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Spain is a great European power. Today it is one of the most popular tourist destinations. Airlines of Spain make regular and charter flights around the world. Many of them have been on the air transport market for decades and have long earned the status of reliable carriers.

spain airlines

Comfort, safety, individual approach

This may seem strange to many, but comfort during the flight and safety are most often nothing more than marketing slogans. This can be quite clearly understood by drawing attention to reviews of air carriers. Too many people proclaim comfort, but they buy old planes in the fleet and they do not renew the fleet for years. Some rely on regularity, but are not able to cope with multi-day flight delays. In the world of air carriers, this is a common occurrence. Fortunately, this applies to Spanish airlines to a lesser extent.

In this case, comfort is really comfort. In Spain, it is customary to value reputation.Fleets of airlines are regularly updated, undergoing deep technical modernization and even get rid of outdated equipment.

Security is not an empty word. All employees of any company are professionals in their field. Multistage and continuous monitoring of fitness for professional activities and increased social responsibility automatically make flight safer. A qualified check of each aircraft before departure, a serious attitude to even the most minor problems extremely positively affect the safety of the flight.

There is one more strength of Spanish airlines - an individual approach to each passenger. Carriers try to take into account all the wishes of their customers. Many companies provide an extensive list of additional paid services. The crew of each aircraft is polite and ready to listen to both the claims and the gratitude of the passengers on board. The reviews are also checked, and if there are a lot of negative assessments in relation to a particular flight, checks are conducted for detecting offenses by the crew and technical services.

One of the leaders

It is known that there is always competition among air carriers. This was no exception for Spanish airlines. Three leaders are always unstable. The success rates of a carrier are dynamic. The company that occupies the 3rd place in this list may be the 1st in terms of annual passenger traffic. In the same way, the leader of the whole of Spain may be the least popular among passengers.

air nostrum

In Spain, there is a company that has been successfully competing with world giants for many years. The main desire is aimed not only at extracting the maximum profit, but also at the timely introduction of modern technologies and cheapening the cost of economy class tickets. This is Air Europa - one of the most promising carriers in the world. Being only the 3rd in the domestic rating, this company takes leading positions among the passengers year after year. The secret is very simple: new technologies make a comfortable flight, even in economy class. At the same time, the cost of tickets decreases: the business class is more accessible, and the 1st class is more luxurious than before.


In the fleet of the airline listed 52 modern aircraft.Mostly these are the aircraft of the company "Boeing" and "Airbus". It would seem that in such a fleet there is nothing surprising. Many competitors have the same number of aircraft, but there is something that they are proud of in Air Europa. It is nothing like the average age of each aircraft. It does not exceed 3 years throughout the fleet. This is one of the best indicators around the world. Even Aeroflot cannot boast of such an age of the aircraft fleet, like many American and even European companies. This is what guarantees the safety of flights. The salon looks new, and all the important nodes of airliners have not come close to the need to replace them.

air europa

Air nostrum

This regional airline is widely known in Spain. Notable for its organization. The fact is that the company's activity is based on the franchising of another well-known carrier - Iberia Airlines, the flagship of Italian airlines. The fleet is quite large - more than 60 aircraft in the fleet and about 40 ordered from aircraft manufacturers. The fleet is also expanding through the acquisition of other carriers. The staff is constantly growing, but the old problems are not corrected.

binter canarias

Responses of passengers about this company are very different. On the one hand, everybody notes the professionalism of the pilots and the crew of the stewards, and on the other hand, the old aircraft cause fears and flight delays. In general, positive reviews prevail over negative ones.

Over the long years of activity, 3 aircraft of this carrier have been involved in aviation accidents. However, fortunately, none of the sides crashed and none of the passengers died.


Rest on one of the islands of the Canarian archipelago is the dream of many people. Air transportation between Spain and the islands is handled by Binter Canarias. This is an amazing airline. She tries to stand out among competitors. What can we say if its planes are painted in such a noticeable and recognizable color that they can not be confused. This is the only company in Spain that makes both regular and charter flights to all airports of the Canary Islands, without exception. The airline fleet is very small. There are only a few planes, and all of them are ATR aircraft. Yes, few of the inhabitants of the CIS countries flew on the aircraft of this manufacturer. However, this does not make them less popular in the resort and European destinations.

evelop airlines

Canary Archipelago airline reviews

These reviews are a unique case.It is rare to find so many positive reviews. On many services, the average rating is 5 out of 5. Rare disgruntled passengers talk exclusively about their subjective experience, complaining about the team of stewards. However, this is not surprising. The aircraft of this company fly to the resort and back. Probably the emergence of passengers in a drunken state.

Little Spanish airline

What do we represent when we hear the phrase “international air carrier”? First of all, a large company with an impressive air fleet, numerous daily flights, a huge staff and other attributes of the sharks of the air passenger transportation market. However, all this is a stereotype. In Spain, there is the airline Evelop Airlines. Its air fleet has only 3 aircraft. At the same time, the company is not only an internal, but also an international carrier. Of course, in this case, the speech of the new modern aircraft can not go. These are pretty old aircraft. Many passengers describe the cabin of the aircraft, using the expression "befitting species", which says a lot. Despite the fact that the company has a rather low rating, it also has a strong point.It is in humans. The crew of each aircraft is chosen very carefully, so that passengers do not worry once again about safety. These are true professionals. The team of stewards deserves special attention, the competence of which is genuinely admired by many.

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Extensive list

In almost every country, airlines compete with each other. It is rare to meet a monopoly. The list of Spanish airlines can be significantly expanded. In addition to the named carriers, there are also those that are not widely known. And also the most successful in the Spanish air market - Iberia Airlines. In fact, this company can be called a monopolist, but this does not mean that it does not have serious competition.

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