Alyona Leonova: sports career and biography

Alyona Leonova, whose biography is described in this article, is a silver medalist in figure skating in the junior category. Two-time champion of the Russian championships in 2010 and 2011.


Alyona Leonova, figure skater, was born on November 23, 1990 in St. Petersburg. The girl’s father, Igor Pavlovich, is from Polustrovo (St. Petersburg district). After the army returned to his home. The figure skater's mother, Tatyana Vadimovna, is from Vasilyevsky Island. Alena's parents have already celebrated 20 years of married life. They have two more children - Catherine and Roman. They are younger than Alena.

The family has always reigned consent and love. To feed the household and give the children everything they needed, Igor Pavlovich worked on several jobs. Money was especially needed when Alain started figure skating. She was a very active child since childhood, and even at the age of 4, the energy of the girl went over the edge.Alena Leonova

First classes

Mom decided to record her daughter in figure skating. It happened spontaneously.Tatiana Vadimovna caught sight of the announcement of the recruitment of children on the rink "Crystal". In addition, the stadium was located next to the house. At first, Alena didn’t work much. And the girl repeatedly wanted to quit sport. Marina Vakhromeeva became the first coach of Alena. She immediately noted the abilities of the student.

First chance to show off

By the age of 10, Alyona Leonova had already managed to change a few mentors. And finally, the young figure skater began to train Alla Pyatova. At that time, she was known as the best mentor of the city. Training for Alena was very tense, but effective. The girl needed to master a professional ice rink. For five years, the young figure skater did not have much success.

Alyona Leonova Figure Skater

Alyona did not participate in competitions and was not part of the best athletes. The reasons were poor gliding and the lack of triple jumps in the arsenal. Luck Alena smiled only at 14 years old. She finally got to the Cup of Russia. For Alyona, these competitions, in principle, did not solve anything. But then she could show her skills. Alena has a chance to prove herself.

The beginning of a career in figure skating

After that, over the next 2 years, two Russian Cups were won by Alyona Leonova. Figure skater really laid out on the ice a hundred.Her performances attracted attention with their emotionality. And together with excellent performance they became small masterpieces. And these victories were the beginning of a young athlete's dizzying career. Soon she received silver in the championship of Russia.

Leonova Alain figure skating

Thanks to this victory, Alyona gained access to other major competitions. It was the European Championship in the junior category. Alain took on it only 12th place. But it did not break her spirit. And a year later, at competitions of the same level, she was able to rise to the sixth step.

The path to the long-awaited gold

An important season for Alena was 2008/2009. Once again, having won the Golden Cup in her hometown, the athlete was among the adult skaters at the Grand Prix. And she was able to take the 7th place. Despite the fact that the performance indicators of Alyona did not differ in consistency, the council of trainers of the Russian Federation of Sports and Sports Federation gave the girl a chance to show herself by sending her to the European Championship as a representative of Russia.

Leonova was able to take there only 4th place. But then she received the highest score for the performance technique. And at the next world championship, which was held in Sofia, Alyona Leonova again tried her luck. And she received the coveted gold medal.

Alyona Leonova biography

It was a well-deserved reward for the zeal and patience that Leonov showed for achieving his goal. In the same year, 2009, another significant event occurred. Alyona won the Finlandia Trophy tournament. The figure skater differs from many in that it does not hide emotions during performances or the announcement of results.

Olympic Games

In 2009, Alyona Leonova was the only Russian representative at the World Championships. Figure skater took only 7 th place. But for Russia it was a great chance to put two athletes on the 2010 Olympics at once. Participation in these competitions brought Alena 9th place and excellent marks for a short but rich program.

Unsuccessful performance at the World Championships in Turin

Then followed the World Championships in Turin. Competitions were given Alena hard. Before them, she had a cold on her legs. The immune system was greatly weakened. Alena was having trouble breathing. But Leonova Alena, figure skating for which has become a way of life, stubbornly continued training. The recovery of the body was hard. And full training began only in Turin. Since the figure skater did not have time to fully recover, she was able to take only 14th place.

Alyona Leonova Skater private life

Summed up the athlete error in the jump.Then followed a cascade of elements, on which she lost a lot of points. But in general terms, the trainer Alena gave a positive description of the performance. The athlete showed a mature and confident ride. But because of the stiffness and lack of enthusiasm, emotions, Alena received an underestimate.

Personal life

Alyona Leonova, figure skater, whose personal life is still in the background, almost all her time is devoted to training. Periodically, the champion even lives on a sports base. At the same time he has time to study, and in the future he plans to enter the National State University. PF Lesgaft. Alena has a lot of fans.

In social networks she is constantly explained in love. Or quietly sigh, congratulating the figure skater with another victory. Friendly Alyona Leonova tries to answer everyone. But no one has yet conquered her heart. The person closest to the athlete is the mother. It was she who led her daughter to figure skating, supported and experienced all her failures. Alain herself claims that she would not have become a champion, if not for the support of her mother.

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