9 ways to scrub glue and sticky marks

How to wipe off an adhesive is a task used to remove the effects of applying an adhesive. Sticky surface due to unwanted stains is unpleasant to the touch and requires certain measures.

Using several common household products will allow you to cope with the task of removing sticky glue from surfaces of various types.

Means for cleansing the soiled place

Operational approach

Conventional universal solvent is plain water. It allows you to wash off any place stained with glue or other water-based adhesive. The list of water-susceptible products includes the following types of glue:

  • Means for cleansing the soiled placeclerical;
  • latex;
  • Pva;
  • vegetable;
  • carpenter's

The principle of making all these subspecies is one: a mixture of water and an adhesive substance intended for gluing an object with any type of surface.

After complete drying of the applied bonding fluid, bonding agent is bonded to objects, including the surface of the machine.

Glue removal occurs quite easily if the glue is not completely dried. To do this, the excess glue in the area on which something stuck, you need to collect with a rag.

Then this area should be properly washed with water - until you manage to remove all residues.

It is best to remove traces of glue and a sticker until the drying process is complete: the fact is that later the adhesive will not dissolve in water.

Alcohol: destruction of bonding components

The surfaces of various objects and planes, including various external parts of the machine, can also be put in order with the help of a solvent such as alcohol that successfully copes with a wide range of adhesive joints.

Alcohol: destruction of bonding componentsThe effect of alcohol is expressed by the fact that the components of the adhesive dissolve to such a state that they cease to adhere to the surfaces.

If alcohol is applied directly to the place on which something is stuck, then after a few minutes you can see impressive results.

If the glue in its structure belongs to the number of soluble products, you can see how it starts to soften. Similarly, you can remove the sticker.

The final stage in any of the presented situations is the removal of residues and rinsing of the object.

Acetone: manicure for other purposes

You can also remove any glue from a piece of glass with glue using acetone. To do this, it is moistened with a cotton swab, which is then placed on the surface with glue.

After a while, armed with a toothbrush, you can completely remove all remnants. Repeat the action until the adhesive bonds that exist between the adhesive and the material are dissolved and weakened.

With clothes and other items you can thus remove a variety of types of glue, including such a variety, as a means with the prefix "super."

Before proceeding with the purification of any of the clothing or other things, products, you need to make sure that acetone is safe by treating it in an inconspicuous area.

Exposure to oils

There are frequent situations when glue caught on visible parts of clothing or other surfaces is not affected by water, alcohol, or even acetone.

Exposure to oilsIn this case, it makes sense to turn to such a means as butter - baby or vegetable.

Do not be afraid to stain the item being cleaned: the oil perfectly dissolves even the residue of glue without harm to the thing itself.

Efficiency is due to the fact that many types of glue are characterized by an oil base that allows you to clean certain types of pollution.

After even the slightest trace of glue is dissolved, you need to wash the treated area with soap and water.

Vinegar destruction

You can also remove the glue and its traces with vinegar. You will need a liquid, the composition of which is represented by water and acetic acid. The second component is characterized by the ability to destroy the adhesive.

Vinegar is applied relatively abundantly on the stained place. After twenty minutes, the glue starts to dissolve. In conclusion, you need to remove the trace with a cloth.

A similar procedure is carried out when the problem is a trace of the stickers on the plastic.

Simple kitchen tool

Trace labels on plastic, as well as traces of scotch tape are perfectly removed using baking soda. One tablespoon of soda and one teaspoon of water are mixed to form a thick mass.

Removing traces of scotchThe mixture is applied to the adhesive.After a little waiting with warm water, everything is cleaned.

Thus, you can remove not only the trace of the sticker from plastic, but also residues of glue on any surface.

Therapeutic ointment removes dirt

Trace stickers with plastic and similar contamination can be removed by taking a little petroleum jelly. You need to start with a very small amount, adding to it gradually new portions - until you reach the desired goal.

The same approach can be applied if the problem is traces of scotch. At the end, the treated area is wiped and cleaned with warm soapy water.

Hot air

Traces of scotch on the surface of the glass, as well as various types of glue can be removed by resorting to ... a hair dryer. By heating, the adhesive softens, after which it can be gently scraped off - with a plastic or metal scraper.

Cold effect

Remove traces of scotch, glue from any small product can be placed by putting it in the freezer for a couple of hours.

In the absence of such an opportunity to achieve the desired - to remove traces of scotch - you can, using the package, filled with ice.

The packaging cools the glue, which becomes brittle and easy to remove.Finally, you can clean everything with an ordinary scraper.

Additional features allow you to remove traces of adhesive tape and label, as well as one or the other subspecies of the price tag associated with the use of tools such as

  • petrol;
  • ammonia;
  • paint thinner;
  • turpentine;
  • white alcohol.

An accurate assessment of the situation, to understand the nature of the material and the extent of contamination will help you choose the appropriate option optimal cleaning.

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