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The word that we will now examine is quite popular in design, construction, and in everyday speech. We will specifically determine that this is an overpass. We will also discover the similarities and differences of this object with similar structures - overpasses, viaducts, bridges, etc.

Overpass is ...

According to the general definition, this is the name of the bridge structure, which passes a highway over another highway (road, rail). Road overpasses can also pass over any natural (ravine, ravine, etc.) or artificial obstacle. They are not built just above the water. The overpass is an integral part of the junction system.

The overpass differs technologically from the bridge. The main point here is more simple support. From this, its design is easier - it is not necessary to take into account the ice flow, water flow, erosion, the possibility of finding on the piers of heavy vessels, etc.

We also draw your attention to the fact that the overpass is not only a bridge structure.So even short tunnels can be called! But overpasses include only those underground spans, whose length is greater than the width and not less than 300 meters. Also over such a structure should be another overpass.

However, many people confuse such concepts as bridge, overpass, overpass and viaduct. So let's see what exactly each of them means.

overpass is

Definitions of the overpass from dictionaries

Consider other definitions that are also relevant today:

  • Bridge object, which is installed in places where the intersection of paths is at different levels.
  • The construction is mainly of precast concrete blocks above the highway. It is constructed at the intersection of several roads to ensure safer, unimpeded and comfortable movement on them due to the presence of several levels of spans.
  • The bridge was built at the intersection of land roads.
  • Bridge construction, which is built on the mutual intersection of two highways (railway, auto-automobile) at various levels.
  • The bridge, which is designed to pass the road over other roads.Provides independent following of transport on different levels.

The bridge is ...

The bridge was originally called a structure erected to overcome water obstacles - rivers, lakes, strait, swamps, etc. This is the oldest term mentioned here, because humankind began to build bridges several thousand years ago.

Today it is the broadest concept. And overpasses, overpasses, and viaducts will be called bridge structures.

overpass circuit

The flyover is ...

If the overpass scheme is 2-4 spans, the length of each of which is approximately 10-30 m, then the overpass is a more serious structure, through which a greater number of travel lanes pass.

However, this is not the only difference between these two objects. The overpass, in contrast to the overpass, can pass over a variety of obstacles - railway tracks, river, highway. You can even say that this structure combines the two - a bridge and an overpass.

A viaduct is ...

We dealt with the bridge, overpass, overpass. What is a viaduct? This is the name of a structure that is built through obstacles of a different type - relief. Here we will assign ravines, ravines, gorges.Thus, a bridge built in a location with a height difference can rightfully be called a viaduct. And its construction will be more economically profitable than the creation of a highway.

construction of an overpass

The main difference between viaducts and the same overpasses is the lack of a level surface under the structure. Hence the lack of single-type spans and supports. Also, many distinguish the aesthetic feature of the viaducts - they are majestic and exciting objects of engineering thought.

Surely you have heard such a definition as an aqueduct. It has nothing to do with bridge structures in general, nor specifically with a viaduct. This is the name of a system for the transfer of water erected over an obstacle - a river, a ravine. Vehicles on it, of course, do not move. Aqueducts are usually part of the irrigation system.

bridge overpass

Many people know the word "herring". What it is? A concept closely related to traffic safety. The construction is erected over mountain roads and serves to pass through the mudslide. It protects from getting off and transport, and passengers. Also herring often called anti-avalanche gallery, seleootvodom.

Interesting Facts

So we learned more about the scheme of overpass, viaduct, overpass, bridge. In conclusion, we will offer you a small selection of interesting facts:

  • The longest bridge on Earth is Qingdao (42.5 km). It is laid in Jiaozhou Bay, connecting the continental half of the Chinese port city of Qingdao with the area-island of Houndao.
  • And the widest bridge is located in Russia. This is a crossing over the river Moika - Blue Bridge. It has a width of 97.3 m, which is three times its length.
    road overpasses
  • By the way, the longest bridge in our country is still under construction. This is the Crimea through the Kerch Strait, whose length is 19 km.
  • The oldest bridge located in Rome is the stone Ponte Milvio. The age of the building is over 2 thousand years. According to historians, it was built back in 109 BC. er
  • The longest overpass is the Bang Na Thai highway (54 km).
  • The highest viaduct is located in France. He is called Millau. The height of the pillars of this structure exceeds 340 meters!

Now you know where construction of an overpass is possible, and where it is a bridge, overpass or viaduct. Each of these structures has its own distinctive features - a structure, an object, over which one passes.Nevertheless, all of them can be called "bridge objects".

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