7 most important criteria for choosing an orthopedic pillow

Cervical osteochondrosis - the scourge of the modern world. Did you know that one of the reasons for its occurrence is the wrong pillow?

A person spends a third of his life in a dream, and the conditions are not always comfortable. As a result, the cervical vertebrae bend at unimaginable angles, the muscles tighten, the vertebral arteries are squeezed, the brain lacks oxygen, and now you have a headache, and the neck is sore so that any movement causes pain. Incidentally, the incorrect position of the neck leads to snoring in a dream, and all because the palate and tongue relax and sink, so these terrible sounds appear.

Imagine, all this can be avoided if you buy such a device as an orthopedic pillow.

The benefits of orthopedic pillows

The benefits of orthopedic pillows



During sleep, the spine of a sleeping person should be as straight as possible, including the cervical region. And how do we really sleep? The head is angled because of the pillow, that is, a straight line does not work.How can this be achieved if the neck is so mobile that it constantly changes position?

What pillows are you used to sleeping on? Great grandmothers from feathers and down soft, but hot. In the morning it seems that the head lies on a solid brick, and the neck has become numb at an unimaginable angle. If you sleep at all without a pillow, as many advise, the head is thrown back and again you feel uncomfortable.

Try to put a small roller under the neck, for example, a twisted terry towel. Is it convenient? Immediately relaxes the muscles of the neck and shoulder girdle, the weight goes away, the discomfort disappears.

The orthopedic pillow is made of an elastic material, and necessarily has a roller that fills the cervical cavity. It provides the correct position of the head, relaxes the muscles of the neck and allows you to relax comfortably.

Let's remember what is orthopedics? This is a science that studies diseases of the musculoskeletal system, offering methods of prevention and treatment. Orthopedic products are necessary not only to people who already have problems with the musculoskeletal system, but also to everyone else, to prevent all sorts of disorders.

Advantages and disadvantages

The positive aspects of orthopedic pillows are as follows.

  1. During sleep, the body takes a correct and comfortable position, which provides comfort and relaxation.
  2. The load is evenly distributed, and not concentrated in the neck.
  3. Proper blood circulation is ensured - the head will not be sore in the morning, and insomnia will torment at night.
  4. The cause of snoring is eliminated by creating neck support.
  5. Reduced back pain.

In addition to high comfort, you can note the safety and hypoallergy. Pillows are made of materials that are well breathable (ventilated), so even in the heat of the head does not sweat. Fungi, ticks and other parasites do not favor such products, so you can sleep well.

Who needs such a pillow? As you can see, it is not only useful to everyone, starting from childhood, but simply vital.

Are there any drawbacks? If you have always slept on a soft one, then you will have to get used to the ortho pillow for a while - it is distinguished by its rigidity and irregular shape. That's all its flaws, if they can be called such.

Varieties of Orthopedic Pillows

When you are on the market or in the store will tell that the pillows have healing properties and are useful for osteochondrosis, be sure to check the presence of the roller. If not, then this is the most common pillow, even if stuffed with environmentally friendly materials.

What they are and how they differ from traditional, habitual man in the street?

In form

You can choose different pillows, it all depends on the position of the body during sleep. How do you like to sleep? Someone prefers to rest on his side or stomach, and someone exclusively on his back.

  1. One roller or two rollers of different sizes. This is a universal form that allows you to take different postures during sleep and is suitable for any family member.
  2. The presence of the shoulder groove. Only for those who like to sleep on their side. It will be uncomfortable to lie on your back or stomach.
  3. In the form of a horseshoe. These pillows are convenient to take on the road, where you have to sleep in transport.

By filler

Than just stuffed pillows, so many kinds of materials that even you are amazed. Could our grandmothers imagine that their great-grandchildren would sleep on buckwheat husks or coconut fiber? Previously, because only hay stuffed, and then switched to feathers and feathers.

To size

It goes without saying that pillows for a child and his father should be different. That is why they are released small, medium and large. You just have to choose the optimal size.

To destination

In addition to ordinary pillows, on which we sleep, there are specific ones that help with a particular disease.

  1. For legs. Varicose edema.
  2. For the back. Lumbar osteochondrosis, sciatica, correction of curvature.
  3. For the head. Problems with the cervical region, headaches, sleep disorders, neuralgia.

Which filler to choose?

Which filler to choose?

Recently, people are obsessed with environmentally friendly natural materials. Cunning traders seduce with fillers for every taste, thereby increasing the cost of the product. And the man in the street is being persuaded and happy that he is sleeping on a super-useful pillow.

That's just experts advise against using natural stuffing - it is a breeding ground for dust mites and fungi, which in many people cause allergies. Try to choose a hypoallergenic filler.


The most economical material. Soft and elastic at the same time, it keeps its shape for a long time. Such a pillow will last more than ten years.The positive moment - it is possible to erase in the machine automatic machine, and at least once a month.


Externally, it resembles a synthetic material, but in reality it is a substance isolated from the milky sap of plants, mainly hevea, a rubber tree. Remember dandelions? If to break them, then “milk” will appear on the cut. It is from this “jelly” with the addition of various components get filler for pillows and mattresses.

