Actual dresses 2011

One of the main trends of the podiums of the whole worldis no longer the first season of the dress. It became an inspiration for many eminent designers. Thanks to such a variety of models, colors, textures, all dresses 2011 will find their mistresses. Despite the huge range of this type of clothing, there are several main trends that designers and designers try to adhere to.

A clear favorite was the theme of the East, whichopen dresses 2011 from Vera Wang, Louis Vuitton, Philosophy di Alberta Ferretti. The main elements of this outfit are a collar-stand, flared sleeves and a specific color scale. In addition to standard colors: red, black, gold, used bed colors, printed patterns. Such dresses emphasize the fragility and romanticism of any woman, give them a special oriental piquancy.

Another clear favorites of this year weresuch fabrics as leather and chiffon. The styles in which dresses are made in 2011, on the verge of a foul. Through the transparent chiffon the delicate female skin gleams. Dresses flying, flowing. They give women a sense of themselves in the role of an unearthly goddess, who only for a moment descended from heaven. These models can be seen in the collections of Dior. In contrast to the lightness of chiffon, the fashion house Herve Leger presents to the audience the animal passion, imprinted in tight dresses made of leather. The woman becomes in them a wild, unbridled, brave cat, which she chooses with whom she should spend time.

Designers presented new styles of dresses. This mini dresses 2011 with a train or cuts on a skirt. It adds alongside sexuality and courage. At the same time, classic outfits in the floor and dress-cases do not lose their positions any more than the first season. They simply transform into something else. Such variations on the theme of a truly feminine outfit were presented by Victoria Beckham dresses, which were amazed by many fashionable critics. In her collection, she added a deliberate volume to the hips, which visually narrowed her waist. Thus, she achieved a pronounced silhouette "Hourglass". Victoria preferred deep, noble colors, without adding prints or other distractions. Only the color and nothing more. In each dress their creator is visible. Victoria, unlike her stellar colleagues, each of her creations could wear herself, and each of the presented outfits describes her personality, is associated with her.

In 2011, the designers surprised their collection,united in the brand badgley mischka dresses, which dream to wear social ladies of all countries. They added playfulness and lightness to their outfits, having executed them in the color "Celestial Azure", but at the same time remained faithful to the exquisite styles, recognized by more than one decade. It's all the same badgley mischka that used to be, but more airy, summer ones. The main experiment in the collection was the color and departure from the theme of evening dresses, which they are trying to do is not the first time.

Modern fashion does not dictate its rules, sodresses 2011 were completely different. On the catwalks you can see playful mini neon colors or a flirty retro pin-up, of course, maxi outfits made of flowing fabrics with color prints. Today a woman can afford to be different, but at the same time always remain feminine and trendy at the same time. Fashion for dresses in 2011 showed that a woman in choosing a dress can limit only the volume of her closet. Designers drew their inspiration from everywhere. On the catwalks you can see militant images of steel color, made in a futuristic style, or angelic romantic outfits of chiffon, silk, organza, diluted with fresh flowers, precious stones and abstract patterns. Remaining a woman in them is so simple and so convenient to the place and under any circumstances.

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