Alpanite (stone): description and application. Jewelry

For a long time it was possibleonly dream of earrings with a large stone that will not delay the lobes of the ears. But, given the transience of progress, such a dream became a reality. Since natural hard minerals can not combine light weight and beauty, scientists have brought such a stone artificially. And they named him alpanite.

alpanite stone description

Stone, the description of which you will find in thisarticle, indispensable in jewelry. Thanks to technological developments, alpanite can be given almost any shade, shape and size. In this case, attractiveness and purity in no way affect the cost, in contrast to natural minerals. But what is this miracle stone? Let's try to understand in more detail in all aspects.

Alpanite (stone): description

The mineral has a scientific name - alpanite. Until the moment he became popular in the jewelry business, he was called simply the word "rhinestone". Thus, it turns out that the crystal, deduced artificially, is a jeweler's glass. In the laboratory, a crystal can give a shade of any precious or semiprecious stone. Indescribable beauty brilliance of a diamond, a noble shade of sapphire or emerald, rich color of ruby ​​- all this beauty can be an alpanite, a stone, the description of which is presented in this article.

It is difficult to describe the mineral in more detail, since in the laboratory it can be given any tone of transparency or even left opaque.

A variety of colors

The color palette depends on what kind of metal is added to the composition of the jewelry glass. For example:

  • Alpanite green is created by adding copper to the basic composition.
  • Violet mineral becomes due to the fact that manganese is added to the formulation.
  • Alpanite blue is obtained by adding

And this is far from all options. Thus, it turns out that an artificial crystal can be given absolutely any color.

These synthetic crystals are so reliableimitate precious stones of natural origin that only an experienced connoisseur will be able to discern that an analog is inserted in the decoration. And the cost of these minerals does not exceed five rubles for one small pebble. Beads of rhinestones can cost around a hundred rubles. But the appearance of these artificial stones amazes with its beauty and play of brilliance. So do not be surprised if you find such crystals in metals of noble origin.

Alpanite: properties

Chemical laboratories have surpassed themselves,developing this mineral. They managed to create a crystal that can be processed by any kind of cut. At the same time, according to the reflective characteristics, it will not yield to the noble stones. The hardness of the crystal is also impressive. On the Mohs scale, the rhythm shows seven balls out of ten. To make it clearer, it's harder to have only a diamond that shows ten points.

Aluminum plays a significant role incomposition of this rhinestone, being its silicate. This material acts as the basis of the crystal lattice, which significantly reduces the final cost of the resulting crystals. The same classification includes many noble stones of natural origin.

Advantages of stones

The main feature of the stones is saturationshades. Visually, they can hardly be distinguished from precious minerals of natural origin. Thus, we can safely say that at the moment, alpanite is considered the best alternative to stones that are used in jewelry. Given the light weight of the crystal, it can be noted that it is indispensable in creating massive ornaments, especially earrings.

alpanite properties

Another undoubted advantage is hardnesscrystal. It can not be deformed and does not crack when it falls. It is known that because of scratches the surface of minerals loses its original brilliance. Alpanite is almost impossible to scratch, so it will always remain in its original form. Thanks to this property, a rhinestone or ornament from it will serve its owner for a very long time.

Also to the merits can be attributed a lowthe cost of the stone, given its excellent characteristics. Anyone who is able to afford a jewelry with such crystals, decorate them with an accessory, an element of clothing, bags or shoes.

Spheres of application of mineral

Alpanite is a stone, the description of which wewe consider in this article, is amenable to any kind of cut, so it has become very popular among jewelers. The crystal can be given any shape and size. But in recent years there has been a tendency in jewelry to emphasize the natural appearance of the stone. Therefore, many jewelers use unrestricted rhinestones in their products.

Irrespective of the color of Alpanite, it remains veryeasy. Thanks to this, the masters create large ornaments, without fear that the weight will be too heavy, and the owner of these products will experience discomfort. Earrings will not delay the lobes of the ears, and the necklace - weighed down by the neck. Thus, alpanite can be used in any kind of ornaments.

stone alpanite zodiac sign

But this crystal has turned its attention to notonly jewelers. Designers also appreciated the properties of this artificial stone and began to apply it in their fields. Modelers very often use alpanite, creating their own collections. These rhinestones can be seen in the elements of clothing, on bags, belts, gloves and even shoes. These things look very impressive and original.

In the interior, crystals are used as decorfor doors and handles. Often they are decorated with lighting fixtures and suspended ceilings. This artificial stone is a good alternative to Bohemian crystal. This chandelier, too, is distinguished by a beautiful play of light, and by durability is not inferior to the original.

Signs of the Zodiac and Alpanitis

Astrologers make up their horoscopes, resorting tomany attributes. Considering the properties of natural stones, they learn their influence on one or another sign of the zodiac. Which of them meets the stone of alpanite? The sign of the zodiac has absolutely nothing to do with it. Such a mineral can be worn by everyone.

alpanite blue

Alpanite of artificial origin to influence the signs of the zodiac can not by definition. This is claimed by almost all leading astrologers.

Magic properties of a stone

Alpanite - a stone whose properties surprise many, has no magical power. The only thing that is unusual in it, is the bewitching play of light and the overflow.

Healing properties

Have not yet been studied to the end of the healing propertiescrystals. While it can only be argued that when wearing massive jewelry with these stones, do not worry about headaches, since the product has a very light weight.

Proper care of decorations

If you follow the simple recommendations of yourthe decorations will always look perfect. Before taking water procedures, jewelry is recommended to be taken off. This also applies to hand washing with soap. It is necessary to clean ornaments only a soft material with application of special solutions.

alpanite green

Since the crystals have a very firm base, they should be stored separately from stones with a softer structure.

These simple tips will help keep your jewelry in excellent condition for a long time.

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