Memory Foam

Elastic viscous foam is a synthetic material, has a dense structure and takes the shape of a body, while maintaining its elasticity and support. It was created in the seventies of the twentieth century for astronauts. The goal is to disperse and reduce the load at the start.

Now this filler is used for orthopedic pillows and mattresses. Foam is hypoallergenic, parasites do not start in it. Has self-venting properties.

Buckwheat husk

The filler has sufficient stiffness and elasticity. Well repeats the natural curves of the neck and head, does not accumulate dust, parasites do not start in it. It is well ventilated; it provides coolness in hot summer.Some of the disadvantages include the rustling during the change of position, someone wakes up at the same time, but then quickly gets used.

Product Requirements

How to choose an orthopedic pillow so that it helps the body and not cripple it? Since this is a medical product, it should be manufactured in compliance with all requirements. Everything is important here: elasticity, size, thickness, filler material. The wrong choice of pillows can only hurt, so be sure to listen to the advice of orthopedists and follow the following rules.

  1. Choose the height of the pillow, given the size from the base of the neck to the point where the shoulder connects to the arm. Add two centimeters (usually the mattress bends to such depth). Height can vary from six to sixteen centimeters, the most running - 10-14 cm.
  2. If you mostly sleep on your back or side, choose a harder pillow. You prefer to rest on your stomach - the pillow should be soft and not very high.
  3. Elasticity is an important component. Push it with your hand, the “right” product will resist and repel. Choose a spring cushion with good cushioning.
  4. Many people prefer to stick their noses in the pillow, which is why the material must be hypoallergenic.
  5. If your pillow does not have a certificate of Roszdravnadzor, then it cannot be called orthopedic, that is, having medical functions. Look in the manual or on the package for the abbreviation "RU" - registration certificate. Saw? So everything is in order.
  6. Open the cover - there are holes on the basis? They are designed for ventilation and removal of moisture, which means that the head will not sweat. And pillows with “memory” already have these properties, so they don’t need holes.
  7. Pay attention to what the cover is sewn, it must be made of organic cotton and removable so that it can be washed.

Top 6 best pillows

In order for orthopedic pillows to serve for a long time and ensure a healthy sleep, purchase them from proven and well-known manufacturers who value their reputation. It is better to spend money once and use the product for ten years than to get disappointed and get a new pillow every six months.

Light from Ormatek

TOP best pillows

The pillow, 37 * 50 in size, is ergonomic and elastic. Stiffness level - above average. Provides a full comfortable rest and well distributes the load onmuscle.

The filler is environmentally friendly, based on polyurethane foam, elastic, does not cause allergies.

The cost of the product is approximately 1,300 rubles.

Disadvantages - the warranty does not exceed one and a half years.

Vegas Beauty

Well-known company from Belarus for the manufacture of pillows and mattresses. It has a large range of filler material. A novelty appeared - minimal contact with the face, which allows keeping the skin young and without wrinkles.

Pillowcases are made of natural cotton, internal non-removable, external can be washed.

Cons - the cost of about 4,000 rubles.

Tempur - Millenium Medium

No matter how you rest, on your side or back, the pillow will provide you with the correct position by supporting the upper vertebrae. Great for owners of short neck.

It can also be used to prevent bedsores. The cover is covered with antibacterial composition.

Cons - the cost of about 9,000 rubles. The ability to use adults with an average build. Requires special care.

Vefer's BIOaloe

The Italian manufacturer provides pillows with phytocomponent fillers from aloe vera, as well as with biological foam and back pressure function, which provides good cushioning and elasticity.

Minus - the color of the cover may change through oxidation.

Hukla - PhysioComfort

The best orthopedic pillows

The cushion is filled with microfiber and has a slight stiffness. The structure has a porous, which ensures the removal of moisture.

Cons - the price of 7,000 rubles, the warranty - 6 months.

Bedding Industries Serafino

Breathable latex pillow in the form of microwells that provide good ventilation. It is a monolithic construction. The set includes an extra cover made of organic cotton.

Cons - the cost of the product is almost 11,000 rubles, special care.

How to care for an orthopedic pillow?

Each product requires an individual approach. Pay attention to the label with special care icons. Most pillows are not washable due to the specific filler. For example, it is polyurethane, which means it has the ability to absorb moisture well. And if the buckwheat husk? Won't you wash it?

Therefore, only dry cleaning. Or, if there are special pockets for adjusting the filler, you can remove it, and wash the fabric base at a temperature not higher than 40 degrees, it is better to manually. Ironing is also not recommended.

You can also give the pillow to the dry cleaning, there it will bring in the proper form and will not damage its properties.


Sleeping on orthopedic pillows is comfortable and convenient. Your sleep will become healthy and deep, you will stop waking up at night and suffer from insomnia. In the morning you will be awake and rested.

An orthopedic pillow will not relieve you from diseases of the musculoskeletal system, but will significantly ease the pain. Try it and not regret it.

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