The story of Chepiga-Vasechkin, in addition to his general semantic load, gives another side cause for reflection on the current topic.
On the topic of social elevators.
Look, a boy from the village, from some kind of Far Eastern ebeni ... What does he shine, how to break into people?
He enters a military school, gets into one of the special services.
And now, at 35, he is already a colonel, moves to capitals, receives the highest state awards!
Yes, now here nakladochka out.
But there is an intrigue that they will do.
We can say that - yes, there is such a colonel. And what? Well, it looks like it happens. Want to compare? Damn, Vasechkin disappeared somewhere. Chepiga is there, and Vasechkin disappeared ... He does not want to climb into his private life ...
This option will not look convincing, of course.
Where it would be more beautiful to write a fucking story. About two twins separated in infancy. Gypsies were stolen, or a childless couple ... And now, after 39 years, they found each other, the show at Malakhov, a meeting, hugs, a man’s tears.

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