A variety of types of character

His temperament and ability for anythinga person receives at birth. All this is inherent in his genes and is not amenable to change. But on how a person realizes his "inheritance", his character also depends. Yes, he is connected with temperament very closely. But it is also formed in the process of education and under the influence of the environment. And although each person is unique, the kinds of characters can still be divided into certain groups.

Many such attempts were made by manypsychologists. For example, the German psychologist and psychiatrist K. Leonhard identified 12 basic types of characters. And the criterion for his classification, he chose the style of communication between a person and others. And according to her there are such kinds of character of a person:

1. Dysthymic appearance. Such people are few-sided, have little contact with others and are pessimists. They usually sit at home, and in noisy companies feel uncomfortable. Conflict these people rarely and highly appreciate friends whom they usually obey. These are serious, conscientious individuals with a heightened sense of justice. And the negative features of such people include individualism, sluggishness, slowness of thinking and passivity.

2. Hypertensive appearance. These are extremely contact and talkative people, they have pronounced facial expressions and gestures. They often change the subject of conversation. And they often have conflicts with others because they are light-minded about their family and work duties. These people have such positive traits as optimism, lust for activity, initiative and energy. But, like other types of character, the hypertensive species has a number of shortcomings. This frivolity, increased irritability.

3. Cycloidal appearance. And these individuals change their mood several times a day. And in this regard, the manner of their communication varies as often. When such a person has a good mood, then he is very sociable, and when it is bad, then he closes in himself. In this type, as it were, "different types of character" are switched on periodically-dysthymic and hypertensive.

4. Excitable. When communicating, these people have low contact. They are sullen, dull, inclined to abuse, rudeness and conflict. In the team they are unruly, but in the family they are powerful. When such persons are calm, they are careful and conscientious, they love children and animals. But in an excited state they are very quick-tempered, irritable and poorly controlled.

5. The jamming appearance. Such persons are taciturn, dull and have a tendency to moralizing. They often become the initiators of conflicts. And in every case for which they are taken, these people are striving to achieve the highest standards, and to themselves they make the highest demands.

6. A pedantic look. These people are typical bureaucrats. In conflicts they behave passively, and leadership is willing to yield to others. Pedants are characterized by such attractive qualities as seriousness, accuracy, honesty and reliability. And to their repulsive features is dullness, formalism and grumbling.

7. Anxious appearance. These are timid, insecure people with low contact. They try not to conflict with anyone, and if such a situation arises, they seek other support and support from others. And, at the same time, they are executive, friendly and self-critical people. But other types of character are morally stronger than this. And this leads to the fact that these people are constantly bullied, make them targets for jokes.

8. Demonstrative view. These individuals easily establish contacts, strive for leadership and power. They are able to adapt to people and have a tendency to intrigue. They irritate the surrounding people with their self-confidence and are themselves the perpetrators of conflicts. Such people are artistic and courteous, they can think extraordinarily and act. But they also have such shortcomings as selfishness, bragging, hypocrisy and shirking from work.

But this is not all kinds of character. There are exalted and extraverted, introverted and emotive types. And each of them has its own shortcomings and advantages.

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