Actress Ekaterina Volkova: biography, personal life, filmography

Every famous person has an interesting biography. for many viewers is a true symbol of a loving wife and caring mother. After all, the image of her character - Vera Voronina - made her famous throughout the country.

But the actress not only works in the theater and cinema, she is also a TV presenter, and even the director of theatrical performances. In addition, she sings well. Her huge love in life (if you are not talking about family now) is the theater, on the stage of which the girl goes from her youth. Volkova is an example of how, having set a goal, you can achieve everything by your own hard work.


Ekaterina Volkova was born in Estonia, in the city of Tallinn, in January 1982. Her mom was a housewife and her dad was a very serious businessman. Despite the fact that her mother was always at home and led the household, a significant role in the education of the girl belonged to her grandmother.She worked as a kindergarten teacher, and treated the kids perfectly.

Much later, when she was already an adult, Ekaterina V. Volkova admitted that it was only thanks to the grandmother’s helpful advice that she was able to achieve success at such a level in her career.

The girl showed a lot of talent while still a child. When she visited a hairdressing salon (her native aunt worked there), she often sang, recited poems, danced. All visitors said that being a little girl is an actress. But Katya herself thought about it when there were only a few months left until she received her school certificate. It was then that she decided to enter the drama school.

Student years

To say that the parents were delighted with her choice, it is impossible. But they didn’t really oppose this, realizing that this was already an adult’s choice. True, they wanted their daughter to have a reliable profession.

Her biography is rich in such details. Ekaterina Volkova was accepted into the Schepkinsky School, which she graduated with honors in 2003. True, even in the actor's environment, there is not enough red diploma to be noticed among many aspiring talented guys.

Actress Ekaterina Volkova

Of course, not everyone can achieve fame.Ekaterina Volkova, an actress at the time beginning, was well aware that in popular theaters to make a career is very difficult. Therefore, the girl decided to go the other way.

She got a job at the State Actor Theater. At the very beginning of her career is not particularly evolved. Volkova always went to the tests, but her biggest victory was only episodic roles.

I must say that she nevertheless listened to the insistent advice of her parents and received a second higher education - a financial economist.

The beginning of a creative way

This actress has an interesting creative biography. Ekaterina Volkova achieved her first success thanks to a commercial. According to the script, she embodied a happy dancing mother, who adds a cube "Galina Blanca" to the broth. After this ad was released on TV, they began to recognize the girl. She received invitations for filming on TV shows.

Catherine Volkova, actress

She started acting since 2005. She was offered a small role in the well-known serale "Kulagin and partners." Then there was the comedy “Who is the owner in the house”, “Luba, children and the plant”, “Captain children”, etc. In each of her works, Catherine tried to show the maximum that she was capable of, her best acting qualities and talents.

What result endless castings

Once, her biography played with bright sunlight: Ekaterina Volkova got her truly stellar role. It was thanks to her that the real actress, demand and recognition of the audience came to the young actress. And at first it was truly a salvation for Catherine, because until now she has not received any monetary reward or expected fame from her beloved profession.

Ekaterina Volkova (“Voronins” is a series that you can not only laugh, but also think about) stormed the castings for a whole year. Probably, if she had not been so stubborn and purposeful, nothing would have come of it. About her, as a talented actress, no one would have talked. By the way, she got the role only from the third time.

Ekaterina Volkova

When Catherine came to the tests for the first time, nobody particularly remembered her - she was a gray mouse, a little shy, and therefore could not show what she was capable of.

The second time, she showed herself better and liked the director. But she was only 26 years old, so she was refused because of her young age. Katya was upset, because in her dreams she had long been Vera and raised her daughter Masha.

But a few months later,when Volkova did not count on anything, they called her, inviting her to the third casting. This time from six actresses have chosen her.

Voronin family

For eight years now, she has been encouraging wives, young mummies and tired daughters in struggle with their mother-in-law from the screen. And next to her is always her screen husband Kostya (actor Georgy Dronov), his older brother Lenya (Stanislav Duzhnikov), her children and her father-in-law with her mother-in-law (Boris Klyuev and Anna Frolovtseva).

