Actress Yevgeniya Dmitrieva: photos, movies, biography, family, husband and children

“The Year of the Golden Fish”, “Nelyubov”, “Zaza”, “Bless the Woman” - films, thanks to which the audience remembers actress Evgenia Dmitrieva. You can also see it in the TV projects “Golden Horde”, “Londongrad. Know ours ”,“ Special Purpose Friend ”,“ Do not deny yourself loving ”,“ I go out to look for you ”,“ Farewell, darling ... ”. What is known about a woman who easily and naturally creates bright images on the screen?

Actress Yevgeniya Dmitrieva: the beginning of the journey

The performer of the role of Matrona in the series “The Golden Horde” was born in Moscow, it happened in December 1972. Actress Evgenia Dmitrieva became interested in the world of dramatic art in childhood. The girl worked in a theater studio that worked at the House of Pioneers. In this institution, the children not only comprehended the basics of acting, they also comprehended the secrets of the professions of the director, costume designer, make-up artist.Students prepared productions from start to finish, created scripts, were engaged in the selection of actors and costumes.

actress evgenia dmitrieva in her youth

Interestingly, Eugene did not want to write scripts or directing. She consciously decided to focus on the comprehension of the secrets of acting skills. The talented girl was assigned leading roles in one amateur performance after another.


By the time she left school, actress Yevgenia Dmitriyeva had already firmly known what profession she wanted to tie her life to. The girl filed documents at several Moscow theater schools at once, as she was afraid not to enroll. At that time, she was plump, and furunculosis was also getting sick. Most of all she wanted to become a student Shchepkinskogo College. Eugene came to the exams in a red dress, wrapped with bandages. She brilliantly performed Spanish dance, and then recited a children's verse. Eugenia managed to make the teachers laugh, which predetermined her fate.

Dmitrieva was able to enroll in the Moscow Art Theater School, but decided to study at the Schepkin School. Teacher Rimma Gavrilovna Solntseva, with whom she met in its walls, became for her almost the second mother. This woman made a significant contribution to the formation of Eugene as an actress.


After graduating from the Moscow Art Theater School-Studio, actress Evgenia Dmitriyeva did not have to search for a job for a long time. A talented graduate were ready to accept many theaters. Rimma Gavrilovna convinced the girl to give preference to the Maly Theater. His wide repertoire to some extent ensured the appearance of an aspiring actress on stage.

actress eugenia dmitrieva

She performed her first role on the stage of this theater in the play “Independent Work”. Then followed a period of calm. In the abyss of depression Dmitrieva did not allow to immerse the proposal to join the pedagogical team of the Shchepkinsky school.

In 1998, Eugene received a role in the play "Woe from Wit" Oleg Menshikov, who was on the stage of the Moscow City Theater. Dmitrieva coped brilliantly with her task, which marked the beginning of her collaboration with the famous actor and director. Menshikov convinced her to join the creative team of his entrepreneurial company.

"Three Sisters" - the most currently known production with the participation of Eugene. She brilliantly embodied the image of Olga in the play by British director Declan Donnellan.Thanks to this role, the actress has become a world-class theater star. She traveled to the States, Europe, Australia, New Zealand.

First roles

In 1995, she first appeared on the set of Yevgeny Dmitriev. The actress, whose photo can be seen in the article, debuted in the film “Limit”. In this tape she got a cameo role of a student. In 1998, the girl embodied the image of Efrosinya Fyodorovna in the television movie "Tsar Peter and Alexei." This was followed by the role of Fufyginoy to the painting "Chinese service". Sergey Bezrukov, Anna Samokhina, Oleg Yankovsky and other stars became colleagues of the actress on the set.

actress eugenia dmitrieva in movies

Gradually, Eugene learned not to be afraid of the camera. Films and series with her participation began to go out one by one.

  • "Brother 2".
  • "Woe from Wit."
  • "Times do not choose."
  • "Poirot's failure."
  • "Bless the woman."
  • "Farewell echo."
  • "Full speed ahead!"
  • "A long farewell."
  • "Against the stream".
  • "Only you".
  • "Poor relatives".
  • "Goddess of prime time."
  • "Special Purpose Friend".
  • "Euphoria".
  • "It is better not to know about this."
  • "Infant".
  • "Juncker".
  • "Foreigners".
  • "The Snow Queen".
  • "Psycho".
  • "Protection against."
  • "Service of trust".
  • "Atlantis".
  • "Husband for an hour".
  • "Taxi for Angel".

From obscurity to glory

Actress Yevgeniya Dmitrieva, whose personal life and biography are discussed in the article, performed her first notable role in the TV series “Three Half-Grades”. Natalia Pavlovna Tropinina, editor of the publishing house, one of three friends with an unsettled personal life, became her heroine in this television project.

