Actor Rudolf Rudin: career path, family

Rudolf Rudin is an actor who played only small roles, but his work was memorable even in episodes. This man made an enormous contribution to the history of Russian cinema, he died, not having lived only five days before his next birthday. A biography of the actor, we describe in this article.

The first years of life

Rudolf Rudin, whose surname at birth is Ayzenstock, was born on December 22 in 1928. His family was not rich, and no one was connected with the world of theater and cinema. Rudolf Grigorievich himself also didn’t think about his career as an actor for a long time, and he graduated from the Schepkin Theater School, already a thirty-year-old man.

As a child, Rudolf Rudin was an ordinary, unremarkable boy. He did not dream of fame, but simply lived, studied and walked with friends. None of his relatives could have imagined that once the lad would become an Honored Artist of Russia, and an Honored Worker of Culture of Poland.

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After college

Rudolf Rudin, whose biography did not differ in anything remarkable before entering the drama school, immediately after graduation, became an actor of the Theater of the Moscow City Council.He made his debut on the stage of this theater by playing Mitrofanushka in the production of "Nedorosl". Here Rudolf Grigorievich served four years, and from 1962 began to work at the Moscow Theater of Miniatures, where he later became the chief director.

The theater of miniatures, which was renamed the Hermitage, Rudolf Rudin gave eighteen years. Thanks to the roles here, he was noticed and invited to play in the "Squash 13 chairs", by which he became famous on television.

"Tavern 13 chairs"

The Pan Himalayan, a stupid and self-assured character, became Rudin's image for fourteen years. This type of stuck with Rudolf G., and the audience could not imagine the actor in another role. On Soviet television, Zucchini was from 1966 to 1980, and a total of 133 episodes were filmed. This project can be called the main work of Rudin, his most memorable role.

The image of Pan firmly entrenched with the actor, and because of him he could not get major roles. Directors and spectators refused to see Rudin in another guise. And yet, during his life, Rudolf Grigorievich starred in 32 projects other than Zucchini. It can be seen in such paintings as "We drove in the tram Ilf and Petrov", "New things", "New Adventures of Captain Vrungel".

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Rudolf Rudin: Filmography

Unfortunately, Rudolf Grigorievich played very small roles very little. But he was loved, remembered. The directors liked working with this humorous actor, and the audience enjoyed watching movies and TV shows with his participation.

Rudolph Rudin brought to his films a special atmosphere of good. He was not only funny, but also in a special light. We will not write full films of him, we will write the names of the most successful films:

  • "At the corner of the Patriarch's - 4";
  • "At the dawn of a foggy youth";
  • "Old songs about the main thing - 2";
  • "Shocker";
  • "Russian miracle";
  • "Brave guys";
  • "Lord of Artists";
  • "I want to love";
  • "Quiet horror";
  • "We have such a job";
  • "Singing Russia";
  • "New Adventures of Captain Vrungel";
  • "Mother-in-law";
  • "Clever things";
  • "Chipollino";
  • "Pay";
  • "Squash 13 chairs";
  • "Come to Baikal".

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last years of life

Rudolf Rudin was loved by many for his good nature, wisdom, friendliness. He had many friends, and he gathered them all together for the last time on his 80th birthday. Anniversary celebrated in the restaurant, which is located in Red Square. The most famous representatives of the world of show business also came to congratulate their favorite actor.

Rudolf G. loved when guests came to him. The doors of his house have always been hospitably open. He was happy to answer questions from journalists, and talked with fans.

In 2012, January 17, at the age of 83 years, Rudin Rudolph passed away. He worked until the last day of his life and did not imagine himself without a scene.

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The descendants of Rudin

The daughter of Rudolf G. went on the road of his father. She became an actress and a lot of films in films. Tatiana graduated from GITIS and worked in Lenkom. At the moment she serves in the Yermolova Theater and became an Honored Artist of Russia.

Alexander Sirin, Tatyana's husband and Rudin's son-in-law, is also very popular. He is an actor, and many people know him.

There is one grandson of Rudolf Grigorievich, and he, too, already shines on stage. He followed in the footsteps of the famous grandfather and parents, and the "Pan Himalayan" could be proud of his descendant.

Rudolf Rudin remained in the memory of millions of television viewers as a bright and characteristic actor. He lived a rather long and successful life, left behind a good legacy in the form of many film works.

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