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In 2013, the long-awaited sequel to the successful multiplayer shooter, Payday 2, came to light. The players came together again to make the most audacious robberies. The game spread across all popular platforms of the time, and subsequently received the support of virtual reality helmets. Players from the Russian region have the opportunity to play Payday 2 in Russian.

Payday 2 passage

A little bit about the gameplay

The gameplay is designed for team passing four people. The leader of the game lobby picks up contracts that describe all the tasks of the upcoming mission and its level of complexity. The difficulty affects the style and how quickly the police will react if you are revealed. In case of successful completion of the mission, each member of the gang is awarded money, experience points and one random trophy. On the stolen state, you can improve inventory, and with the help of experience points to improve the capabilities of your character.

There are over sixty different locations in the game, so Payday 2 can take a long time to complete, but don’t worry aboutthat it quickly gets bored - random generations of bots and certain parts of a location, for example, doors, rooms, windows, etc., do not get bored. There is also a huge variety of mods for Payday 2, on which many talented modders have worked.Playday 2 mods

About the pumping system

It should be said that the structure of the pumping system has not changed much since the first part. However, with the passage of Payday 2, it can be noted that some innovations were made, for example, additional classes appeared:

  • Manipulators. Team Leaders They monitor hostages and support the livelihood of their team mates. The main weapon for the class are sniper rifles with shooting single shots.
  • Stormtroopers. This class selects a fraction and special armor, is also responsible for the distribution of ammunition. May improve the saw.
  • Techniques. Break open safes and luggage storage. Improve the drill, lay the dynamite and work with homemade turrets. Their specialty is automatic weapons.
  • Ghosts. Professionals in stealth and silent captures. They always carry noise generators with them.
  • Runaways. Used in combat pistols and melee weapons.Can prevent a fall or perform a special take-off.

Skills in Payday 2 remained the same.

Payday 2 skills

About characters

The bulk of the heroes is divided into main and customers. There is also a third category that can be called "extra characters." They are found only in certain missions. Thanks to the additions that were released soon after the release of the main game, and the mods to Payday 2, the number of main characters has increased markedly.


Contracts can also be divided into several categories, depending on who is their supplier, whether this mission is included in the main game or out with the addition.

In the main missions to Payday 2, called the "Basics", there are two types:

  1. The basis of stealth - teaches various hidden techniques of passage.
  2. The basis of warfare - teaches techniques of "loud" passage.

And those and other skills in Payday 2 can be used in different ways, depending on your preferred style of play.

Payday 2 in Russian

The next category of contracts, the second largest, is issued by customers: Bane, Elephant, Hector, Vlad, Dentist, Butcher and Locke. You stumble on these characters during the main and additional passage of Payday 2. Get DLS to get even more content.

Additional tasks:

  1. In classic robberies, the player is given the opportunity to take part in missions that are similarly remakes of contracts from the first part.
  2. During the passage of Payday 2 you will meet the category "Events", which includes assignments issued specifically for Halloween 2015-2016.
  3. Five variations of escape missions in which players will have to withstand the onslaught of the police and be able to escape from sight.

Additional content

The developers have created and added a huge amount of additional material designed to diversify and expand gaming capabilities. The released content can be obtained in two ways - download for free or purchase for a small fee.

It contains not only new contracts with customers and additional main characters, but also unique masks, music, achievements, improved graphics, perks and weapons. Payday 2 offers good replay value at the expense of all its DLCs.

Payday 2 weapons

Game Editions

  1. CareerCriminalEdition is an enhanced version for personal computers, which includes the DLS Lootbag and several additional "rewards". On the publication it was possible to issue a pre-order.
  2. Collector’sEdition is a collectible version for PS3 and Xbox 360 consoles.
  3. HeistCollection - edition, which includes all previously released (until 2014) contracts for robberies.
  4. WeaponPackCollection is a version of the game, including all weapon sets released until 2014.
  5. Game of the Year Edition is an edition that includes all of the previously released add-ons (until 2014) + several "rewards" in the form of masks and a Christmas soundtrack.
  6. CrimewaveEdition - reissue for consoles of a new generation, containing all additions that appeared in previous versions (until January 2015). After some time, the developers have released two major updates for this edition. They include DLS, which went on sale later, until 2016.
  7. UltimateEdition is another edition with additions released until June 2017.

Payday 2 continues to delight its fans with frequent updates and support from developers. Every day, a large number of people (including Russians) visit the servers, who spend time both in multi-user and single-player companies, playing along with bots.

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