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Surely each of us, going to the sporting goods store with the thought of buying a new bicycle, was lost in the huge number of brands represented. It seems that a lot of information has been studied on how to choose the right bike, but in fact it turns out that it is not so easy to do it. Professional stores are crammed with a huge number of models from different manufacturers. Among them are products of European and Asian brands, as well as American bicycles.

In this situation, it remains only to trust the advice of the seller and his own knowledge in the field of the bicycle industry. However, everyone will surely agree that, against the background of all this rich variety of models, it is Americans who are particularly attracted, because brands like Trek Bicycle, Giant and Specialized are considered among the best in the world sports industry for a reason. Slightly more modest on their background look modern bikes Felt.

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A budget option?

Products of branded American manufacturers of high quality, but expensive.They are staffed with various high-tech design elements, which undoubtedly affects the cost of the bike. Buying advertised brands also affects the final price. However, if you opt for a relatively inexpensive Felt bike, you can slightly reduce the estimated costs. It is worth remembering that the final price will depend on the type and model of the purchased transport.

The idea of ​​creating a brand

The history of the American brand began in 1989, when its founder, Jim Felt, had a chance to make a triathlon frame by order of the famous racer Johnny O'Mara. After a well-deserved victory of an athlete in the California Championship in 1990, the famous mechanic had the idea to create the best and most technologically advanced bike models. By that time, Felt already had a reputation as one of the best specialists in his business and worked for many leading Japanese brands.

Then began a long-term cooperation with the sporting goods manufacturer Easton Sports. A gifted mechanic developed for the triathlon legend Paul Newby-Fraser a new model of the Felt B2 bike, in which the eminent athlete won the prestigious Ironman competition.Now many famous cyclists are happy to order models from Jim Felt for themselves. That's when the mechanic decided to create his own brand. In 2001, the company Felt appears in the United States of America.

Characteristics of the bike, originally developed by Felt, were more suitable for serious competitions. However, the company soon expanded its product range significantly: from the manufacture of road triathlon bicycles to the production of amateur bicycle models. To date, almost one hundred and fifty. These are highway, mountain, city, BMH, as well as women's and children's bicycles. Felt does not depart from the release of its famous models for triathlon.

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Brand philosophy

The main idea of ​​Jim Felt was the dream of creating a superbike, extremely technological and impeccably reliable. Such a carefully thought-out approach gave a positive result. Products of the new company are rapidly gaining popularity, first in America and then beyond its borders.

With the beginning of the release of new models in the product range of a well-known manufacturer, road and mountain bikes prevailed.Felt attracted famous athletes to promote the brand. The company equipped them with its best products. That is why the brand manufacturer’s portfolio includes a huge number of high-profile victories at the most prestigious and significant competitions all over the world.

Professional team

The presence in the Felt team of well-known riders and athletes, such as Thomas Leecher and Karl Markt, speaks for itself. Permanent victories of famous cyclists stimulate a stable and successful development of the company. At the same time, improvement is observed in all areas of bicycle building, including technologies, style and design of the models produced.

Jim Felt was able to assemble a unique team of developers, which contributes to the continuous introduction of innovations in various models of Felt bikes. A review of the materials used, the quality and reliability of the products, the introduction of technological innovations, as well as price flexibility indicate that Felt bicycles are attractive not only for professionals, but also for beginners and amateurs.

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Brand popularity

The many victories won on the models of this brand is a huge plus for the brand,But why ordinary outdoor enthusiasts choose Felt bikes? Reviews and opinions of many experts indicate that the advantage of such vehicles is a durable, lightweight carbon frame and cushioning box.

The use of carbon fiber in the design of the bike has become an innovative solution. This material has excellent physical and chemical characteristics, an excellent margin of safety and a very light weight. However, with hard shocks there is a gradual separation of the carbon fiber fibers. As a result, with the next incident on any unevenness, the bike can simply fall apart.

