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Dmitry Gudochkin - theater and film actor. He is known to viewers from the films “Chernobyl. Exclusion Zone ”,“ Marry Pushkin ”,“ Stroybatya ”. Biography and actor's career - the topic of the article.

Dmitry Gudochkin, whose photo and filmography are presented in the article, is a young, but up-and-coming artist. Until recently, he played mainly episodic roles in cinema. Today in the filmography of the actor more than forty works. Among them are several leading roles.

Dmitry Gudochkin

early years

Dmitry Gudochkin was born in 1985, in the city of Kemerovo. Grew up in a big family. He has two brothers. The family from Kemerovo moved to Izhevsk when the future actor was still a schoolboy. Having received a certificate of secondary education, Dmitry entered the theater institute in Yekaterinburg. His mentors were Andrei Vladimirovich Neustroyev and Anatoly Alexandrovich Zhigar.

In Moscow

During his studies at the institute Gudochkin played on the stage of the academic theater. After graduating from the Theater Institute, the actor moved to the capital. There for several years he was a member of the Shalom Theater, as well as the Vakhtangov Theater.

Dmitry Gudochkin began to act in films as soon as he moved to Moscow.The first pictures were the series "Detectives", "The Adventures of the Notary Neglintsev." But the real popularity overtook him after filming the comedy "Stroybatya". Dmitry Gudochkin starred in several dozen similar projects. The latest serial films "Marry Pushkin", "After many troubles."

The actor is passionate about sports. He is a candidate master of sport in climbing. Gudochkin also engaged in wrestling, basketball. The hero of this article during his studies mastered horse riding, fencing skills, dancing, singing and even learned to play the guitar. Dmitry Gudochkin is an actor who, by virtue of his talent and numerous skills that are so necessary on the set, can play any role. But while the artist is not involved in serious projects. However, in 2014, the movie “Cinema about Alekseev” was released. In it, the famous film director played Dmitry Gudochkin.

Gooduchkin Dmitri photo


  1. "To marry Pushkin."
  2. "The sun as a gift."
  3. "Between us".
  4. “Chernobyl. Exclusion Zone".
  5. "Beautiful life".
  6. "A look from eternity."
  7. "Chance".
  8. "Kill Stalin".
  9. "Wirth: the game is not childish."


The series was released in 2010, total filmed forty episodes.In this film, Dmitry plays an ordinary soldier named Andrei Shumakov. Being a guy from a simple family, who lived in his early years in a small town, Andrei does not fit into the framework of a construction battalion. The hero of the film is tall, beautifully complex. He would have at least infantry. But Shumakov can only dream of her. He used to do a lot of sports, in particular boxing. But in adolescence, received a serious arm injury. Because of this, serve in the infantry could not. So his place of service was the construction battalion.

In addition to Andrew, in the film there are three recruits. They are Airborne Troops or the troops of Uncle Vasya - Commander Vasily Ivanovich Arkhipov. One hero of the film is hiding in the army from prosecution, the other was expelled from the university, and the third mason in his specialty. During the service, the guys are waiting for serious tests. Gudochkin became recognizable by viewers precisely after the premiere of this comedy series.

goodlochkin dmitriy actor

"To marry Pushkin"

This is one of the last pictures in the filmography of the actor Dmitry Gudochkin. “Marry Pushkin” is also a comedy series. The actor played a major role in it - the role of Alexander Sergeevich Zverev. Hero Gudochkina - Pushkin.He lives there, where the great poet, his double namesake, spent the most fruitful years - in Pskov. However, life Gudochkina develops in this city is not particularly successful. However, Zverev believes that a great future lies ahead.

Dmitry Gudochkin films

At the conference on the work of the great poet, the hero Gudochkina meets a girl who works on television. Elena (the new friend’s name is Zvereva) is the daughter of a very wealthy person. Her father had already found her a rich fiancé. And the girl, in order to annoy the father-tyrant declares the poor Pushkinist his bridegroom. Kommersant furious. He orders his assistant to gather as much information as possible about Zverev. Meanwhile, young people spend a lot of time together and fall in love with each other. And nothing, that the philologist, who devoted his life to the study of Pushkin's work, is absolutely helpless in everyday life. Love will win. This is the plot of the series “Marry Pushkin”.

As for the actor's personal life, there is little information here. Dmitry Gudochkin is not married. No children. But the actor prefers not to spread about life offscreen.

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