On the set of the series & quot; Voronin & quot;

By the way, Catherine herself married and gave birth to a daughter during filming, leaving the site before the eighth month of pregnancy. Yes, and on maternity leave she was only two months. After all, as Ekaterina Volkova says, Voronin is her screen family. And she is as dear to her as her real one. And she cherishes both families.

Television and theatrical scene in her life

In almost every interview Ekaterina V. Volkova assures her fans that, as long as they like this series, she will participate in it. But in parallel with these shootings, she participates in other projects.

The actress still continues to play in the theater. She also became a producer in the play “The Dog in the Hay”.

Ekaterina Volkova, the filmography of which is represented by a list of works, though not very large, does not cease to amaze her fans.

Ekaterina Volkova

She is now quite often invited to all sorts of shows. There, the girl not only cheers up the viewers, but demonstrates her mental abilities. She participated in the programs: “Let them talk”, “Fort Boyard”, “The smartest”. And in 2010 and 2012 she starred for the magazine MAXIM.

A little later, she was the host of the “Mom on 5+” program, in 2015 she participated in the Empire of Illusions (project of the Safronov brothers) and in the show Dancing with the Stars.

By the way, thanks to her second education, she managed to build her own business - she opened several clothing stores. And together with her husband she organized a dance school.

Such a casual acquaintance ...

Ekaterina Volkova, whose personal life falls into the sphere of interests of ordinary people, met her husband through her friend and colleague Darya Sagalova.

At first they just talked, and then the young man sent her an invitation to an individual dance lesson. From this began their affair.

Ekaterina Volkova with family

Once Andrei Karpov and Ekaterina Volkova found themselves on an unusual date - it was he, her future husband who invented everything. The guy blindfolded the girl and drove into the woods.She removed the bandage only there and saw a beautiful glade from where one could see the stars. Andrei and Katya drank wine all night and cooked sausages on the fire. For the girl it was perhaps the most memorable date.

Andrei Karpov and Ekaterina Volkova were married a little later. A young man made a proposal to his future wife in a Parisian restaurant, while singing an opera diva. In April of 2010, they had a rather modest wedding ceremony, and the very next year, in March, the daughter of Ekaterina Volkova and Andrei Karpov, Liza, was born.

Oh, those dances!

A young family lives quite peacefully. True, and scandals they happen. Despite the fact that this marriage seems ideal, there have been difficult times.

In 2013, Katya nearly filed for divorce. And all because I was jealous of Andrew to his partner in the project “Dancing with the Stars” Elena Podkaminskaya. In order to show a good result in the show, I had to train a lot, Andrei spent more time with Elena.

Ekaterina Volkova, whose personal life, as it seemed to her, had cracked, was very upset by all of this. She did not find a place for herself with jealousy, once she even wanted to drink pills so as not to wake up. She was stopped by her little daughter, who was then only two and a half years old.Katya then thought that it was from now on the meaning of her life.

But everything worked out, the couple reconciled. True, Andrew had to experience not very pleasant emotions at first, when he learned that his wife would pose for MAXIM. True, then he told her that he even has some pride when he flips through the magazine, and there, among other models, is his beautiful wife.

By the way, the couple appeared together in many of the beloved Voronin sitcoms, where Andrei played a cameo role - Vera's gynecologist.

Perfect in everything

The actress likes active rest. She visits tanning salons, but she practically does not use cosmetics. Five years ago, she was recognized as the most beautiful brunette in Russia. She has an almost perfect figure, which she does not even think of hiding.

Ekaterina Volkova and Andrey Karpov

Quite often, actress Ekaterina Volkova puts family photos online - from the rest of their family. She can sit on the side of the pool or on the beach. Fans, looking at these photos, send compliments to the actress.

To all the questions about how she manages to look so good, she reveals her secret: it’s all a matter of a hard detox, which from time to time she arranges for herself.It is thanks to this that Kate managed to get rid of four kilograms completely unnecessary to her.

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