"A lot of furniture": reviews of customers and employees about the store. Reviews of the sofa "Amsterdam"

Is it possible to imagine a living room without a sofa or a cozy chair? Upholstered furniture is a mandatory attribute of any home. And when you have to choose it, first of all, attention is paid to the quality of implementation. After all, I want the interior element to serve really long. It is no coincidence that more and more people prefer the store "A lot of furniture." Reviews of its products are impressive.

A bit of history

Today, “Many furniture” is one of the largest Russian companies producing and selling cabinet and upholstered furniture for offices and homes. There is a whole network of retail outlets in which people can not only look after the ideal sofa or armchair for their interior, but also purchase it at the most attractive price.You can order furniture in real time. But even 10 years ago, there was a lot of furniture. Employee reviews show that the brand has gained popularity in a very short time.

many furniture reviewsFor the first time, the company began its activities in Saratov in April 2009. Most recently, the company is only 6 years old. Initially sold to someone else's products, a lot of furniture. Customer reviews show that the range was good, but not too wide. Only in March 2011 a private furniture factory appeared, which was called the “King of sofas”. And in 2012 its own transport company was opened under the name “Transcom”. Since then, products could be sold throughout the country. Delivery was organized even in the most remote corners.

Largest network

In just 6 years, a lot of furniture has achieved really great heights. Reviews buyer at most can be heard positive. This is due to the fact that the company manufactures, and also sells only the highest quality products. In addition, the furniture warranty. This means that products can always be returned or exchanged for a better one.And what if the model simply did not fit into the interior? And this problem can be solved! Furniture can be returned to the store in its original form no later than 14 days from the date of sale.

sofas many furniture reviewsPositive reviews about the shop "Many furniture" are also associated with a huge number of points of sale. Representation is available in almost every city of Russia. A potential buyer can look at a preliminary model on the site, and then issue a deal at the nearest point of sale.


As mentioned above, a lot of furniture has its own transport branch. Customer feedback indicates that products are shipped no longer than three business days. And it is in the most remote parts of the country. If the warehouse or store is located in the city where the purchase was made, the person will be able to enjoy a comfortable sofa or chair on the same day. Despite the fact that the delivery organization belongs to the company “Many furniture”, this service is not free. After all, these are additional costs for gasoline and the road. To clarify how much the delivery to a specific region will cost, you need to contact the seller-consultant.The cost of the service will depend on the delivery address and the dimensions of the furniture.

many furniture customer reviewsYou can pick up your purchase absolutely free. Shipment at own expense from the nearest warehouse "A lot of furniture" can be carried out. Employee reviews show that it will be possible to pick up a purchase independently from the warehouse much faster than expect delivery. After all, there are so many calls that employees simply cannot handle all orders.

We buy furniture in installments!

Despite the fact that the store “Many furniture” offers the most loyal prices, not everyone can afford a large purchase. The problem is quickly solved thanks to installments. Anyone can buy your favorite furniture model in installments. At each point of sale there is a credit expert who will inform the potential buyer about the terms of the contract and the overpayment. Often there are promotions when there is an opportunity to purchase products in installments with no overpayment.

many furniture staff reviewsReviews of the “Many Furniture” store show that the client has the opportunity to independently choose which bank to enter into a loan agreement. The store often has several representatives of individual financial institutions. The buyer can choose for themselves the most favorable conditions.In addition, it is possible to take an invoice from the seller for the model of furniture you like and go to any other bank. Thus, the product becomes absolutely available for everyone. You just need to have a passport and official employment.

Why such low prices?

Really low cost has products of the company "Many furniture". Customer reviews in most cases are positive. Almost everyone is pleased with high quality at a low price. But those who decide to purchase the company's products for the first time, are treated with a certain distrust to the low cost. After all, the price of the finished product directly depends on the quality of raw materials. In fact, usually another item of expenditure is included in the finished product cost. These are intermediaries. Firms that sell goods of someone else's production, overestimate prices a little.

reviews of the store a lot of furnitureIt is no coincidence that low prices have a lot of furniture, tables, chairs and sofas. Employee reviews show that the company works absolutely without intermediaries. After all, 80% of the products are made in our own factory, the King of Divans. In addition, the company has its own warehouses and transportation to implement the delivery. This means that there is no need to cheat the cost of the goods.The buyer gets really high-quality furniture at an attractive cost. And if marriage comes across, it can always be exchanged.

How can I pay for the goods?

