"Alko" (pumping station): description, characteristics, device and reviews

Manufacturers of garden equipment often have to go beyond their specialization, mastering new product segments. This applies to mini-cultivators, which are gradually transformed into the status of walk-behind tractors, to chainsaws moving to the same level as professional units, and to pumping equipment. If earlier, simple and compact water-supplying installations were offered to maintain gardens and orchards, today such functions are assigned to multifunctional stations. This segment is quite successfully mastered by the firm "Alco". The pump station of this brand is characterized by an optimal combination of technical and operational qualities and affordable cost.

alko pumping station

Technical device units

Compared to conventional pumps, stations can be thought of as a multipurpose pumping complex.It not only provides the water supply function, but also maintains the power potential of the water supply line and facilitates the process of managing the entire system. The combination of a hydroaccumulator and an electric pump is used as the base. This is a kind of power platform through which the unit can supply water from a well to the second floor of a private house on the site in large volumes (providing a family of 3-4 people). Specific capabilities depend on the model of the Alco unit. The pump station of this company in almost all versions receives an expanded set of automatic controls. At least, this concerns a pressure switch with a pressure gauge, which allows you to monitor the parameters of the operating mode. Without fail, functional components are connected with complete reinforcement - these are connectors, fittings, adapters, seals and other accessories.

Characteristics of the model HW 601

pump station alko hw

One of the representatives of the budget level, which also applies to surface aggregates. The station is made with the expectation of an automatic mode of operation, subject to the maintenance of clean water.Despite belonging to the initial class, the device has a moderate power of 600 W, which allows it to pump about 3100 l / h. If we talk about working performance in terms of lifting, then the fence can be carried out from a depth of 9 m, and the feed to a height of 35 m. In a hydraulic tank, a volume of 20 liters is provided - in addition to the function of a conventional tank, it also protects the system from hydraulic shock. What else is attractive pump station "Alco HW 601"? Its advantages should also include small size, quiet operation and a modest weight - 11 kg for a full-fledged pumping station is quite small.

Characteristics of the model HW 3000

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Today it is the basic model in the Alco lineup, which offers not the highest, but in most cases of operation acceptable performance. First of all, this unit differs from the previous model by slightly exceeding the power - 650 W. However, the performance remained the same - 3100 l / h. The parameters of the intake and ascent to height are also approximately the same - 8 and 35 m, respectively, for the well fence and water supply on the first and second floors. It is important to note that the Alko 3000 pumping station is focused on suburban operation.This is evidenced by the presence of a strong steel body with anti-corrosion protection, as well as a large set of auxiliary equipment that will help out when installing complex water supply configurations for irrigation and at home.

Characteristics of the model HW 3500 Inox Classic

Improved modification of the series, designed not only for the needs of irrigation and domestic water supply, but also for organizing the full operation of fountains, irrigation systems, etc. Large production loads are provided by an 850 W engine, thanks to which productivity reaches 3400 l / h. At the same time, the user can control and adjust the working pressure for current needs - the maximum value is 3.8 Bar. However, in terms of intake and output, the Alko 3500 pumping station as a whole remained at the same level as the previous modifications. The unit can work with 8-meter wells, carrying out a lift of 38 m. With regard to automation, it is possible to note the presence of a mechanical relay and a system for switching on the engine in the conditions of reduced pressure. In ergonomic aspects, the model also has attractive sides - the design is compact, mobile and functional.

Alko 3000 pumping station

Positive feedback on Alko offers

Experienced users of pumping equipment value Alco products for their balanced performance, in which the calculation is made on the budget or, at the maximum, the middle class. In such models, of course, stand out the qualities of comfortable equipment in use - a lightweight body, a simple control system and a generally friendly device. Oddly enough, the owners and power indicators of Alko do not disappoint. The pumping station of this level is in principle not sharpened for servicing large volumes of water, but it provides its nominal values ​​stably and without overlays. In terms of the quality of the element base and design, there are also no special complaints, although this depends on the specific model.

Negative reviews

Alko pumping station repair

Critics of the units for system errors almost never occur, but the point claims to the individual operating nuances and models still occur. For example, some designs are still supplied with poor quality components. It can be about glands and bearings. In one case, there is a threat of an element leakage, and in the other case - deformations of the mechanical working group.But these are extreme and rare cases that can be prevented in the early stages. Some users also point to the plastic case with which cheap Alko pumping stations are supplied. Reviews note that the company does not use the best material in such structures, so damage happens often. But the presence of stainless steel housing in models with price tags of 5 thousand rubles. completely eliminates such phenomena.

Operation Tips

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The station can only be used on a smooth and even surface. Moreover, the place of operation should be insured against accidental flooding. Also, the unit should be protected from rain and physical exertion. It is desirable for its operation to prepare a small room like a utility block with a reliable roof and communications to it. To provide power to the station, it is necessary to use only the power grid with a 10 A line circuit breaker. Otherwise, there is a risk of damage to the electric motor with which the Alko pumping station is supplied. Repair in such situations may involve a complete replacement of wired equipment infrastructure, and sometimes the upgrade of the motor. However, if there is a problem with the launch of the unit, then it may be not only in the engine.Often, an elementary clearing of communications in underwater areas — where suction and pressure hoses are placed — helps.


The manufacturer advises to regularly check the working pressure in the tank. The optimum level is not lower than 1.5 Bar. To test, disconnect the station from the network, open the shut-off valve in the pressure circuit, drain the water and open the lid on the outside of the tank. The pressure level is checked using a pressure gauge or an air pump. The unit should be cleaned regularly. Especially it concerns the periods when the equipment serves chlorinated and technical liquids with a touch. Ignoring this service point can lead to breakdowns of individual components, consumables and Alco parts. A pumping station in constant operation with pumping problem water over time will require replacing not only the gland with bearings, but also parts of the hydroaccumulator with components, not to mention the connecting accessories.


pumping station alko 3500

The equipment of the company "Alco" occupies a special place in the general assortment of pumping units.This is due to the fact that the manufacturer does not specialize in this product and manufactures it in a narrow range. Nevertheless, it gives certain advantages to the Alco models. The pumping station has absorbed almost all the strengths of low-power versions - from ergonomic control to an optimized design. As for working qualities and productivity, in this respect, the stations have nothing to boast of - the main indicators are at an average competitive level. On the other hand, low cost and decent functionality can be considered as additional factors for the attractiveness of stations.

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