Alessio Boni: biography, filmography, photo of the actor

Last year, theater and film actor Alessio Boni celebrated his 50th anniversary. He spent half of his life on set. The Italian is proud of the chosen profession, which helps him to fully reveal.

Personal Biography Facts

In the summer of 1966 (July 4), in the small commune of Sarnico, in the region of Lombardy (Italy), was born the actor Alessio Boni. He grew up in a large family, in which, besides him, he had two more sons. Alessio has a younger brother, Andrea, and an older brother, Marco.

Alessio Boni

To help parents improve their family’s well-being, a fourteen-year-old boy decided to leave school and start making money. Together with his father, he traveled to the neighboring commune of Villongo to work at a construction site. After six years as a tiler, Alessio Boni goes to America, in San Diego. In the US, he tried many professions that bring quick money: he worked as a waiter and a peddler of the press, a baby-sitter and an animator. But the guy never managed to find and occupy a well-paid position.Therefore, in 1988, Boney returns to Italy.

Starting actor career

The matured 22-year-old dark-haired boy with blue eyes, 1 m 79 cm tall, quickly became a popular model in his homeland. Alessio began filming for famous photo performers. In 1988 he entered the S. D'Amico National Academy of Dramatic Art, which he successfully graduated in 1992. At 24, the future actor participated in the productions of the famous Italian director Giorgio Streller.

Actor Alessio Boni

In the same period, Alessio Boni gets the opportunity to play in the drama "The Magician." He was offered the role of orphan Michele. After the release of the movie novice actor began to actively invite to the shooting. At the start of his career (1990-1995) he appeared in the TV series "Iron Boys" and "L'ispettore Sarti - Un poliziotto, una citta". He played small roles in the melodrama “Where are you? I am here,” in the movie “Foolish game,” in the short film “Every day, yes.”

Filmography from the mid 1990s to 2005

In the films "Italians go" and "After the Storm" also shot Alessio Boni. Films with his participation came out in 1996. In the same period, the actor played Efisio Kubeddu in the mini-series directed by Hugo Gregoretti "Monte Carlo Account". In 1998, Alessio got the role of Dr. Marco Oberon in the famous Italian drama "Passion in Italian".In 2000, Boney entered the cast of the action movie "Without Fear", his character name is Marco.

Alessio boni movies

From 2001 to 2005, the Italian handsome starred in more than ten motion pictures. His game can be seen in such films as "The Beast in the Heart" and "The Hunt", "The Best of the Young" and "Dracula", "If Born, You Can’t Hide" and "Wuthering Heights". The actor appeared on the screen in the role of Giovani Batista in "Diary of Matilda Manzoni", Simon in the melodrama "The Other Woman", Pinot in the drama "Vite a perdere".

Filmography from 2006 to 2016

Over the past eleven years, Alessio Boni has worked on more than 20 films. Among the films in which he starred - "Sidekicks of Silence", "Synesthesia", "Goodbye, darling", "Mad Blood" and "Christine Christine." The actor played and the main characters. For example, in 2007 he was in the image of the world famous artist Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio in the Caravaggio biographical tape, and in the mini-series based on L. Tolstoy's The War and Peace by Andrei Bolkonsky. In 2009, in the Puccini television project, Boni appeared on the screens in the form of opera composer Giacomo Puccini. And in 2012, in the film about the famous actor "Walter Chiari - Until the last laugh" - as Walter Chiari.

Alessio Boni personal life

You can see the handsome Alessio in such films as "Rebecca", "Tourist", "Circles on water", "Everyone is crazy about love 2", "Absinthe Drinkers", "Secret Trip".He also starred in the TV series "Odyssey" (2013) and "Years of defeat" (2014), in the mini-series "Capture" (2015). The actor played Andrea in the melodrama "In a beautiful place" (2015) and Charles in the French adventure film "Orpheder the Legend" (2016).

The merits and hobbies of a movie star

Many fans are interested in the question: "Is Alessio Boni free?" The personal life of the actor is covered with secrets. Despite the fact that the Italian is a public person, nothing is known about his romantic relationship with anyone. He is not married, has no children. Alessio Boni, in addition to Italian, knows French and English well. For more than ten years he has been the voluntary ambassador of UNICEF (United Nations Children's Fund). The actor often communicates with his brothers.

For a 26-year career on TV, he received only two awards: in 2004, the Silver Ribbon Award, and in 2008, the Magnolia Award at the Shanghai International Film Festival.

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