Academic background: general rules for issuing

Studying at the institution of higher or secondary vocational education implies the presence of a student in classes, tests and exams. This is especially true. However, sometimes there are circumstances that make it impossible to be permanently present in an institution. In such situations, the student may be issuedcertificate for academic leave. Consider further the features of this document.

academic reference

general characteristics

Academic certificate samplewhich will be presented below, is a document confirming the fact of passing the training in a certain educational institution by a person who is temporarily released from the obligation to attend classes, tests and exams. It is issued on the basis of a written application from a student.

Help for academic leaveallows you to take a break in training for 1 year. Over the entire period of education, the subject may exercise the right to suspend the visit twice.

When is the university academic certificate provided?

The reasons for the suspension of education may be:

  1. Family circumstances or a student’s health condition requiring treatment.
  2. Deduction of the subject.
  3. Necessity to undergo knowledge confirmation in parallel training or entering another educational institution.
  4. Transfer to another university.

certificate for academic leave

It should be said that students who have not completed the first semester program and who are not certified in any discipline will not be able to receive the document.

Suspension of health education

academic referenceissued on the basis of an application and a document issued by a special medical commission. The last is a clinical expert opinion, stating that the student has a disease that is incompatible with his studies.

This document must be submitted to the dean of the faculty. After this is made an order. It provides information on granting the student a deferment and its duration. It is worth noting that if the subject did not have any health complaints prior to the beginning of the examination session and at the same time received unsatisfactory points on its results, the application may not be satisfied.

Family circumstances

Academic background alsogiven to a student whose close relative living with him has a serious illness that requires constant care. In this case, the decision is made by the administration of the educational institution individually. The provision of a corroborative statement from doctors will be key. In the case of a positive decision, as in the previous situation, an order is issued in which the duration of the break is set.

Academic certificate of the university

Form document

The previously valid form has been canceled since 2012. In this regard, the school must develop a form on its own.academic referencecan be printed both on a regular sheet and on a special form of the institution. The document must be signed by authorized persons. They are usually the secretary, dean and rector.academic referencemust contain a list of disciplines that were studied by the student, points that he received during the evaluation of his knowledge, as well as the duration of the course.

All information that is included in the document should be clear and easy to read. Key information about the studied disciplineshours spent on this, estimates obtained from the results of examination checks, as a rule, are arranged in the entire length of the form, decorated in the form of a table.

academic background sample


In the process of learning a student may experience various unforeseen circumstances requiring his intervention. In some cases, the participation of the subject in solving problems is impossible without separation from education. At the same time, the elimination of circumstances can take quite a long time. To the time of his absence in school was not regarded as absenteeism, the student should receive an academic certificate. It should be said that the administration of the faculty will evaluate the validity of the break, study the submitted documents. If the management considers the reasons to be valid, the citizen will receive the relevant document.

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