Absolutely any way you can pay for beds, chairs, wardrobes and sofas "A lot of furniture." Customer reviews show that there are terminals at every point of sale. That is, you can buy products, even if there is no cash in the wallet. The main thing is that the required amount be on the bank account.

Products can also be ordered in real time. One has only to go to the site "A lot of furniture." Reviews show that a company representative contacts a potential buyer within an hour after placing the order. Payment at the same time occurs non-cash. The representative of "Many furniture" tells the account number and the amount that must be paid to the buyer. Next is the self-delivery of products or delivery to the specified address. At the same time, it is not necessary that the warehouse be located in the city where the buyer lives. Ordered in real time furniture can be delivered to any region of Russia.

What products are offered by the company?

You can fully furnish the apartment by contacting the company "A lot of furniture." Customer reviews show that the range of chain stores have a really wide range. Initially, the company specialized in upholstered furniture. It was a variety of chairs and sofas for a variety of interiors. Designers of the company do not stop at one stylistics. Of course, most of the products are occupied by classic straight sofas and armchairs. But there are original models that are ideal for a modern apartment.

sofa amsterdam many furniture reviewsFor 6 years of its existence, the range of products "Many furniture" has significantly expanded. Quality, reviews and a 10-year warranty speak for themselves. All presented furniture is really worthwhile. Each buyer has the opportunity to order products according to their own design. This is especially true when it is necessary to furnish a kitchen. In the company "A lot of furniture" you can purchase interior elements for the smallest room. Even the kitchen in 5 square meters. m. will look perfect.

Sofa "Atlanta"

And nevertheless any interior cannot do without a comfortable sofa. It is no coincidence that this company’s products are the most sold. Particularly popular are the sofas "A lot of furniture" "Atlanta".Customer reviews can be heard about this product only the most positive. People who happened to buy such a sofa, note that it is very convenient and easy to use. It is enough just to wash it. All thanks to high-quality coating from eco-leather.

The sofa "Atlanta" has small overall dimensions. Many parents buy this piece of furniture for the arrangement of the children's bedroom. The width of the sofa is only 165 cm. For the manufacture of products using high-quality environmentally friendly materials. The sofa is ideal for organizing the sleep of a child. The furniture is easy to fold, which allows you to make the interior of the nursery more spacious. The cost of the sofa "Atlanta" is about 30 thousand rubles. Products are often sold at a reduced price. It is possible to purchase furniture at 50% cheaper.

Sofa "Amsterdam"

For the living room is ideal sofa "Amsterdam" "A lot of furniture." Customer reviews show that this model fits perfectly in absolutely any interior. Products are presented in several versions. It is possible to order a sofa with a waist of eco-leather or corduroy.One has only to consult with the employee "Lots of furniture". Amsterdam reviews have a wide variety. Buyers note that the model with velvet looks very rich, but not very convenient to use. Velvet very quickly loses a beautiful look and requires careful maintenance. But the sofa from eco-leather completely unpretentious in operation. But it does not look so original.

Impressive dimensions has a sofa "Amsterdam" "A lot of furniture." Customer reviews show that this piece of furniture can be accommodated only in a large room. The width of the frame is 175 cm. The sofa comfortably folds out and can easily be used instead of a bed.

"A lot of furniture". Corner sofas

Customer reviews that purchase office furniture show that corner sofas are the best option. The furniture company offers several options at once. Popular models are "Atlanta ST", as well as "Rhine ST". They are similar to each other. The only difference is that the corner sofa "Atlanta" has an additional coffee table. And this is true for offices. Here you can put prices on products or advertising leaflets.

 many furniture atlanta reviewsCorner sofas can be made of various materials. Everyone has the opportunity to place an order for their own design. In this case, the furniture will be made at least two weeks.

Kitchens from the company "Many furniture"

The more comfortable the kitchen, the tastier the food prepared on it. Every hostess knows this. Buyers leave only the best reviews of kitchen furniture produced by the King of Divans factory. Products have an original appearance and do not deteriorate under the influence of external factors. But the kitchen is a high risk zone for furniture.

Each buyer will be able to choose an option for the soul and financial opportunities. In the "Many furniture" company always operates a system of discounts. A small kitchen set can be purchased for only 10 thousand rubles.

Tables and chairs

What is always lacking when guests come to the house? Of course, chairs! The company "A lot of furniture" offers to buy chairs at the most attractive price. Buyers always speak well of a wide range. Small furniture can be ideally chosen not only in shape and size, but also in the style of the interior.

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