Actor Fadeev Alexander Alexandrovich: biography, creativity, personal life

They say that if a person is talented - he will definitely succeed. However, this statement is not always true. Often there are incredibly gifted people who remain empty flowers, having spent all their opportunities to achieve greatness to nowhere. Such persons, unfortunately, include the actor Fadeev Alexander. Biography, his personal life - this is what he most remembered to contemporaries and descendants. Meanwhile, it was an artist of amazing talent, having influential parents. How did it happen that having started his bright film career, Fadeev finished it, playing in episodes?

Unusual parents

Until now, there is no exact information about who the real father of Fadeev Alexander Alexandrovich is - his mother did not reveal this secret to anyone. But his mother is well-known - the cult at one time Soviet theater actress Angelina Stepanova.Alexander A. Fadeev

In the year of the birth of the future actor, his mother was married to the Moscow Art Theater director Nikolai Gorchakov. However, this union was not happy, because Stepanova was passionately in love with the writer Nikolai Erdman. Despite the passionate romance, which lasted seven years, Angelina was afraid to divorce her husband, because in retaliation, he could ruin her career. And besides, divorces in the USSR were not particularly welcomed, and, despite all the merits before the party, Stepanova could have become a restricted actress.

This difficult love triangle was resolved by life itself. In 1933, the rebellious lover actress was arrested and exiled. And in a couple of years, the marriage of Angelina Stepanova with Nikolai Gorchakov also fell apart. What caused this is not known for certain. Either the actress found the courage to get away from an unloved husband, or the husband was afraid to ruin his career by being married to a repressed mistress.

However, unmarried, Angelina Stepanova did not last long at all. One day, while touring in Paris, she met a Soviet writer named Alexander Alexandrovich Fadeev, who was in the French capital on a business trip.

Soon between the young people began an affair and upon arrival at home - they got married. This union turned out to be surprisingly strong and the spouses were together until the death of Fadeev in 1956. And Stepanova herself, having survived her spouse for 44 years, bequeathed to bury her next to her husband.

A few months after the painting, in July 1936, the newly-born spouse had a son, Sasha. Despite the fact that Fadeev (the writer) was not his biological father, Alexander Alexandrovich adopted the boy and raised him like a relative. And to emphasize the relationship, the baby was given the name of his adoptive father - Alexander Alexandrovich Fadeev. By the way, because of the same names, confusion often arises; therefore, Alexander Fadeyev Jr. is more often called Stepanova’s son.

Alexander Fadeev: a brief biography of his early years

Stepfather of the future artist, being one of the organizers of the Russian Association of Proletarian Writers (the Union of Writers of the USSR later appeared on its basis) was in favor of the ruling elite.Alexander Fadeev

And Angelina Stepanova’s career at the Moscow Art Theater was well advanced — for many years she was a prima. For this reason, despite the difficult years that Fadeev’s childhood had to, he lived in relative prosperity, spinning in intelligent circles.

Although his parents soon had another son, Mikhail, the young Sasha remained their favorite. She and her brother also talked closely with their step-daughter's step-daughter, Masha.

The choice of profession and the first steps in the acting field

It is not known for certain why Alexander Fadeev (the actor) decided to follow in the mother's footsteps. Perhaps, having spent his childhood behind the scenes, he fell in love with the world of theater. Or maybe this profession seemed to him simpler and more elegant than the work of a writer (like his stepfather).

In any case, thanks to the connections of his parents, after graduating from school, he easily found a place in the Theater of the Soviet Army, where he successfully performed for several years.

Debut in the tape "War and Peace"

On the movie screen, Fadeev Alexander Alexandrovich (actor) first appeared in 1965 as the Viscount in the film adaptation of the novel “War and Peace” by L. Tolstoy. Although the role was not great, but Fadeev performed it simply brilliantly. Beautiful appearance, aristocratic manners and posture - he seemed not to play, but just to live.

After such a successful debut, it seemed that Alexander Fadeev would achieve a lot in the cinema. Only one grieving ardent young man - his adoptive father did not live to see his debut.The fact is that Fadeev Aleksandr Aleksandrovich (the writer), disillusioned with the ideals of the Party, committed suicide. He shot himself at his dacha while Angelina Stepanova was on tour abroad.

This tragic event is quite influenced by all the children of the famous writer. So his daughter Masha - also committed suicide. And the stepson, was known for his suicidal tendencies. But all this will be later. In the meantime, flashing in War and Peace, Alexander Fadeev (actor) received one of the main roles in the new movie about climbers.

Painting "Vertical"

Despite its rather uncomplicated plot, the tape "Vertical" has become a cult one. First of all, thanks to Vladimir Vysotsky, who wrote several songs for her, which still remain hits.

Alexander Fadeev biography

Alexander Fadeev, who played Alexander Nikitin in the project of his namesake, played a significant role in the success of the film.

