Alexander Galibin: biography, personal life (photo)

Alexander Galybin gained fame thanks to the film "Tavern on Pyatnitskaya". In this crime detective story, Pashka, nicknamed America, became his hero. By 62 years old, the talented actor had time to light up in more than 70 film and television projects, he also dubbing. Most often, his heroes are the military, police, representatives of criminal structures. What is the story of a star?

Alexander Galybin: family, childhood

The man who embodied the image of Pashki America in the painting Tavern on Pyatnitskaya was born in Leningrad. It happened in September 1955. Alexander Galibin’s father, a carpenter by profession, worked as a designer decorator at Lenfilm, and his mother worked at a factory. His parents survived the blockade of Leningrad, then were forced to survive the difficult post-war time. They experienced hunger and poverty, tried to protect this child from all of this.

Alexander Galybin in his youth

In childhood, Alexander Galibin had many hobbies.He devoted a lot of time to sports, preferring fencing, boxing, and acrobatics. Also, the boy was fond of singing and dancing. While still in school, he began to study dramatic art, was engaged in the Theater of Youth Creativity, led by Matvey Dubrovin.


The desire to link his life with the acting profession Alexander Galybin originated in childhood. My father, being an employee of Lenfilm, often took the child with him to the set. Playing in the Theater of Youth Creativity only reinforced this desire.

Alexander Galybin

Alexander's father did everything possible to dissuade his son from the choice of acting profession. However, the young man remained faithful to the decision. From the first attempt to enter the theatrical university he did not succeed, but even this did not make Galibin say goodbye to his dream. In 1973, a young man became a student of LGITMiK. The promising guy was taken to his workshop by Ruben Agamirzyan. Student years flew by.

Theater named after V. F. Komissarzhevskaya

Biography of Alexander Galibin indicates that the diploma LGITMiK was awarded to him in 1977. Shortly thereafter, the VF Komissarzhevskaya Theater opened its doors to the young man.

Alexander Galibin at the cinema

Galibin devoted two years to service in this theater.The reasons that prompted Alexander to leave him remained a mystery. Below are the performances in which he managed to play.

  • "Tsar Boris".
  • Bumbarash.
  • "Ten unopened letters."
  • "Five Nights".
  • "The Legend of the Clown's Cap".

From obscurity to glory

From the biography of Alexander Galibin, it follows that he did not have long to achieve fame. On the set, he first got in his student years. The young man made his debut in the film "... And other officials" Seeds Aranovich, where he played the role of Yuri.

Alexander Galybin in the film "Tavern on Pyatnitskaya"

In 1977, director Alexander Faintsimmer presented the criminal detective "Tavern on Pyatnitskaya" to the court of spectators. The film tells about the events taking place in Moscow during the time of the NEP. Residents of Zamoskvorechye live in constant fear of a brutal gangster group, making one daring raid after another. Law enforcement officials suspect that behind all this is the famous recidivist nicknamed Gray, but it is not possible to detain members of the gang at the crime scene. Only their favorite resting place is known - the tavern on Pyatnitskaya.

In this picture, the actor Alexander Galibin brilliantly played Pasha, nicknamed America,the famous market pickpocket who is a regular at the famous tavern on Pyatnitskaya. Alexander managed to create an ambiguous and vivid image, his character was liked by thousands of viewers. The actor woke up famous, as well as other performers of key roles. Not only the audience, but also the directors paid attention to the talented young man. He began to actively offer roles.

Film and television projects

Thanks to a bright role in the "Tavern on Pyatnitskaya" became a popular actor Alexander Galybin. Film and television projects with his participation began to go out one by one. Basically, he embodied the images of criminals, policemen, military. Of course, offered the artist and other roles. For example, in the film The Coordinates of Death, he brilliantly played a Soviet engineer Ilya Krutin. In the series “The Life of Klim Samgin”, Alexander reincarnated as Emperor Nicholas II. The same image was created by the actor in the film “The Romanovs. Crowned family.

TV shows and films with Alexander Galibin, which were released at the end of the last century, are listed below.

  • "Ivantsov, Petrov, Sidorov".
  • "Poem about the wings."
  • "Who pays for good luck."
  • "Courage".
  • "Scarlet epaulets."
  • "The same as we!"
  • "Tale told at night."
  • "Sixth".
  • "One Hundred Joys, or the Book of Great Discoveries."
  • "We were not crowned in the church."
  • "Donkey skin".
  • "My love is a revolution."
  • "Hello from the front."
  • "Proceed with the liquidation."
  • "Without much risk."
  • "Disturbing departure."
  • "I am responsible for you."
  • "My chosen one."
  • "The best way of our life."
  • "The battalions are asking for fire."
  • "Coordinates of death."
  • "Exceptions without rules."
  • "The path to yourself."
  • "Steppe Squadron".
  • "The Life of Klim Samgin".
  • “Jack Vosmerkin -“ American. ”
  • "Silver Strings".
  • "The husband and daughter of Tamara Alexandrovna."
  • "It".
  • “Romanovs: Crowned Family”.

