8 methods to save the oven from burning and fat

Raise your hands, who likes something baked: meat, fish, pies? Everybody loves.

And if the oven is covered with a layer of nasty fat and smearing soot? We do not see a single hand. And how to clean the oven from the old burned fat? We are ready to bet that many of you now think: “I clean it, but it is still fat. I heard there is self-cleaning in the plates. ”

Yes, there are such plates. But civilization in our native hearth comes with a creak, and most of the ovens from those that we have at home, do not possess this ability. We will have to use what is in the kitchen (or what can be bought no further than across the road). Oddly enough, this should be enough.

How best to clean the oven?

Here you need to consider the type of oven - gas or electric - andmud type:

  • old burnt fat;
  • black soot, or soot.
To quickly clean the surface of burning and grease, different means are applied for each of these types of dirt.And, of course, do not forget about security measures.

Security measures

Remember that any cleaning agent works because a chemical reaction occurs. Ignoring safety precautions can therefore end very badly.


First of all, remove children and pets from the kitchen. Children put their noses in every crevice, toxic fumes can harm them, and there’s nothing to say about animals. Sin to poison the defenseless brothers of our smaller household chemicals.


The kitchen should be well ventilated - you should also take care of your health. Open the window, and the window is better, if the weather allows.

Personal protection

Security measuresYou can be a practical person and think about the beauty of nails. Any action should be carried out wearing rubber gloves.

To achieve the best result, before performing any action, read the instructions to the end and make sure that everything to perform the action is available and ready to use.

It is necessary not to run urgently to the store for a new sponge, when the time comes to rinse off the product.

Special cleaners: wash them or not?

Cleans fat:Yes.

Cleans soot:partially.

Special cleaners: wash them or notAs they say, trouble, since the boots will start to be crammed by the pastryman, and the pies of the oven by the shoemaker. If money is not a pity, preference, of course, should be given to shop chemistry.

It is also more benign, since it was developed specifically to perform such work, and in some cases it washes much better.

GreenKlin, Mr. Muskul, widely advertised by Amway and widely recommended Schumanit.

Wondering how to clean the oven of old fat, avoid products containing acid.

Amway Oven Cleaner

Expensive, but effective. Patented cleaner for household stoves. Fat dissolves almost before our eyes and is well worth the money spent on it. Unfortunately, not everyone can afford.


Bestseller. Slightly cheaper amveevskogo means, but cleans as effectively - the hostess will not rejoice. It is sprayed on the surface with burned fat. Severe minus in the form of a sharp nasty smell, which, however, quickly disappears.

"Sillit Bang Antizhir"

Cheap and angry. And when confronted with such means, it is already worth thinking about: is it really possible to overpay for what is much easier to do with what is in each kitchen?

The composition of such means is suspicious, and in order to wash them off completely, it is necessary to treat the surface with water more than seventy times. You do not want to eat pies stuffed with suspicious chemicals?

A little salt - and the oven is cleaned.

Cleans fat: Yes.

Cleans soot: partially.

A little salt - and the oven is cleaned.Yes, yes, the usual table salt. Cheap and angry. Cleaning the oven with salt at home can be done in two different ways.

The first:the surface of the oven should be covered with salt and turn on the oven.

Check the appearance of the surface periodically: when the salt turns brown, turn off the oven, let it cool, then wash off the salt that has absorbed the fat. No harmful fumes and odors.

Salt method number twolies in the fact that a pan with an aqueous solution of salt is placed in the oven, the stove is turned on and you give the water some time to steam.

It usually takes twenty minutes. After this procedure, the fat and carbon deposits are also easily washed off.

How to clean the oven from grease and soot with soap?

Cleans fat: Yes.

Cleans soot: partially.

If you did not take the salt, you can try to use soap or dish detergent.The principle is the same - household soap shavings or ordinary dishwashing detergent is dissolved in a saucepan with water, and that is placed on the bottom of the oven.

Set the temperature between 100 and 120 degrees and hold for half an hour. It softens the burned fat.

How to quickly clean the gas stove with soda and vinegar?

Cleans fat: partially.

Cleans soot: Yes.

How to quickly clean the gas stove with soda and vinegarA mixture of soda and vinegar produces a large amount of carbon dioxide (it was in this way that the first artificially saturated mineral water was made). Take care of your hands.

Nagar should not take care, we are going to destroy it. You can clean the oven from carbon deposits at home, if you add twenty-five grams of a solution of laundry soap to a mixture of one hundred grams of soda and forty grams of vinegar.

This paste should be placed with a sponge on all surfaces of the oven, including glass, baking tray and wire rack, and left for a couple of hours, then walk on them with a clean, damp sponge. You can then throw away the sponge and admire the shining oven.

There is one more method: pour vinegar essence into a pulverizer, spray it on the surface of the oven, and then pour it with soda. In this case, you will have to wait only a quarter of an hour.

Clear electric oven: Pasta from "Comet"

Cleans fat: Yes.

Cleans soot: Yes.

To clean the electric oven at home there is a special cleaning paste. Take citric acid, dishwashing detergent and cleaning powder a la "Pemolux", "Comet" and the like. These components must be mixed in the ratio of one to one.

Now, as in the case of a paste of soda and vinegar, all surfaces must be exposed to the paste. Since the electric oven is more delicate, it is necessary to keep it covered with paste for no more than an hour. After an hour you will need a large amount of warm water to wash off the paste.

How to easily clean the oven with hydrogen peroxide?

Cleans fat: Yes.

Cleans soot: Yes.

Cooking porridge from hydrogen peroxide (sold in a pharmacy) and a quarter cup of soda. All must be well mixed and applied to oily surfaces.

If you have overdone with volumes and some amount of soda-peroxide porridge remains, you can at the same time clean the fat from the glass and lattice. Leave for an hour. Do not forget to completely remove with a sponge dipped in soapy water and wipe dry.

How to clean the oven from old fat with ammonia?

Cleans fat: Yes.

Cleans soot: Yes.

A universal method to clean the oven from the burned fat.

How to clean the oven from old fat with ammonia

Ammonia - a solution of ammonia in water - emits a terrible smell, which is brought to life by fainting. By itself, ammonia belongs to the group of substances of asphyxiation. To use this magic tool you will need to purchase a respirator if you value life and health.

It is necessary to open all the windows, process polluted surfaces with ammonia, and leave for a period of four to five hours, then rinse.

After rubbing the oven with ammonia, rinse it thoroughly several times until the smell erodes, otherwise ammonia will get into the food. In this case, it is not dangerous, but very unpleasant.

To clean the old dirt baking powder

Cleans fat: Yes.

Cleans soot: not.

Many housewives have this powder in the spice box. It is also known under the pseudonym "baking powder" and consists of the same baking soda, ammonium carbonate and potassium tartrate.

Baking powder should be sprinkled with pre-treated water dirty surfaces. Wait two hours and collect lumps of fat with a hard washcloth. Rinse well with cleanable surfaces.

And finally

After everything has been washed and shines with pristine cleanliness, remember that the best way to quickly clean the oven is not to start it, not to wait until the food burns. If the cabinet is wiped carefully after each cooking (of course, after waiting for the oven to cool), it will take much less time and effort to wash the stove, and you can often delight your family and yourself with delicious dishes.

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