Actor Jack Houston: biography, the most vivid roles

Actor Jack Houston is familiar to the viewer in many films, his career is successful, and his personal life develops very well. He is so accustomed to his roles that even the most unremarkable of his work becomes memorable. This one became the hero of our article.

In the footsteps of ancestors

Jack Houston was born on December 7, 1982. Since birth, he was surrounded by talented people, because almost all members of the family were directly related to the cinema. There were also relatives not only from the world of cinema, in its pedigree there are aristocratic roots from the side of the mother (bankers, financiers). But those were distant members of the family. The boy spent most of his time in the company of actors. He dreamed that when he grew up, he would definitely become a famous artist, and they would recognize him all over the world.

Parents supported the son and did their best to help. Grandfather and uncle, who were as close as possible to the world of cinema, the child was instructed,taught to stick in public.

Jack Houston

First steps towards your goal

Jack Houston never missed participation in school plays. By 6 years old, he was completely sure that this was his main training. Having played the role of Peter Pen in one of the performances, the boy finally became convinced of this.

After graduation, the guy did not even think about choosing a university. He was accepted without any problems at the Hartwut House drama school. Jack became the best student and every time he argued that he deserves to be an actor.

First roles

Jack made his debut in the television adaptation of "Spartacus." The role was small, but still gave the beginning actor experience. Later he was invited to play in the films "I seduced Andy Warhol" and "Mushrooms". Then the actor was waiting for a journey into the world of vampires, and he was noted in the famous saga with one small but good role. Twilight fans will be interested to know at what point you can see Houston. Tell about this in more detail.

twilight saga eclipse jack houston


In 2010, viewers were able to see the continuation of the love story of a vampire and an ordinary girl - "Twilight. Saga: Eclipse." Jack Houston did not get a big role there, but still everyone remembers.He played the fiancé Rosalie (actress Nikki Reed), cruel and handsome Royce King. In the story, the guy abused his bride, being in the company of drunken friends, and left her to die in the cold. The girl was discovered by Carlisle (actor Peter Facinelli) and turned her into a vampire to save her from death.

But this was not the main thing in the game of Jack. The audience appreciated his character when Rosalie came to avenge her abuser, having finished all his cronies before. Houston played the horror in anticipation of the avenger, that it was possible to take him for real.

After the release of the film, Jack Houston began to worry about his reputation, because the game was so real that fans might think that in life an actor is the same. Fortunately, nothing terrible happened to him, and the actor was able to continue to build his career.

jack houston movies

Glory Role

The actor became a Hollywood star after participating in the television series "Underground Empire". He was given the main role, but did not plan on a permanent basis to cooperate with him. Everything radically changed when the audience really liked the hero of Jack Houston, and without him the television series would cease to exist.

In this series, the actor played the role of a sniper, who was crippled by the war not only morally, but also physically. Disfigured guy can not find his destination in a peaceful life because of his appearance and falls into the gang of gangsters. In the story he had to portray a ruthless killer, but the actor played a role in a special way. The audience saw the fate of the crippled man, in his own way unfortunate. It is because of this trait that the killer is loved, not hated.

In addition, the actor during the shooting had to wear a mask, change the voice. He coped well with all the responsibilities, and the film crew worked with him easily. The director changed his opinion about the actor and left it for the further development of the series, securing the main role.

Thanks to the game of Houston, his hero hit the top ten most popular villains. He became one of those who not only was a murderer, but was also a man with a soul and a vulnerable heart.

While working on the creation of this television series, the actor met his future wife. In 2013, they had a daughter.

actor jack houston

Jack Houston: movies

We talked about the roles that brought fame to Jack Houston.And in which films the actor has appeared already famous?

In 2014, Jack could be seen in the movie “Death After”, where he played Liam Pryce. A year later, the picture "The Long Road" appeared on the screens. Right after her, in 2016, a truly successful story, Pride, Prejudice and Zombies, appeared in which Jack played the role of Mr. Wickham.

Also in 2016, history buffs rated the Ben Hur film set. Jack Houston played a major role, embodying the image of Judah (Judah) Ben Hur.

We hope that in the near future we will be able to evaluate the new work of the beloved actor. His career is developing in full swing, and one can only be glad for him.

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