American actor Burke Billy: biography and filmography

Billy Burke is an actor of American origin, known for his roles in such projects as “Mafia!”, “Komodo. Island of Horror, ”“ Without a trace, ”and others. The role of Bella Swan’s father, which he played in all parts of the Twilight franchise, brought him special fame. In the article we will dwell on the biography and filmography of the actor.


Actor Billy Burke (photo below) was born in 1966 in Bellingham, the largest city in Whatcom County, located in Washington State. From the age of nine he began to sing, and by the age of fifteen he became a member of a musical group, at the same time studying drama at the University of Western Washington. Living in Seattle, Billy often performed in theaters, although he was invited as a musician. And, having moved to Los Angeles, he signed a contract with a large label, with which he ended up with nothing. Therefore, I decided to quit with music and began to go to auditions to become a part of cinema.

Billy Burke

Mafia law

In 1990, Billy played in the fantasy comedy Barry Kyler Daredreamer, and a year later the same director offered him another role in the film To Cross the Rubicon. These two projects became the starting point in his acting career, which is still evolving.

After several episodic appearances in the series, actor Billy Burke starred in Bill L. Norton's television drama “Missing the Night” (1996) with Shannon Doherty and Kevin Dillon in the lead roles. In the same year, he appeared in Larry Shaw's drama “The Most Terrible Lies” and in Stephen Cornwell’s action movie “Sheriff's Law”. And in 1998, he played Joey Cortino - a member of the family of the leader of a large criminal group - in Jim Abrahams’s crime comedy “Mafia!”.

Shot from the movie "Mafia!"

One of the main roles the actor received in the horror film Larry Shaw "Fear of Heights" (1998). Otus, a mercenary sent to exterminate bloodthirsty lizards, played in the horror film of Michael Lantieri "Komodo. Island of horror "(1999). Got into the main cast of the thriller Robert Manganelli "Beyond Death" (2001). And acted as agent of Ben Devine's secret service in the psychological thriller Lee Tamahori "And the Spider Came" (2001).

Lost twilight

In 2002, the actor Billy Burke played the lead role in Felix Enriquez Alcalá’s drama “The Hotbed of Tension”.Hitchhiker Jimmy McGee played in the thriller “The Lost Transition” by Peter Masterson (2003). In the image of collector Frank appeared in the thriller Andrew Shea "Payback" (2007). And Detective Erik Box played in Gregory Hoblit, a criminal detective, “Without a Trace” (2008) of a technomaniac who broadcasts pictures of his murders on the net.

Frame from the movie "Twilight"

From 2008 to 2012 the actor participated in the filming of the five parts of the fantasy melodrama "Twilight", based on the eponymous series of novels by Stephenie Meyer. He played Charlie Swan, Police Sheriff Forks and father of the main character Bella Swan. In 2010, he acted as the main character of Nick Simon's thriller “Stripping. And in the same year I tried on the image of the satanist John King in the fantasy action movie Patrick Lussier "Death Race".

Highland Park Infiltration

In 2011, the actor Billy Burke acted as the Wolf in the fantasy horror film Catherine Hardwick "Little Red Riding Hood". Played Chris Mankowski, a member of the demining team, in the crime comedy by Charles Mattow, Death with Special Effects (2012). A year later, he led the cast of Andrew Maiheran's drama Park Highland.

Frame from the movie "Little Red Riding Hood"

In 2015, the actor appeared in the comedy drama Stephen Chester Prince “God's Grace”.A year later, he played the role of Paul, the stepfather of the main character, in the horror film of David F. Sandberg "And the lights go out." Together with Alicia, Silverstone starred in William Robert Carey's comedy drama Jesus in Cowboy Boots (2018). And in the same year, director James MacTig presented a thriller entitled “Penetration” - a film with the actor Billie Burke in the title role, which is currently the last in his filmography.

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