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Anapa is the most popular children's and family resort, providing its services all year round on the territory of the Russian Federation. It is located along the coast, its length is about eighty kilometers. Only fifteen kilometers from the city is a modern international airport. There is also a railway station, an international passenger port, a bus station and a fairly well-developed network of highways.

You can choose any of one hundred and seventy five spa facilities that the resort city of Anapa is ready to provide. All-inclusive hotels, twenty-seven health centers and mud hospitals, concert halls, water parks, a stadium, a variety of entertainment centers, a summer stage are always ready to welcome guests. And this is not a complete list of all kinds of institutions,who will accommodate their visitors with maximum comfort and will help to make the rest in Anapa interesting, healthy and unforgettable.

The most comfortable hotels in Anapa resort area

The city has a lot of hotels, boarding houses and hotels, differing both in the degree of comfort and in the price range. Some hotels in Anapa are located in the so-called resort area, on the territory of which there are numerous restaurants, night clubs, and summer pop music. She always surprises with the diversity of her program.

There is a huge park with all kinds of merry-go-rounds and summer cafes, where every adult will be able to relax while his little one enjoys the attractions. And for lovers of water entertainment built a wonderful water park, which can please the abundance of water slides, both children and their parents.

Anapa hotels on the beach, built in the resort area of ​​the city, have individual architecture and convenient location. The distance to the sea coast is about seven hundred meters. Everywhere provides convenient descents to the sea. And for walks along the coast a beautiful embankment has been built, which with its architectural features can surprise even the most biased tastes.Especially in demand in such a frequently visited city like Anapa, all-inclusive hotels, they work according to a special system that provides all the demands of consumers.

Anapa hotels

Health Resorts Pioneer Avenue

There are boarding houses, recreation centers and health resorts concentrated on Pioneer Avenue, which is located along the coast, and its length is more than six kilometers. All vacation spots located on the avenue have direct access to the sea. Almost all hotels in Anapa with its own beach, each of them has its own landscaped area.

In addition to high-quality recreation, you can enjoy a variety of preventive treatment services in all the boarding houses located on the avenue. Mud baths, hydromassage rooms, spas and many other complex procedures. In the territory of each health resort there are additional places for recreation. Billiards, fitness centers, games rooms for younger guests, and evening entertainment for their parents: a variety of contests, discos and impressive shows.

In order to provide the most comfortable holiday for visitors to the resort city, there is another water park and a huge number of entertainment centers on Pionersky Prospect: disco bars, night clubs and cafeterias. All hotels and pensions are designed for mass flows of tourists, not only during the summer holidays, but also in the winter. And each hotel is interested in that all visitors, once visiting, looked forward to the next holiday, to be back on the coast of Anapa.Anapa hotels all inclusive

The leader, which is proud of the resort city

Hotels of Anapa are being built mainly along the seashore. One of them is located on Quay Street, which is located in the heart of the city. Enjoys great popularity, moreover, it was noted even by the administration of the resort of Anapa. "Park Hotel" is quite popular among the guests of the city.

This hotel is distinguished by its extravagant architectural style and can be for everyone one of the best places to relax. It is distinguished by its European level of service. All personnel have completed individual training courses for a special American program.

For holidays with children, professional teachers are provided, with whom, if necessary, you can leave your baby for a few hours or for the whole day. The child will rather comfortably spend time playing in a specially equipped room with toys or working with a caring nurse. At this time, adults can work out in the fitness club or spend time in the pool.

Business and leisure

"Park Hotel" is suitable for people engaged in business and coming to Anapa directly for the conclusion of lucrative contracts or signing contracts. For this, a comfortable conference room, which has the most necessary equipment, is provided.

Hotel guests can enjoy the chic cuisine of the restaurant and summer cafe. In the form of additional entertainment there is a sauna, a billiard room and a wonderful bar with amazing sea views. A highly qualified staff will always provide you with the fastest possible service and provide you with any information of interest.Anapa Park Hotel

Rooms for every taste

In the "Park Hotel" are fifty-three rooms, each of which meets the needs of visitors.Most of them are "standard" and "standard - plus." In the one-bedroom apartments there are two separate or one large elegant bed. The view from the window, depending on the location of the room, is either in the courtyard or on the wonderful pine park.

In the "standard plus" if necessary, can accommodate a third guest. Such rooms are more "standards", which will allow you to quite comfortably. Apartment with French windows and a balcony from which you can clearly see the sea surface.

But there are also deluxe and deluxe rooms. They are equipped with their own courtyard, living room with elegant furniture. There is a TV, mini-bar, safe and telephone. The bedroom has a magnificent French-style bed, and in the bathroom are branded accessories and a hairdryer. Bathrobes and slippers with a special hotel emblem are also available.

