzzis installed in the bathrooms, and in the junior suites - a hot tub. Bathrobes, slippers and a hairdryer are also provided.Apk Resort Spa 3 Thailand, Phuket Reviews


Most local hotels only offer breakfast as the main concept. Is no exception, and Apk Resort and Spa 3 * (Phuket). The reviews on the food offered at this hotel are mostly positive. Breakfast is hearty and abundant. The time to visit the main restaurant is from seven to ten in the morning. Breakfasts are served in the buffet system. The menu has side dishes, omelets, a lot of salads and fruits.

Dine and dine in the restaurant at an additional cost. The hotel has a thoughtful system for attracting customers.Those who order a portion of the hot menu from the restaurant are offered free soup, salad, vegetables, dessert and fruit. And all this can be taken in unlimited quantities.

Live music is played in the restaurant from the middle of the day. The prices for dishes from the menu are inexpensive and quite affordable. Those who prefer to eat outside the walls of the hotel, it is quite suitable nearby cafes. Every evening you can buy food at a mobile kiosk at a nearby supermarket. Judging by the reviews, everything is very tasty and inexpensive.


Closest to the Apk Resort Spa 3 * (Thailand) is Patong. You can reach this beach in about fifteen minutes at a leisurely pace. Those who do not like to walk to the sea for a reasonable fee will be delivered by tuk-tuks. The road to the beach passes by numerous shops and cafes. You can go to Paradise, which is cleaner, but there are few Russians there. Mostly our compatriots prefer Patong.

This is a public beach, so for the entrance and for the use of mattresses, umbrellas and couch beds you need to pay separately In general, Phuket has many bathing areas. Many tourists rent a car or motorbike for the duration of their stay on the island and go to all the beaches in turns.The entrance to the sea on Patong is convenient and smooth, although it is somewhat more difficult to swim during the periods of ebb and flow.

For children

Phuket is an island where children are always welcome. And although in most hotels there is no children's infrastructure, nevertheless, little tourists here find a lot of entertainment. Children can be reduced to amusement parks with attractions. Patong Beach, located next to the hotel Apk Resort Spa 3 *, is perfect for family holidays. And although there are always a lot of people, children can not only swim safely, but also play on the golden sand.Apk Resort Spa 3 Phuket Patong Beach

In the hotel itself, children are offered only a cot in the room and a special menu on request. From January to March animation works.


Check in time at Apk Resort Spa 3 * - two in the afternoon, scheduled departure - noon. However, judging by the reviews, the reception is open around the clock, and guests do not have to wait long for the keys to the room. Upon arrival, be sure to leave a deposit in cash or with a credit card in the amount of $ 100, which will be refunded upon departure only upon presentation of a receipt. Pets are not allowed in this hotel, including guide dogs.

Additional Information

On the territory of Apk Resort Spa 3 * there are two pools. One of them is located on the roof of the main building, the other is on the first floor. Around them are always a lot of free sun beds. From the roof offers a magnificent panorama. Tourists, judging by the reviews, love to relax by the pool, especially in the evenings.

There is free internet on site. Wi-Fi access is available on the ground floor. The hotel also has a spa, where for an additional fee you can get a massage and a full range of wellness services, as well as a sauna.Apk Resort Spa 3 Thailand Patong Phuket


In the lobby of the hotel you can buy cheap tours to many local attractions. But some tourists prefer to explore the island on their own, for which they rent a motorbike or a small car.

Six kilometers from the hotel is Wat Chalong - the most important and largest among the twenty-nine Buddhist temples of Phuket Island. You can go to Cape Panwa, sit in the gazebo at Ao Yon, see the island in full view, rising to the lookout tower of Khao Kad. Tourists traveling with children are advised to go to the aquarium and zoo, watch a show at Phuket FantaSea or go to the butterfly garden, located eight kilometers from the Apk Resort Spa 3 *.


In recent years, the direction of Phuket is very popular among Russians.Most of them opt for budget hotels, preferring not expensive luxury apartments, but comfortable rest at a reasonable price.

Our compatriots speak differently about this hotel. Someone was lucky with the number, and some expected more. Nevertheless, most of our tourists call the hotel Apk Resort Spa 3 * quite good. Everything works in the rooms: a refrigerator, a TV, and plumbing. The rooms are cozy and always clean. Cleaning is done every day, towels are changed with the same frequency. Bed linen is updated twice a week, and more often if asked.Apk Resort and Spa 3 Phuket

The rooms have paid built-in safes, but few use them, because, judging by the reviews, there is practically no theft at Apk Resort Spa 3 *. The same can be said about ants, cockroaches and other living creatures. They were not noticed by any of the guests. The soundproofing in the rooms is pretty good.

Hotel Apk Resort Spa 3 * (Phuket), like most hotels on the island, does not have its beach. Closest to him is Patong. For those who used to relax in Europe, this area for swimming may not seem very good. In the season of tides the sea is not always clean.Therefore, exacting tourists can go to other beaches, for example, to Paradise, located ten minutes away by tuk-tuk.

At first, all our compatriots are skeptical about the food offered in three-star hotels in Thailand. But in this regard, the hotel Apk Resort Spa 3 * pleasantly surprises its customers. All the breakfasts served in it were satisfied with everything: they are not only abundant, but also very nourishing. At whatever time the residents came to breakfast in the main restaurant, they were always waiting for full tables with all sorts of goodies. Portions in this hotel food is not served. Breakfast in the restaurant is served in the form of a buffet. You can go and choose whatever you like. In the morning menu, be sure to eat meat, chicken, a few side dishes and salads, omelets. Fruits are abundant - papaya, watermelon, etc.

In many reviews, tourists separately note the excellent work of the staff, always smiling and polite. Cleaning maids carried out at a convenient time for living, unobtrusively. Registry staff speak only Thai and English, which somewhat strained those who do not speak languages.

The location of the hotel, according to our compatriots, is excellent.This is a quiet area with a well-developed tourist infrastructure. For those who come to Thailand for new experiences, this hotel is great. In general, a beach holiday in this country is somewhat different from the same Egyptian or Turkish. Therefore, few people come here just to sunbathe and swim.

Comfortable rooms with a comfortable clean bed, television and evening tea on the balcony, which offers a beautiful view of the surrounding green hills - this is how our compatriots respond to this hotel.

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