Engineers of the company "Felt" successfully struggle with such a disadvantage. According to their calculations, carbon fiber fibers must be placed in a staggered manner, directing the load across the vector. This solution allows to significantly strengthen the structure. All frame elements are manufactured separately, so each part has a different number of layers, depending on the design load. They are joined by fusion, which does not give seams. This design approach provides a solid frame geometry - the transport takes on characteristics,Especially appreciated at racing competitions and in severe conditions of the most difficult mountain routes.

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Invisible trivia

The famous mechanic never focused on such "trifles". About these and other design tricks began to talk Felt competitors. The different diameter of the tube frame for each specific section, significantly simplifies the design of the bike. At the same time a decent margin of safety is maintained.

The developer often makes models with a frame that is significantly different from the general recommendations given by the International Cycling Union regarding the size of this design. Such tricks significantly reduce air resistance when driving. Economical calculation of the material and excellent aerodynamics of even standard models make this brand of American bikes very maneuverable.

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Non-standard approach

The original geometry of the bicycle frame and non-standard seat mounting add to all the models "Felt" a certain charm and zest. Sophisticated parts in the form of non-standard structural elements that contribute to a comfortable ride and an increase in the wear resistance of the vehicles of this brand,make Felt bikes unique and eye-catching.

The lineup

The Felt company offers 147 models of various bicycles. Among them are products such as:

  • universal mountain bikes;
  • comfortable cruisers;
  • models for extreme sports;
  • models from a children's and teenage series;
  • women;
  • urban and highway;
  • double suspension;
  • bicycles with electric motor.

Felt mountain models

The noteworthiness of mountain bikes is based on their versatility. They remain popular due to the fact that you can ride them not only in the harsh conditions of the mountain landscape. The developments of the specialists of the company "Felt" in the field of mountain-building brought an excellent result, presenting the universal model to the consumer. Now you can buy one bike for all occasions. Products Felt has excellent technical characteristics: it is light, durable and reliable, has good aerodynamic qualities and has excellent permeability, as evidenced by reviews of athletes.

Cruise Bikes

Felt offers a wide range of products for a measured and comfortable ride through the city and park areas.It is distinguished by a unique design and special design. Cruisers themselves are designed for unhurried driving with moderate physical exertion. These are the best models for family holidays and country trips. According to consumer reviews, they are quite comfortable and do not give additional loads on the muscles of the wrists, legs and back.

Walking Felt city and highway bicycles are designed for long trips on asphalt and dirt roads, show themselves well on rough terrain.

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Extreme Models

Bicycles for performing various stunts, speeds and jumps should be equipped with a special shock absorbing fork with a good course. At the same time, such parameters as speed and maneuverability are important. The presence of trouble-free brakes and modern transmission is a prerequisite for highly specialized models. These are the qualities that extreme bikes of the American manufacturer possess.

Felt bikes: women, teenagers and children

Models designed for the beautiful lovers of outdoor activities, have a special lightness, elegance and comfort.The manufacturers took into account everything: the features of anatomy, the weight of the structure, the ease of control and movement of the vehicle.

Nevertheless, women's Felt bicycles have their own subtypes: one model can be adapted for comfortable walks, and the other one - to have a more sporting focus. It should be noted that the technical indicators of female models in no way inferior to the male. Family cycling on bicycles of this brand will be a pleasure.

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For children and teenagers, the American manufacturer is ready to offer practical and safe variations of bicycles. For kids, special offers are created that facilitate learning to ride fast. Two-wheeled cars are not only light and easy to manage. The presence of additional devices for a safe ride - mandatory attributes of children's models.

For teenagers, the Felt company is ready to offer original models. They are designed for both boys and girls. Teenage bicycles of this brand have a unique design. They are light and durable, taking into account the anatomical features of young athletes, as well as the manufacturability of the design.In the portfolio of the developer there are many high-profile victories in teen competitions.

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