And also provides a suite "Presidential". He fully meets the needs of a business person. The living room here is divided into several zones, one of which is working and the other is intended for recreation. The room has a jacuzzi, mini bar, satellite TV and air conditioning. The bathroom is equipped with underfloor heating and a sauna.

Prices at different times of the year

Hotels in Anapa offer holidays at prices that always vary depending on the season. Therefore, the cost of all the apartments presented depends not only on the area and comfort. If for the usual standard during the winter holidays you can pay two and a half thousand rubles a day, then the cost of living in this room in the summer period will be about three and a half thousand.

The hotel, which Anapa noted among the most sought after

The very first, which began work on system "all inclusive", - this is hotel "Deauville". Anapa is especially proud of such institutions that are trying to maximize the level of rest of its guests.

It is located on Pioneer Avenue, only five hundred meters from the beach area. Here you can find everything you need for a family holiday or business events.

The architecture of buildings consists of a group of two-and three-level buildings, which are combined among themselves by elegant galleries. Anapa hotels can always surprise a variety of projects. There are also separate buildings that include conference halls, restaurants, bars, game clubs for children and playgrounds.

Places for extra rest

On the territory of the hotel "Deauville" there are sports fields that meet all the needs of the guests: a tennis court, a place for playing badminton, volleyball and a playground for mini-football. There are also outdoor swimming pools with a variety of slides and animation stage, all harmoniously complemented by a variety of green plants, flower beds and lawns.

For children's recreation, there are clubs for different age groups, a children's cinema and a disco, various creative workshops and a dance class.Hotel Deauville Anapa

Hotel rooms "Deauville"

Standard single and double rooms have single beds or large double beds. Be sure there is a TV, mini-fridge and telephone. Bathrooms have all the necessary accessories, bathrobe and slippers.

Cleaning is done every day, and bed linen and towels are replaced. Plus at night and only at the request of the hotel visitor.

There are maxi and mini-suites with two extra beds in the form of a folding sofa. These rooms are two-room, equipped with Wi-Fi, split-installation, safe, room service up to two nights.Rest in Anapa hotels

Four-bed apartments consist of three rooms. Folding sofa and armchair, two double beds or single choice, coffee table, kitchen furniture. These rooms provide service directly in the apartment.

The cost of living here, as in the whole of Anapa, depends on the season. Therefore, ranging from five thousand per day per person in the winter, and in the summer comes to eight thousand rubles.

Always cozy and comfortable rooms offered by the hotel "Deauville", Anapa is pleased to offer all its guests at any time of the year.

Hotel "Riviera"

Another great place to relax, which Anapa can offer is the Riviera, a hotel located on the coast of the city. It fully complies with all standards and works on an "all inclusive" system.

The architecture of the hotel is quite diverse. It consists of several styles - Africa, East and Mediterranean. Despite this different merger, they all harmoniously complement each other.

Guests of the "Riviera" are offered three meals a day in the form of a "buffet" with a fairly wide range of dishes. This is all kinds of treats of different nations of the world, salads, hot and cold snacks, a sea of ​​fruits and vegetables, sweet food and much more.In addition, the hotel has intermediate meals consisting of some hot dishes, confectionery, alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages.Anapa

Guests can enjoy herbal saunas, medical wraps and visits to various types of saunas. There is also a spa that offers wellness and anti-aging treatments.

And for the little ones there is a large selection of entertainment. Constant creative evenings, contests or shows. There is a playground, a game room, and a professional group of animators arranges themed evenings for both children and adult guests of the city of Anapa. "Riviera" - a hotel that always takes care of its visitors.

Rooms of the hotel "Riviera"

One-room and two-bed rooms are equipped with TV, refrigerator, air conditioning and a balcony. There is a studio apartment. In such rooms there are double beds, coffee tables, a bathroom, a wardrobe and a TV. Also provides double rooms and apartments "Dolce Vita".Anapa hotels with a private beachThe design of each room is decorated in Mediterranean style with a slight touch of African and Asian direction.Not all hotels in Anapa can boast such a unique design. The cost of a single room in winter falls to four thousand rubles, and in the summer it rises to seven and a half.

Ratings of hotels and reviews of tourists

As a rule, when someone is going on vacation, he always wants to know the opinion of tourists who have already been to certain places. It is impossible to say unequivocally that some hotel has only positive reviews. It does not happen! Rest is a purely individual matter, everyone has different quality requirements and tastes.

The rating is made up of the number of positive characteristics that Anapa hotels have. Reviews, left, for example, for the Riviera Hotel, helped him score a fairly high rating today, which is 8.4 points, Deauville - 7.2 points. As for the "Park Hotel", despite its popularity and attendance, he scored only 6.9 points.

All boarding houses, health resorts and numerous hotels of the resort welcome their guests both in summer and in winter. And as noted by the statistics of the resort itself, in this sunny and welcoming place called Anapa, all-inclusive hotels are becoming increasingly common.They are always ready to provide the widest range of services and maximum service.

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