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5 unknown facts about Batman

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5 unknown facts about Batman

This summer, July 16, the continuation of the saga of the adventures of Batman - The Dark Knight will be released. On the eve of this event, a few facts from the history of Batman, which you hardly know.
It was the “golden era” of comics, when everyone was trying to achieve success, which Superman had, even the publishers of the Superman comic book themselves (National Publications) wanted to repeat the success.
Therefore, they turned to artist Bob Kane (Bob Kane) and the writer Bill Finger (Bill Finger). And they did not disappoint them: when the character of "Knight in the Raincoat" appeared in May 1939 in the 27th edition of the comic "Detective Comics" called "The Case of a Chemical Syndicate", Batman was no one's bosom friend or helper in shiny armor.
On the contrary, Batman was cruel, he had no remorse when he threw the villain into the acid tank.
Today, Batman is much prettier, and turned into a solid product, sold through comic books, cartoons, TV shows, and, of course, the hero of a series of films that don’t even think to stop shooting.The four actors who played Batman (Michael Keaton, Val Kilmer, George Clooney and Christian Bale) inevitably divided fans into several camps, although not as violently as James Bond fans.
Nevertheless, everything is still all right with him (as long as Robin is not around), we dare to hope that everything will be fine with Christian Bale's Batman.
1- The name of the hero "Batman" is derived from the names of two historical fighters for freedom
One of the creators of Batman? Bill Finger, coined the name as follows. Was the name taken from Robert Bruce or King Bruce I of Scotland? the man who led the Scottish people in the war of independence against the British, and who was glorified by William Wallace (remember "Braveheart") as a defender of Scotland in 1298. Surname Finger borrowed from Anthony? Mad? Wayne? Brigadier General and Hero of the US Revolutionary War.
Also the name of Anthony Wayne? this is the original stage name of Marion Robert Morrison before the studios changed him to John Wayne.
2- Batman's character was created on the basis of da Vinci's drawings, films and a masked hero
Kane and Finger had to recycle a lot of materials while creating the original Batman character,including:
? The character of the radio show "Shadow", where the cloak was borrowed, the duality of character and the ability to track down;
? Douglas Fairbanks film “Mask of Zorro” (1920), where his incarnation of a rich and respected person was taken;
? The 1930 film Bat Whispered, in which his costume and character was taken;
? A sketch of Leonardo Da Vinci’s ornothopter flying device, from which the wings of Batman were taken.
In addition, screenwriter Doc Savage and literary hero Sherlock Holmes helped Finger to concretize the character’s scientific inclinations and way of thinking.
3- Batman's secret identity is not that secret.
At least 11 characters know (or knew) that Batman and Bruce Wayne? it is the same person. Namely:
? All Three Robin (Dick Grayson, Jason Peter Todd and Tim Drake);
? Batman Butler's Pennyworth;
? Dumb inventor, Jack of all trades and once the right hand of Penguin? Harold;
? Superhero friend Superman (and Wayne also knows who hides behind Kent's silly glasses);
? Friend superhero Azrael;
? Superhero girlfriend Batgall (aka Barbara Gordon, aka tied to the wheelchair librarian Orakl);
? And also three enemies (Baine, Ras Al Ghul and Hugo Strange),although they all learned the truth during the "Crisis of the Infinity of the Earth" (a major event in 1985 in the DC Comics series of comics), after which everyone was safely forgotten.
The question remains Commissioner James Gordon. It seems that he has suspicions in the past few years, but there is no evidence.
4- Batman is constantly 34 years old
Bruce Wayne seems stuck at 34, but at least he has a story. Batman spent several years in Cambridge and Sorbonne, and he began his 20s at the FBI, then went to Korea, Japan and China to learn martial arts, including disguise from ninja.
Since the debut in 1939, Batman has appeared a lot of cases in comics, depending on the time. In the 40s, he sold war bonds; in the 50s, he taught criminology and suffered from the emergence of a large number of Bathound (Bathound), Batmite, Batwoman, and Batgirl satellites. In the 60s, he began to fight the advent of "Aliens"; in the 70s, he returned to his old dark habits, and in the 80s Frank Miller gave his character anger and suspicion.
In the difficult 90s, his back was broken, as a result, he was tied to a chair (after which he fully recovered).
5- Batman and Robin shared a bed
Starting in 1954, many accusations of homosexuality began to pound on Knight in the Cloak, and psychologist Fredric Wertham criticized not only Batman, but also other comic book characters in his book The Seduction of the Innocent.
His accusations were so dubious and absurd that time and people just laughed at his thoughts about Batman.
Perhaps it was one of those laughs with which people hide their inconvenience. In the end, the creators of Batman responded to this with the introduction of a new character, Batwum, and later Batgall. But even a superficial glance at Batman’s character provides us with many examples, if not homosexuality, then at least Batman’s penchant for pederasty? elderly man interested in young boys.
In the release of Batman No. 84 "Ten nights of fear!" You can find a couple in bed at a time when it was not safe on TV, even for a married couple. After that, Batman recommended taking a shower to his young friend, although it remains a mystery, or maybe they shared it too.
The first Robin (Dick Gordon) was an eight-year-old circus acrobat until the moment when the killing of his parents led him into the cave to Batman.Second Robin (Jason Peter Todd) continued the tradition of being the son of acrobats who was orphaned by the murder of his parents, as well as the tradition of his name, which is phallic slang (in fact, comic readers voted for the death of this Robin).
The last Robin (Tim Drake) ended these traditions, and his girlfriend Stephanie dressed like a superhero "The Spoiler" (Marauder). In the relationship between men - girls demolish everything :).
Naturally, not everyone understands these lines in the same way. At least one person laughs at these on “Saturday Night Live”? writer robert smiel? created by Gary and Ace from the ambiguous gay couple.
Why are they looking
In the summer of this, a new cycle film called The Dark Knight will be released, so it attracts more attention than usual due to the death of Heath Ledger, who played the role of the Joker in the film. It was planned to build an advertising campaign for the film mainly on his name, but his death destroyed these plans.
Perhaps because the management considered that it would not be entirely correct if the Joker began to display the inscription "So who is so serious here?" in a pool of blood, although it is still not known what the management will choose.
Somehow by chance, in 2007, Ledger told the MTV presenter that playing the Joker was "the most interesting thing I could have."
Prophecy? Ledger tried to create a truly scary and frightening Joker. Together with the advertising company, this allows us to assume that if Ledger could, he would insist on remaining the same advertising company.
Degree of interest
In 2009, Batman will be 70 years old, but his constant reincarnations allow us to assume that the animators, directors and fans will still find something attractive and interesting in this character, and the creators will have a huge amount of improvised material to continue the comics.
At the same time, for such large companies as Warner Bros. Batman is and will be a real brand.

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