A few tips on how to deal with acne

Pimples are fairly commonproblem in adolescence and in young people. Therefore, advice on how to use methods to combat them, are quite relevant. The appearance of acne is not only unaesthetic, but it can also affect the appearance of numerous complexes. At the same time, if you use the wrong methods to get rid of this problem, there may be such consequences as scars and scars or much more serious complications.

Before you fight with pimples, you needremember a few basic rules. Firstly, doctors and cosmetologists categorically forbid them to be pressed. Such a method can lead to harm to the hair follicle, and as a result, there is a strong inflammation, and in some cases, the appearance of large foci in adjacent areas of the skin.

To quickly get rid of acne, you cantry using benzoyl peroxide, which is part of many ointments and cosmetics designed to solve this problem. The advantage of this remedy is that by disinfecting the inflamed place, it does not dry the healthy skin. It is best to contact a specialist (a dermatologist or a cosmetologist) who will recommend the most effective drug in each case. Among the most common agents with this substance are the following: "Adapalen", "Gepur" ointment, etc.

Inflamed skin is strictly forbidden to touch with dirty hands, as this is a great risk to infect an infection that can lead to rather disastrous consequences.

Another important point, how to deal with acne: systematic and deep cleansing of the skin. You should wash your face at least twice a day. However, too often this procedure should not be done, as this can lead to the drying of the skin. Correctly chosen means for purification - one of the main components of success in how to deal with subcutaneous pimples. Currently, the cosmetic market a huge number of drugs suitable for any type of skin. This is the moment to consider when picking up cosmetics.

Speaking about how to deal with acne, you needpay attention to the people's means. Thus, it is recommended that fatty problem areas be wiped at least twice a day with pieces of raw pumpkin. No less simple and effective way is to use self-made oatmeal scrub. It is recommended to use it for at least ten days once a day.

Once a week you can make a yeast mask,which will help not only to treat, but also to prevent acne and acne. In order to do it, you need to dilute the brewer's yeast with boiled water until a homogeneous mush, after which the mass is applied to the face for half an hour.

Speaking about how to deal with acne, you needIt should be recalled that in some cases, the treatment may be delayed for a sufficiently long time, during which it is important to follow the recommendations given above. If the skin is constantly formed rashes, it is better to abandon the means to remove make-up (they can provoke them), and limit themselves to liquid soap or plain water.

Before you fight with pimples, you need andto revise their diet, since very often it is eating fatty or spicy food that can serve as the main reason for the appearance of this lack of skin. In order to properly normalize the function of the sebaceous glands, care should be taken to ensure that only fresh and healthy foods are in the diet. Confectionery, sweets and alcohol can only exacerbate the emerging problem.

Most experts recommend the means for washing and cleaning the skin from one line and one brand, as their interaction on each other enhances the effect.

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A few tips on how to deal with acne A few tips on how to deal with acne A few tips on how to deal with acne A few tips on how to deal with acne A few tips on how to deal with acne A few tips on how to deal with acne A few tips on how to deal with acne A few tips on how to deal with acne A few tips on how to deal with acne A few tips on how to deal with acne