Actress Robin Wright: filmography and biography

"Santa Barbara" - "soap opera", thanks to which many actors became famous. Belongs to their number and the woman who embodied the image of Kelly. Robin Wright, the filmography of which currently contains about 50 films and TV shows, has played many prominent roles. However, she was remembered by the majority of viewers precisely as Kelly Capwell. What can you say about the star?

Actress Robin Wright: a biography

Singer Kelly was born in Dallas. It happened in April 1966. Actress Robin Wright was born in the family of a pharmaceutical company employee and a sales assistant. Her first years of life were spent in San Diego.

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Attractive appearance allowed Robin still in school to test his strength as a model. In the world of fashion, she worked for about six years, collaborated not only with American but also with Japanese and French brands. However, Wright dreamed not about a modeling career, she wanted to act in films.

Finest hour

In 1983, she first appeared on the set of Robin Wright. Her filmography began with the dramatic series "Yellow Rose". The character of the actress is present only in two episodes of the television project, it is not surprising that the first role did not bring her fame. However, precisely because of his participation in the filming of "Yellow Rose" Robin attracted the attention of the creators of the famous "Santa Barbara".

House of cards

Novice actress managed to pass the casting and get the role of Kelly Capwell. Her heroine was the spoiled daughter of an oil magnate. The role of Kelly Robin played for four years, then left the TV project. It was replaced by actress Kimberly MacArthur, which was not liked by all Santa Barbara fans.

Bright roles

Princess Bride is a film that made the actress a success. Fantastic melodrama was presented to the court of spectators in 1987. This is a story about a fictional world in which good defeats evil. The brave hero makes every effort to save his beautiful bride from the danger threatening her. Robin in this tape embodied the image of a young lady named Buttercup.

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Wright managed to re-attract the attention of viewers already in 1994.This was due to the tragicomedy "Forrest Gump", in which she performed one of the key roles. The heroine of the actress became a girl with whom the main character of the story is unrequitedly in love. Robin brought not only the recognition of the audience, but also the Golden Globe award.

You can not ignore the fantastic picture of "Congress", in which the actress took off in 2013. Her heroine became an actress, whose name is the same as her. The tape raises many moral and philosophical questions. Bright role went to Wright and in the movie "Secret attraction." The picture was greeted by critics, but Robin had no complaints about the game.

The series "House of Cards"

Of course, the above are not all the bright roles that the actress can be proud of. “House of Cards” is a political series about the life of the public figure Francis and his wife Claire. The television project introduces viewers to the wonderful world of political intrigue, whose inhabitants play by the rules.

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The series "House of Cards" allowed Robin to test his strength as a director. She worked on several episodes of the second and third seasons.

Love family

The personal life of the star of the Santa Barbara TV project has been in the focus of public attention for many years. For the first time, Wright decided to marry in 1986. Her chosen one was the actor Dane Witherspoon. This man embodied the image of Joe Perkins in the famous “soap opera”. In marriage, Robin and Dane lived for about two years, then they parted by mutual consent.

In 1989, the actress fell in love with her colleague Sean Penn. And her feelings were mutual. In 1991, their daughter Dylan Francis was born, and two years later, Hopper's son Jack was born. In 1996, Robin Wright, whose filmography and biography are discussed in this article, became the wife of Sean Penn. In marriage, they lived for more than ten years, in 2009 they parted.

About three years, Robin met with actor Ben Forester, but before the wedding, it did not come. At the moment, the heart of the star "Santa Barbara" is officially free.

What else to see?

Rough personal life does not interfere with the active roll in movies and TV shows Robin Wright. Filmography stars continues to actively replenished. A list of films and TV shows starring in the new century is given below:

  • "How to kill a neighbor's dog?"
  • "Invulnerable".
  • "Promise".
  • "White Oleander".
  • "Singing Detective".
  • "Virgin".
  • "House on the edge of the world."
  • "Nine Lives."
  • "Invasion".
  • Beowulf.
  • "Once in Hollywood."
  • "New York, I love you."
  • "Chrismas story".
  • "The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo".
  • "Everest".

Two new Wright films are expected this year - Blade Runner 2049 and Justice League. Also in 2017 saw the light of the film “Wonder Woman”, in which she performed a vivid role. Information about the future creative plans of the famous actress is not yet available.

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