AriZona - a drink for active and stylish

Teas AriZona appeared on the market recently. Perhaps even the word "appeared" is still too early to use, because to find this exotic on sale in Russia and the CIS countries is not an easy thing. This miracle is produced in New York by Ferolito, Vultaggio & Sons, and the traffic to our lands is still quite modest.

And from what the company produces, not allis exported. For example, in Russia you can get only three kinds of tea: green with honey and ginseng, green with pomegranate juice and white with berry syrups - these are the most common teas of AriZona. Drink has caught on to the young people, and, probably, soon the distributor will please the fans of this tea by expanding the range.

arizona drink

The flagship of the ruler

The most popular drink in the world,what "Arizona" does, is Green Tea With Ginseng and Honey. The manufacturer states the presence in it of ginseng, corn syrup, natural honey. The calorie content of the product is 29 kcal / 100 g. By the way, in the US, more light versions of Green Tea AriZona are popular. Drink with a low calorie content in our country has not yet been exported.

This tea is also highlighted by the catchy design of the bottle. It is a gentle-turquoise color, decorated with branches of blooming saxcourt. Apparently, this should bring the consumer closer to the culture of the Far East, which gave the world a love for varietal teas.

And the manufacturer also recommends not only chilled Green Tea AriZona. The drink is good and hot. And you can warm it up in the same bottle in the microwave.

Other popular beverage varieties

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In addition to green tea with ginseng, in domesticshops you can find two more types. AriZona Pomegranate Green Tea tea, containing 5% pomegranate juice, may seem tart when looking at the label. However, the unflattering pomegranate bitterness is softened by the sweet taste of honey.

Blueberry White Tea AriZona - drink, reviews aboutwhich very often converge in one: the tea is unusually soft, which should be a good white tea. It contains syrups of berries, their taste is gently intertwined with the tastes of the other ingredients, not eclipsing them, but also not being lost on their background.

AriZona Style

When designers noticed the youth's predilection forthese refreshing fragrant drinks, they immediately reacted. And on sale appeared clothes with the design of AriZona. A drink with expressive appearance became an inspiration for creating a variety of trendy things.

arizona drink

Of course, it can not be said that this new trend infashion or a new style. Turquoise things adorned with cherry twigs are more a way to express themselves and experiment for creative natures. And yet, according to sociologists, such a hidden advertisement, which promotes vitamin-refreshing drinks, is a good alternative to the widespread propaganda of alcohol.

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