Theater director

In 1988, Galibin Alexander Vladimirovich became a student of GITIS. He entered the director's department, was accepted to the course of A. Vasiliev. As a director, Alexander first made a name for himself through the play Escorial. The success of the “Players” radio show helped him secure his success.

photo by Alexander Galibin

The diploma work of Galibin was the play "La Fünf in der Luft", which was put on the stage of the Fontanka Youth Theater. In 1993, an aspiring director joined the creative team of the Theater on Liteiny, the debut for him was the production of "Three Sisters".Next, the master focused on modern drama. He presented the City Romance, the Harp of Greetings to the audience court.

For three years, Alexander Galibin led the Novosibirsk Youth Theater "Globus". Then for some time he served as artistic director of the KS Stanislavsky Theater.

What else to see

In the nineties, Alexander Galibin practically did not appear on the set. Films and series with his participation did not go. Only in the new century did he return to this activity again.

Alexander Galybin in the TV series "Survive After
  • "Ragin".
  • "The Master and Margarita".
  • "Blind 2".
  • "He, she and I."
  • "Friend or Alien."
  • "The first rule of the queen."
  • "Canned food".
  • "Revenge".
  • "The fate of the sovereign."
  • Adele.
  • "Our sins."
  • "Sentence".
  • "Flying squad".
  • "That is life".
  • "Actor, or Love is not on the script."
  • “Furtseva. The Legend of Catherine.
  • Revelations.
  • "Mushroom King."
  • "White Moor, or Intimate Stories of My Neighbors."
  • "Bad blood".
  • "The Man from Nowhere".
  • "Survive after".
  • "High cuisine".
  • "22 minutes."
  • "Demons."
  • "Criminal Inheritance".
  • "Milky Way Galaxy".
  • "The world for two."
  • “Champions: Faster. Higher. Stronger".
  • "Dr. Richter."
  • "Second Sight".
  • "Plaque".
  • Morozov.
  • "The Road to Calvary".

The latest to date series with Alexander was released in 2017. In this teleproject he embodied the image of the Guide. Further creative plans of the stars are still kept secret.

Marriages and divorces

The public is occupied not only by the creative successes of Alexander Vladimirovich Galibin. The personal life of the star is also of interest. The first time he married in his student years. The elect of Alexander became Olga Narutskaya. This girl was five years older than Galybin, she also graduated from LGITMiK. Olga gave the actor a daughter, but the marriage did not save it. The girl was named Maria, she followed in her father's footsteps and linked her life with the world of cinema and theater.

The reasons for the separation of Alexander from his first wife remained behind the scenes. It is assumed that the romance of the artist on the side led to divorce.

What happened next in the personal life of Galibin Alexander Vladimirovich? While studying at GITIS, the artist met Ruth Vineken, she attended classes as a free listener. Galibin married this woman in 1991. For unknown reasons, Ruth and Alexander separated after eight years.

Irina Savitskova

What is happening in the personal life of Alexander Galibin? The third wife of the star was his colleague Irina Savitskova. “Man from Nowhere”, “Angel or Demon”, “Father's Instinct”, “Furtseva. The Legend of Catherine "," Friend-and-Other "," Pathfinder "," Death Route "- the series in which you can see it. Irina also plays on the stage of the Lensovet Theater.

Alexander Galibin with his wife and daughter

Irina is younger than Alexander by 18 years, however, the difference in the age of lovers does not bother. In 2003, the couple had a daughter, the girl was named Xenia. To become the father of Galybin again was destined in 2014. The third wife, who was then 40 years old, bore him a son, Vasily.

The actor argues that it was in marriage with Savitskova he finally found family happiness. In recent years, Galibin rarely manages to meet at social events. He prefers to spend his free time with his wife and children. In his successors, the actor does not like the soul, tries to give them as much attention as possible.

Interesting Facts

In April, Alexander Galibin, whose photo can be seen in the article, took part in the TV show “Perfect Repair”. His loggia was turned into a study, also repairs were made in the bedroom.

For three years, Galibin led the “Wait for Me” rating program. From the post of the leading of this telecast, he refused in September 2017.

Alexander spends quite a lot of time teaching. It is known that the actor and director deals with students of GITIS, Shchukin School.

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