Actors. "Forgive for love" - ​​a wonderful romantic comedy

Every TV viewer, of course, is very important, what are the actors playing in the next film. “Forgive for love” is a comedy that could not fail to please them with their composition. Therefore, there is no reason to be surprised that the film has gained immense popularity. He is really actors forgive for love

Actors. "Forgive for love" - ​​a wonderful game

So, more. What story did the actor show to the viewer? “Forgive me for love” tells about a thirty-seven-year-old Alex, who, despite his age, is not going to grow up at all. He is afraid of becoming judicious and boring, such as his peers. A man is associated with a woman of his age. In short, Alex suffers all the time from how predictable his environment is.

Suddenly, Nicky appears in the path of the protagonist. The girl is only seventeen years old. She is sincere, spontaneous and open. Alex's life is changing very cool.Everything is just wonderful, until the hero begins to understand that he has one problem. He is not afraid to grow up, he is afraid to make any decisions, not looking at the public opinion.

In fact, the real skill and professionalism were able to show in this film actors. “Forgive me for love” was shot after the novel “Mochchia”, who was famous for his work “Three meters above the sky”. This Italian writer is very famous. He wrote about a dozen love novels. The heroes of his books are our contemporaries. Their problem is the lack of passion, its loss. They really want to return it, and they try to do it with all their strength.sorry for the love actors and roles

A little more about the plot

What actors played in the movie? “Forgive for Love” is a romantic comedy with Raul Bova and Michela Kvattrochokke in the lead roles. Alex is a successful and handsome man. He is the creative director of an advertising agency, always elegantly dressed, living in a gorgeous apartment, planning to have a wedding with his long-term friend Elena. It would seem that a woman fits the hero in all respects (independent, self-confident, successful).The plot of the plot is that Elena Alex throws. A man falls into a deep depression. He begins to study all sorts of psychological tutorials, but they do not bring him salvation. However, salvation throws life itself. Niki is a schoolgirl immersed in the world of parties, exams and friends. The main characters have absolutely nothing in common. But they have a difference in the age of twenty years. Can they build relationships? And is such a novel possible in principle? The actors of the film “Forgive Love” give answers to these questions. Federico Moccia could literally win the hearts of not only Italian but also European TV viewers.sorry for love spain actors

Actors and roles of the Spanish film

And one nuance. There is another film “Forgive for Love” (Spain). Actors for the shooting were also chosen perfectly. Their game is a great pleasure. Therefore, this time the viewers could not fail to evaluate the film “Forgive for Love”. Actors and roles for a long time did not match the idea of ​​the director on samples. Casting lasted a very long time. However, the bet was placed on their abilities. The director wanted the picture to turn out just the way the Spaniards would like it to be boring and emotional.

The main character was played by Daniel Liotti.Viewers have long been fond of it from previous films. They were chosen for filming such movie genres as romance, drama and comedy. Because in such films, he often plays various roles. The whimsical young Niki was presented on the screen by Paloma Bloyd. The actress also often takes part in the shooting of melodramas. Former passion Alex played Irena Montala, known to the public for the game in various TV shows. The best of them are the Black Lagoon and the Ark.

In addition, the film starred Delgado Luisia, Riko Jordi, Pujol Jaime, Vico Patricia and other famous actors. The composition of the viewer did not disappoint.actors forgive for love

At last

Summing up, it is worth noting that both films were a great success. The story, written by Federico Mocchia, perfectly embodied on television screens thanks to the efforts of the actors. Watching these films means getting real pleasure. Therefore, if you like to spend your time watching good movies - you will not be disappointed in any way. See and you can see for yourself.

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