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Andrei Panin is an actor to whom fame came already at a mature age. Most often, this man created images of the military and law enforcement officers. “Bastards”, “Kamenskaya”, “Brigade”, “Zhurov”, “Driver for the Faith”, “Wedding”, “Crime and Punishment” - films and series thanks to which he was remembered by the audience. What can you tell about a talented artist, unfortunately, already left this world?

Actor Andrei Panin: Family, Childhood

The star of the national cinema was born in Novosibirsk, it happened in May 1962. The family of actor Andrei Panin was not related to the world of dramatic art. His mother was a teacher, his father was a physicist. The future artist spent the first years of his life in Chelyabinsk, where the family moved soon after his birth. Then the parents took Andrei and his sister Nina to Kemerovo.

photo of actor Andrei Panin

Panin didn’t have any problems with studying, he brought only “fours” and “fives” from school. However, the approximate behavior of a small Andrew did not differ, had a reputation as a joker and a little jovial. Teachers disliked the boy, as he often broke lessons. Even then, the future star began to pursue an artistic career.

In adolescence, the actor Andrei Panin was seriously fond of sports. He practiced boxing and karate, learned the art of folk dancing. He even had a chance to perform with the ensemble at the Moscow VDNKh.


From the biography of the actor Andrei Panin, it follows that by the time of graduation he had not yet decided on the choice of profession. Parents advised his son to continue his education at the Kemerovo Food Institute. For a long time he did not study in this institution, as creative impulses prevented him from concentrating on classes.

Andrey entered the Kemerovo Institute of Culture, successfully graduated from the directing department. Over the next few years, he gained experience in the local theater. In parallel, the artist led the studio of the pantomime "Meeting".

Panin, Kemerovo, everything was fine, but he dreamed of more.Ambition prompted Andrew to move to Moscow. He made an attempt to enter the Moscow Art Theater School-Studio, but did not make an impression on the selection committee due to a speech defect. Panin managed to eradicate the deficiency, which he pointed out. He could only become a student at the Moscow Art Theater School at the fourth attempt. An insistent young man was taken to his workshop by Andrei Kalyagin. The diploma of the Studio School was presented to the artist in 1990.


In 1990, the actor Andrei Panin joined the creative team of the Chekhov Moscow Art Theater. “Three Sisters”, “Little Tragedies”, “Boris Godunov”, “Marriage” are just some of the productions in which he took part during the years of cooperation with this theater.

Andrey Panin in the cinema

From time to time Panin played in the performances of "Snuffbox". For example, he embodied the image of a clown staged by "Mortal Number" by Vladimir Mashkov. Also, the actor had a chance to cooperate with the Pushkin MDT. He played the captain in the production of "Three on the Swing" in the "Academy of Laughter" portrayed playwright Tsubaki.

The path to glory

Actor Andrei Panin first appeared on the set in 1992. He made his debut in the TV movie "On the line." Then came the episodic role of the exchange visitor in “Prokhindiad 2”, presented to the audience court in 1994.

Andrey Panin in the film "Sherlock Holmes"

The actor gained fame thanks to the comedy film “Mom, Do Not Cry”, in which he embodied the image of Moryachka. Panin's success was helped by the painting “Mama” by Denis Evstigneev. His stars on the set were many stars, for example, Yevgeny Mironov, Nonna Mordyukova, Vladimir Mashkov, Oleg Menshikov.

Even more popular Andrei gave shooting in the TV project "Kamenskaya". In this series, he embodied the image of detective Vladislav Stasov, a former law enforcement officer. This was followed by the brilliant role of the alcoholic Garkushi in The Wedding by Pavel Lungin.

Bright roles

Thanks to the first roles, the actor Andrei Panin managed to attract the attention of the directors. Films and series with the star began to go out one by one. In 2000, he played one of the key roles in the television series Border. Taiga novel "Alexander Mitta. The character Panin became a major-individual Vyacheslav Voron. In the same year, the light was seen by the fighter “24 hours” of Alexander Atanesyan. In this picture, the actor convincingly played a gangster authority.

