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Kevin Costner outwardly fully meets the canons of one hundred percent American. Contributing authors of leading US media noted that the appearance of an American actor, director and producer can be called the ideal appearance of a secret agent - discreet and unmemorable at first glance. Nevertheless, the winner of the awards "Oscar", "Golden Globe" and "Emmy" is familiar and recognizable to a wide audience.

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As a stage director, Costner Kevin is on the honorary list of six directors in the history of the world film industry who won an Oscar for their debut film project.

Childhood and adolescence failed to financier

The future outstanding filmmaker of modernity was born in mid-January 1955 in the California province of Lynwood. He became the third child in the family of William, an employee of the housing and utilities service, and Sharon Costner, an employee of the state health department.In early childhood, watching how his father after the main work was engaged in judging in a baseball league, the boy joined this fascinating sport and even dreamed of becoming a professional player.

However, after a successful graduation from the school, losing to the insistence of parents, Costner Kevin enters the University of Fullerton in California at the Faculty of Marketing. On the first course, he enters the student drama school and understands that he wants to be an actor. Despite the fact that the young man gives himself entirely new passion, he graduated from university with honors and began his career in the field of finance and marketing, while marrying his childhood friend Cindy Silva.

Fatal meeting

On a honeymoon, a happy young couple leaves with a slight delay. On the way back Costner Kevin learns that British actor Richard Burton is flying first class on the same flight. Without thinking twice, Kevin goes to him for advice. He decides from the mouth of a celebrity to learn about the vicissitudes of the profession, about whether it is possible to maintain composure, health and his personality by becoming a movie star.The details of what the men said are not known for certain, but a week after returning and the fateful meeting, Costner quit his job and moved to Hollywood.

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Initially, like many colleagues in the shop at the beginning of a creative career, an aspiring actor earns extra money, rent housing and attend acting classes. During this period of financial crisis, Kevin from despair agrees to take part in the cinema, related to soft-porn. Later, Kevin Costner, whose filmography does not include this “masterpiece”, repeatedly regretted a rash decision.

The real beginning of the acting biography

The beginning of the performer’s acting biography is considered to be the film “Wild Beach” (1981) directed by Richard Brander. Unfortunately, the tape, having received a ridiculous IMDb rating: 2.50, went unnoticed. The blow to the actor's pride was so great that for the next six years Costner Kevin preferred theatrical stage.

After much thought, the actor returned to the film industry in 1987. His roles in the tapes "No way out" and "The Untouchables" bring the first fame in wide cinematographic circles.Two subsequent projects - "Durham Bull" and "The Field of His Dreams" - secure Kevin's status as a movie star and allow him to collect the necessary amount for the director's debut.

Directorial debut

Real world recognition to Kevin brought his debut as a production director - dramatic western "Dancing With Wolves" (1990). The painting, which, by definition, the critics, had absolutely all the components for the failure, became the pride of the national cinema and was awarded the Oscar nomination in 12 categories, receiving 7 statuettes. Kevin Costner dared to demonstrate a radically rethought history of the Wild West. I encroached on stable performances, introduced by massive cinema.

Kevin Costner Filmography

First of all, the creator wanted to show the life of the indigenous inhabitants of America. The tape, filled with love, poetry and sincere compassion, brought its creator worldwide fame, and Kevin Costner, whose films until this time were not particularly outstanding, was elevated to the rank of a first-order movie star.

Ups and downs

The deafening success in the directorial career did not prevent the further development of Costner's acting career.The commercial success of the films in which the actor starred (“Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves” and “The Bodyguard”) contributes to its formation as a performer. The subsequent roles of Kevin Costner in “The Ideal World”, “Wyatt Earp” and “War” are perceived by the public in different ways. The last two pictures fail. Then the actor returns to directing and producing. In the fantastic action game “Water World” he is not listed in the credits as a director, only as the leading actor and producer, although all participants in the shooting process know who actually stood at the helm of the director. Since then, Costner has put two more pictures - "The Postman" (1997) and a very good tape "Open Space" (2003).

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Currently, the filmmaker does not give up a creative career, being actively looking for successful ideas.

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