AMD A4-5300: characteristics, comparison with competitors and reviews

The processor solution with a high-performance integrated graphics subsystem, but with a weak computational part - this is all completely true for AMD A4-5300. It is the capabilities of this model that the CPU will be covered in this material in detail and in stages. In addition to this, test results and reviews of the real owners of this chip will be given.

amd a4 5300

On what PCs does this CPU target?

A sufficiently productive graphics system is integrated into AMD A4-5300. APU - this is the class of modern processor solutions that the product in question belongs to. Behind this abbreviation of the company "AMD" processors of initial level hide. As a rule, they include a powerful video card, but the computational part is very, very modest. These chips are great for office computers, multimedia stations or even home PCs. In the latter case, you need to add somethingthat the use of such a processor device is permissible only if there are no advanced requirements for the speed of the computing system. In all other cases, A4-5300 is impractical to use due to poor performance.

Types of equipment and what they include

Like any other modern processor device, AMD A4-5300 comes in the following standard configuration options: Trail (the most economical option, intended mainly for large collectors of system units) and Voh (in this case, the delivery set has been significantly expanded, and it is already intended for small organizations that specialize in assembling computers). In the first case, the manufacturer includes the following:

  • CPU.
  • Logo sticker with a chip model.
  • Warranty card.
  • Quick Start Guide.

The delivery option Vokh includes, besides everything previously listed, also thermal grease with a cooler.

amd a4 5300 Specifications

Socket and system logic sets

This processor unit is intended for installation in the processor socket FM2 or FM2 +. The number of contacts in A4-5300 is equal to 904.The list of system logic sets for this platform includes the following products of the company "AMD":

  • A55.
  • A58.
  • A68.
  • A78.
  • A88H.

The first two chipsets are budget class solutions, the next two fill the middle segment of the APU market, and only A88X is a premium product in this case. There are no restrictions on installing A4-5300, and this chip can be installed in any motherboard of this platform. Only from the standpoint of economic feasibility it is best to use it in combination with the most affordable A55 and A58.

Chip architecture

The AMD A4-5300 processor includes only two cores. More specifically, it consists of 2 blocks for performing integer operations and one with a floating point. As a result, the speed certainly can not be attributed to its strengths. The code name of this semiconductor crystal is Trinity. In essence, this is a minimized modification of the FX series chips, codenamed Vishera. At least these products of this manufacturer have a lot in common.

processor amd a4 5300


Significant disadvantages include the organization of cache memory in AMD A4-5300. The characteristics of this silicon solution indicate that there are only 2 levels of fast memory in this chip, but there is no third one. The size of the first level in the amount is 96 Kb.At the same time it is divided into 3 parts:

  • General 64 KB for storing instructions.
  • 2 clusters of 16 KB each for data storage. In this case, a separate cluster can interact only with a specific computational core.

The total size of the second level of fast memory is 1 MB, and it is common to all processor resources.


Quite good things are going with the RAM in the AMD A4-5300. Characteristics of the chip indicate support strips standard DDR3. Moreover, the CPU can interact with them in 2-channel mode. The recommended frequency of the modules is 1600 MHz. Among other features of this chip, it should be noted that in this case a part of the system RAM (this value is set in the BIOS of the motherboard) will be reserved for the needs of the integrated graphics subsystem.

amd a4 5300 apu


The minimum clock frequency for AMD A4-5300 is 3.40 GHz. Also in the specifications of this semiconductor solution there is support for technology Turbo Core. As a result, this chip, depending on the degree of load or heat, can change the value of its clock frequency. The maximum value of this parameter is 3.6 GHz.

Thermal package. Technological process. Temperature conditions

Of course, an outstanding performance in terms of energy saving can not boast of a chip manufactured according to the currently obsolete process technology - 32 nm. But, on the other hand, there are only 2 code processing units in this CPU. Therefore, the heat pack it corresponds to 65 watts. The maximum temperature is declared by the manufacturer at level 70aboutC. In reality, this CPU at the highest load does not go beyond the range of 40-60.aboutFROM.

amd a4 5300 apu with radeon

Increase in productivity

Frequency multiplier blocked in AMD A4-5300. Therefore, there remains only the possibility of increasing the speed of the computing system by raising the frequency of the system bus on the motherboard. This possibility is realized only on the most expensive products. In this case, the maximum performance increase does not exceed 2-3 percent, and there is simply no particular gain from such an operation.


Windows 7 estimates the performance of this CPU at 5.9 points. That is, to solve most of the simplest and most common tasks, this will be quite enough. Even the most simple toys on it will certainly run.The same can be said about the average level of requirements for hardware gaming applications. Only in this case it will be necessary to “sacrifice” the quality and minimize some settings.

In turn, the 3DMark06 test package gives this CPU 2512 points. In the racing simulator A4-5300 gives fps at the level of 28-33 in the resolution of 1680 X 1050 with the maximum quality. This is certainly not enough for comfortable gameplay. For comparison: its direct competitor in the graphic part in the face of the Core i3-3240 gives a minimum of 64fps. Moreover, this is not a problem of one particular model, but of the whole APU family. Their key minus is the weak processor part. The older model A6-5400K already with 4 cores produces 30-37fps, and this once again proves the weakness of this processor architecture.

Similar test results are obtained in Just Cause 2. A4-5400 - 21-33fps, i3-3240 - 50-70fps, and A6-5400K - 23-35fps. These results prove once again that A4-5400 is a typical representative of the budget class, and one should not expect high results from it in terms of performance and speed. It is great for office PCs, but for something larger you need to purchase a more expensive CPU, for example, i3-3240, which, with a similar organization of a semiconductor chip and a better processor part, produces better results.

amd a4 5300 3 40 ghz

Integrated video accelerator

As noted earlier, a fairly productive graphics subsystem in AMD A4-5300. APU With Radeon - this is the advertising inscription applied to the packaging of this processor. The integrated graphics accelerator model is 7480D. Its clock frequency is 724 MHz, and its speed is comparable to Intel's HD Graphics 4000. Only now the use of a weak processor part does not allow him to compete with him.

CPU cost. Reviews

AMD 2000- is now priced at 2,000 rubles. Reviews such a price tag refers to the advantages of the processor solution. Due to this, on the basis of this chip, you can assemble an inexpensive, but at the same time fairly modern personal computer. Also to the strengths in this case can be attributed productive graphics subsystem. But the disadvantages in this case are also present. The key one is the low speed of the CPU. But for budget decisions, its capabilities are more than enough. This list also complements energy efficiency. But again, this is a budget processor, and he comes to the forefront of the cost and only then everything else. Therefore, all possible flaws are compensated by a very, very affordable price tag of 2,000 rubles.

amd a4 5300 reviews


AMD A4-5300 is just perfect for building a low-end personal computer system unit. The key plus in this case is the minimum cost against the background of similar solutions. And all the other disadvantages are compensated by this advantage. Such a CPU is perfect for organizing a multimedia station (on such a system unit, you can watch video or listen to music), an office computer (Word or Excel) will simply “fly” on it) or a home computer (in this case, as already noted earlier, it is not necessary to put forward special performance requirements).

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