Analysis for testosterone: how to pass, deciphering the results

Hormonal background among men is determined by the combination of androgenic factors in their blood. But the main sex hormone is testosterone, on which the male ability to have children depends. The test for testosterone makes it possible to establish the presence of serious pathologies of the reproductive system and other organs. Most often, such a study is assigned to unsatisfactory values ​​of sperm.testosterone testing

Hormone description

Testosterone is produced by both the male and the female body. True, in women it occurs in insignificant quantities. The synthesis of this hormone in men occurs predominantly in the testes, and in small doses it can be produced by the adrenal glands. Thus, his definite norm is being formed. Testosterone affects essential functions in men:

  • The correct formation along with the development of the genital organs and the prostate gland depends on the level of this hormone. Simply put, testosterone is responsible for male fertile function.
  • During puberty, it is due to this hormone that boys develop sexual characteristics. Testosterone testing is now quite popular.
  • This hormone produces an effect on the synthesis of protein in the body of men, and the strength of the muscles depends on the degree of its concentration in the tissues.
  • The type of body fat depends on the amount of testosterone. For example, with an insufficient level, fat can accumulate mainly in the abdominal region, whereby a beer belly is formed.
  • Testosterone can also affect the tone of voice. It is thanks to him that the timbre of men is much lower compared with women.
  • This hormone regulates the male sexual desire, with a decrease in the level may occur impotence.
  • The normal degree of erection also depends on the level of testosterone, as it greatly influences the blood circulation process.test for testosterone

When should I test for testosterone?

Testosterone testing must be carried out to determine the male hormonal status. Such an analysis is usually prescribed for poor semen readings, as well as against the background of symptoms that indicate the presence of pathologies of the genital organs or other diseases:

  • Hypogonadism syndrome, which is the malfunction of the sex glands, resulting in a violation of the process of synthesis of hormones. A similar disease can occur in women, but much less frequently.
  • Prolonged infertility
  • Problems with erection along with reduced sexual desire.
  • The presence of chronic inflammation of the prostate gland.
  • The presence of severe acne on the face as well as on the body.
  • Pronounced osteoporosis. What test for testosterone to take, interests many.
  • Excessive overweight along with obesity.
  • The presence of chromosomal abnormalities.
  • Suspicion of the appearance of any neoplasms in the tissues of the testes and adrenal glands.

For prophylaxis

The testing of testosterone as a preventive procedure can be prescribed to young people who have not yet reached puberty. In such situations, it should be taken to find out which way sexual development takes place.

For women

The hormone is produced in the adrenal glands and the deviation from the normal concentration of testosterone is the malfunction of these organs.Doctors associate many different benign tumors with this problem too. Optionally, the consequences can be tragic, but rather outwardly unpleasant. First of all, we are talking about excess weight and hair on the woman’s face. Therefore, if you notice something wrong with your metabolism or with the appearance of excess hair over your lips, you should go to the hospital for help, or rather just take the test for testosterone.

testosterone testing for men

How to properly prepare for testing for testosterone?


A test for testosterone is prescribed by doctors of various specialties, depending on what symptoms the patient is undergoing examination. So, blood for this hormone is given in the direction of an endocrinologist, andrologist or reproduction specialist. Before you pass the analysis, the patient needs to prepare, which implies the observance of a number of the following rules:

  • The procedure will not reveal reliable results if the patient was subjected to any medical manipulation during the day, for example, was on X-ray or fluorography, underwent an ultrasound examination along with physiotherapy procedures associated with hardware action, but addition if he performed rectal analysis.
  • It is prohibited to give a blood test while taking any medication on a hormonal basis, including drugs for external use.
  • Do not exercise or expose the body to other heavy physical exertion for one day before donating blood. In addition, at this time, it is recommended to completely eliminate the use of drinks with alcohol, along with tobacco products. High-fat foods should also be avoided.
  • Requires abstinence from sexual intimacy.

Before you donate blood for testosterone, you should inform your doctor about all the medicines you are currently taking or have used in the recent past.blood test for testosterone

To eat or not?