Andrey Panin in the TV series "Zhurov" Source: Stuki-Dryuki ©

The taste of real glory Andrew felt through the cult TV series "Brigade". In this TV show, he is assigned the role of the main antagonist.Panin perfectly coped with the role of the corrupt militiaman Volodya. Then the artist played captain Savelyev in Pavel Chukhrai's Driver for the Faith.

In the film “Fight with the Shadow” by Alexey Sidorov, Panin also got a vivid role. The actor embodied the image of a banker Vagit Valiev. The same hero he played in the sequels of the film, which also gained popularity with the audience. It is impossible not to note the black comedy of "The Silent Woman" by Alexei Balabanov, in which Panin played the architect.

What else to see

What other roles of actor Andrei Panin deserve the attention of viewers? In 2006, he starred in the film "Bastards" by Alexander Atanesyan. In this picture, the actor is assigned the role of Lieutenant Colonel Vishnevetsky, who is engaged in the preparation of a sabotage group assembled from juvenile delinquents.

Andrei Panin

Then Andrew starred in the film "Morphine" Alexei Balabanov, played paramedic Anatoly Demyanenko. This was followed by participation in the shooting of the picture "Burnt by the Sun 2", in which Panin played the role of the pioneer leader Kravets. In the film “Generation P” the artist embodied the image of the driver Nikolai Smirnov. In the painting “Vysotsky. Thank you for living "his character was the doctor of the musician and the poet,which saves the star from clinical death.

A list of other exciting movies and TV shows featuring the artist is provided below.

  • "Kiss is not for the press."
  • "The illusion of fear."
  • "Crime and Punishment".
  • "Vanya".
  • "The grandson of the cosmonaut."
  • "The last armored train."
  • "Doomed to war."
  • Kandahar.
  • "Wolves"
  • "Close enemy".
  • "Zhmurov."
  • "On treason."
  • "Horde".
  • "Sherlock Holmes".
  • "Older wife."
  • "Heter Major Sokolov."
  • "Still alive."

Personal life

The first wife of actor Andrei Panin has nothing to do with the world of dramatic art. He met economist Tatiana Frantsuzova while he was still living in Kemerovo. The couple had a daughter, who was named Nadezhda. The appearance of the child did not help save the marriage. Tatiana and Andrei split shortly after their joint move to Moscow. For the sake of her daughter, the former spouses tried to maintain good relations.

Wedding of Andrey Panin and Tatiana Frantsuzova

Photos of the actor Andrei Panin with his first wife can be seen above. Soon after the divorce, the performers remarried. His colleague was Natalia Rogozhkina’s colleague, an actress of the Chekhov Moscow Art Theater Theater. Lovers are not embarrassed by the difference in age, which was more than ten years.In 2001, Natalia gave Andrei a son, who was named Alexander.

Disorder in the family began in 2005. Panin actively starred in movies, played in the theater. He had almost no time for his wife and son. Natalia offered him a divorce, but Andrew refused. The actor did his best to save the family. Shortly after the reconciliation of the spouses was born the second son, who was named Peter.


Talented artist was not in March 2013. The cause of death of the actor Andrei Panin still remains a mystery to journalists and fans. His dead body was found in his apartment. A thorough examination was conducted, the results of which became known to the press. It turned out that the dead man could not get the wounds and bruises on the body without an unauthorized person. Also on the body of the deceased were found small particles of glass, which appeared there in a mysterious way. All this allowed to refute the assumption that the death of a star was the result of an accident. Initially, the investigation considered this version as the main one.

The grave of Andrei Panin Source: Stuki-Dryuki ©

The criminal case was suspended in 2015, the perpetrator was never found. The actor found his last refuge at the Troyekurovsky cemetery.Interestingly, a few hours before his death, Panin was awarded a nomination for the Nika Award. So high was his role in the military historical drama “The Atonement”.

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