By the way, there were rumors that while working on the movie, Fadeev was fascinated by one of the project’s actresses, Larisa Luzhina. Also, the girl was courted by Vladimir Vysotsky. But at that time he was not yet an all-Union favorite singer, and the actress chose the more promising Fadeev.Alexander Fadeev creativity

But this choice did not bring her happiness. Looking closer to the chosen one, she soon realized that the actor was obviously not the hero of her novel, and refused to become his wife.

Slump film career

The success of the first works of the artist quickly spawned his star disease. He began to argue with the directors, skip the rehearsals and appear at the shooting after the feasts in a completely inappropriate form.Alexander Fadeev Actor

Despite the talent and charm of Fadeev, as well as out of respect for his mother, he was forgiven much. Moreover, at first, those around them hoped that such nasty behavior was a temporary phenomenon. But they were deeply mistaken.

For this reason, by the end of the sixties, the demand for an artist in the cinema had dropped to almost zero. After “Vertical” he had two more or less serious works (“One chance out of a thousand” and “Conscience”), and everything else was filming in episodes (“In one neighborhood”, “Front behind the front line”, “Lonely hostel is provided "," The accident - the daughter of ment "," Mother "). And often the name of the artist (either intentionally or specially) was forgotten to be indicated in the credits.

Alexander Fadeev: biography in the years of work in the Moscow Art Theater

Despite the setbacks in the cinema, in the theater an artist’s career progressed more cheerfully.However, this was not due to Fadeev’s talent, but due to the patronage of his esteemed mother. So, seeing that the film career of a son is at a deadlock, and in the Theater of the Soviet Army her children are being prepared to be fired, Angelina Stepanova, persuaded Oleg Efremov to take her son to the Moscow Art Theater.

Although Efremova was not very pleased with the prospect of working with the extravagant, spoiled Fadeyev, he gave in to Stepanova’s request.

Despite the difficult nature, Alexander Fadeev turned out to be a good acquisition for the Moscow Art Theater and Oleg Nikolaevich sometimes gave him roles in his performances (the royal volunteer in “The Dream of Reason”, the loader in “Old New Year”).

However, feeling that much was forgiven for him because of his mother, Fadeyev Jr. began to become impudent and argue with Efremov. The conflict between them grew so much that after the division of the Moscow Art Theater Alexander left for Tatiana Doronina, although Angelina Stepanova remained with Oleg Nikolayevich.

In the new Moscow Art Theater them. Gorky, the artist played until 1989 (in other tributes, until 1993).

Family life with Lyudmila Gurchenko

Despite the decline of such a promising career, Alexander Fadeev nevertheless gained a certain fame among the theater beau monde.His work, however, was nothing to do with it. Fame brought him his love affairs and revels. The fact is that Fadeev was not only a very handsome man, but also a very charming and gallant boyfriend. He knew how to charm and splurge. Thanks to the relations of the stepfather respected by the whole country and the patronage of the mother, he could allow himself to lead a free and completely secure life, without particularly straining.

However, after a series of novels, one day Fadeev realized that he was ready for a serious relationship. His first official wife was Lyudmila Gurchenko.

actor fadeev alexander biography personal life

He met her at the WTO restaurant. Lyudmila Markovna was fascinated by the handsome capital. And pretty soon after they met, the lovers filed an application at the registry office and signed.

But to live long and happy, they were not destined. Being a darling of parents and fate, Alexander Fadeev loved to spend his free time in restaurants and noisy companies. At the same time, Gurchenko’s successes were not easy at all. After two years of marriage together, Lyudmila Markovna realized that she did not want to live with her husband, so she filed for divorce.

Marriage to Stalin's granddaughter

After the unsuccessful first marriage, Alexander Fadeev was not at all disappointed in the family life. His biography is known for two more marriages.

So the second time he went down the aisle with actress Natella Kandelaki. This union was also not strong and the couple soon broke up.

The third and last wife of Fadeev was Nadezhda Stalin (daughter of Vasily Stalin).Alexander Fadeev actorTogether with her, the artist lived until her death. It was difficult to judge how happy this alliance was, since Stalin’s Hope was used to not carrying the rubbish out of the hut. However, knowing the nature of Fadeev, it is safe to assume that his third wife lived with him is not easy at all.

Daughter of Alexander Fadeev

From the marriage with Nadezhda in 1974 (according to other sources - in 1977), the artist Anastasia's daughter was born. The girl took the name of her great-grandfather, and therefore officially referred to as Anastasia Alexandrovna Stalin.

Also, the artist has a granddaughter Galya, which Anastasia recorded under the name of her father - Fadeeva.

The last years of the artist

Despite the problems in the theater, the artist lived in recent years, as he did in his youth, spending time in drinking with friends. Relatives claimed that Fadeev suffered from alcohol dependence.It was also rumored that, like his adoptive father, Alexander Jr. tried to commit suicide several times. However, official confirmation of these rumors do not have.

Drunkenness and inattention to their health led to the fact that the artist did not live to sixty, dying in 1993 at the age of 57 years. He was buried next to his third wife Nadezhda at the Vagankovo ​​cemetery in Moscow.

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