You can take a test for testosterone only on an empty stomach, and food should not be consumed less than twelve hours before blood is drawn. It is also important to refuse not only food, but also any liquid other than ordinary water, that is, you cannot drink tea, coffee, juices and other beverages.

Testing for testosterone is desirable before eleven o'clock in the morning, since in the morning you can observe the maximum concentration of testosterone in the blood.

Directly the procedure itself is no different from others.Thus, blood is taken from a vein by specialists in the laboratory under sterile conditions. Next, the biomaterial is sent to the study.

Decoding results

Like any other blood test, the interpretation of the results of this study lies in comparing them with normal values. The only difference is that certain laboratories use their units for measuring the amount of hormones in the blood. The most common measure is the calculation in nanomoles, which is written as "nmol / l." In practical medicine, there are other units. The rate of testosterone depends on different age groups:

  • For young men and teenagers who have not yet reached the age of eighteen years, this rate is kept in the region from 0.2 to 37.67 nmol / l.
  • In men up to fifty years, the meaning is as follows: from 5.76 to 30.43 nmol / l.
  • In men who are over fifty years old, rates range from 5.41 to 19.54 nmol / l.

Such a wide range of numbers is due to the fact that the overall level of this hormone in the blood depends on many factors that may not be associated with any pathological processes. For example, the amount of testosterone can be influenced by the time of year or day.In addition, stressful situations are capable of acting on values ​​along with overeating, depression or overwork.testosterone testing for women

What can reveal a deviation from the norm in the analysis of testosterone in men?

Increase the value of the hormone

It must be said that men are fraught with an increase in testosterone levels and a decrease in it. An elevated level of this male hormone indicates the following diseases:

  • The presence of pathological processes in the liver.
  • The presence of tumors in the area of ​​the prostate gland.
  • Problems with the process of susceptibility to male sex hormones.
  • The presence of hyperplasia of the adrenal cortex.
  • The presence of pituitary tissue tumors.

In addition, the amount of this hormone in the blood increases significantly in men who take steroid drugs to build muscle. Therefore, before you take a blood test for testosterone, it is recommended to cancel these drugs.

Low testosterone

The deviation of the analysis indicators downward can be associated with age-related changes. Factors, as a rule, are the following:testosterone what analysis to take

  • The presence of cirrhosis of the liver.
  • Pathology balance of hormones.
  • The presence of endocrine disorders, such as diabetes.
  • Problems with the normal functioning of the testicles.
  • Pathology of the pituitary gland.

In addition, a decrease in the level of this hormone in the blood is caused by the presence of bad habits, obesity, a long absence of sex life and other factors.


It should be noted that the deviation of testosterone from the existing norm for a man is dangerous for the risk of a number of systemic diseases. For example, the lack of this hormone can cause the occurrence of pathologies of the heart and blood vessels, as well as the endocrine system. The main danger lies in the fact that the lack of testosterone is one of the basic causes of impotence.

They also test for testosterone in women.

Where to go?

Currently, testing for the content of testosterone is possible absolutely in any laboratory, and it does not matter if it is public or private. The method of investigation of this analysis is the same in any center; only the cost of the procedure will differ. The price of the analysis is determined by the level of the research center, and, in addition,cost of reagents along with attention to convenience and comfort of clients. An important factor in this case is the technical equipment of the clinic.what analysis on testosterone

As a rule, on the website of any research center, you can familiarize yourself with recommendations on how to prepare for this procedure, so that you do not have to submit the analysis again. The main advantage of large laboratories is that patients do not have to stand in lines. In addition, testing can be carried out at any convenient time. The test results for testosterone we reviewed.


Thus, it is necessary to donate blood, if necessary, to determine the hormonal background in men, which helps to identify the causes of a wide range of certain diseases. The rate of testosterone varies greatly and may vary depending on the age category, in addition, the designation of the analysis parameters may change. To conduct a study on the level of testosterone is necessary after a certain preparation, because the amount of this hormone depends on many factors. You can take this analysis in any medical laboratory.

What analysis to pass on testosterone, is now clear.

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