Eugene Dmitrieva

However, Eugene felt the taste of real glory when the “Zaza” painting was presented to the audience court in 2008. In this film, Dmitrieva got the role of a mature lady Azalea Viktorovna. The heroine visits a son-student living separately and accidentally encounters his peer friend. Passion flares up between them, but society is not ready to accept such a relationship. The talented play of the actress was awarded at the Constellation Film Festival, where she was awarded the prize for the best actress.

To secure the success of the actress helped shooting in the documentary "Catherine the Third." In this picture she brilliantly embodied the image of Catherine Furtseva. Evgenia admitted to journalists that it was not easy to play a historical character, whose personality is shrouded in a network of conjectures.However, she managed to cope with this task.

New film and television projects

Thanks to the first successes became demanded actress Yevgeny Dmitriev. Her filmography is now not the first year actively replenished. What film and television projects with the participation of the star were presented to the audience court relatively recently?

Eugene Dmitrieva in the film "Where Hope Lives"
  • "Aleshkina love."
  • "Sinner".
  • "Mannequin".
  • "Happiness is…".
  • "Box".
  • Locust.
  • "Young guard".
  • "Violation of the rules."
  • “Londongrad. Know ours. "
  • "Loop".
  • "Closer than it seems."
  • "Pennsylvania".
  • "Please take my word for it."
  • "Where Hope Lives."
  • "Bride from Moscow."
  • "Dr. Richter."
  • "Love by order."
  • "My favorite mother-in-law."
  • "Dislike".
  • "My beloved wives."
  • "On the edge".
  • “Five minutes of silence. Return".

What else to see

This year, several new film and television projects with Dmitrieva were presented to the audience court. She embodied the image of a minor heroine in the series “Light from the Other World”, telling the story of a charming swindler, who by the will of fate was limited in movement. An operation that returns her the ability to walk costs a lot of money.It is not possible to earn this amount, since Svetlana is deprived of the opportunity to leave the house.

A prominent role went to Eugenia in the series “The Golden Horde”, which tells about the events of the end of the 13th century. Dmitriyeva embodied the image of a devoted maid named Matryona, who everywhere follows her mistress. The secondary role of the actress performed in the TV series "Mermaids".

Two new pictures with Eugene are expected soon. Dmitriev can be seen in the films "Ideal" and "Senafon." There is no information about who she will play.

Marriage and Divorce

Fans are not only interested in the creative achievements of actress Evgenia Dmitrieva. Personal life, husband, children - fans want to know everything about their idol. The star of the national cinema was married in his student years. Eugenia started a turbulent affair with a fellow student Evgeny Kaikov, who ended with a wedding. This man later became famous for his comedy roles in the sketch show "6 frames", which is shown on the channel CTC.

Eugene Dmitrieva and Andrei Kayk

The husband of actress Evgenia Dmitrieva did not have their own homes. Therefore, the newlyweds settled with her grandmother. The new family needed money.The actress worked part-time, playing the role of the Snow Maiden on children's matinees. She still remembers how she bought a sofa from the first earned money.

The marriage union, concluded too hastily, broke up already two years later. Kaykov and Dmitrieva have no common children. Husband and wife broke up by mutual agreement, which allowed them to maintain friendly relations.

Birth of a son

What else is known about the personal life of actress Evgenia Dmitrieva? She still has no husband, but in 2011 a son was born. The actress learned about her pregnancy while working on the play “Five Evenings”. In the film "Quick Step" she played already being in position. Information about who is the father of the child, no. Eugene hides this fact from everyone. Son Dmitrieva called Mark, he bears her name. The actress carefully protects the boy from the annoying attention of the press.

Actress Eugenia Dmitrieva is expecting a child

At one time, the rumor that Yevgeny married Alexei Sekirin, who became famous for the Happy Together TV project, was popular. This is due to the fact that the actor married the actress’s full namesake.

Interesting Facts

What is known about the parents of actress Evgenia Dmitrieva? The professional activity of the father of a star has nothing to do with the world of dramatic art.Her mother in the past was a ballerina, left a career for the sake of the family. It was she who taught the daughter to dance, which at one time allowed her to conquer the hearts of the selection committee of the Shchepkinskogo School. Parents always sought to ensure that Eugene was an independent girl, never tried to control her.

What can you say about the style of Dmitrieva? The preferences of the actress in clothes have changed dramatically in recent years. Some time ago, Eugene could not imagine life without the regular purchase of sexy dresses and shoes. Now she prefers outfits in which she is comfortable. She dresses in such a way that she has the opportunity at any time to participate in the games of her son Mark. However, the star of the national cinema considers its new style a temporary phenomenon. When the son grows up, she will start thinking again not only about comfort, but also about the beauty of her clothes.

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