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Cellular divorces

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Cellular divorces

SMS wiring
? Send as much SMS as possible and win the TV !? - flicker on the TV screen large letters. And the small ones, which can hardly be discerned through a magnifying glass, say that every short message is worth a dollar, and every thousandth wins. And so it turns out that you won a hundred bucks, and sent messages to a thousand. How many boys and girls around Moscow reset their parents' accounts in front of blue screens?
The income of SMS scams is tens of millions of dollars. What to do: - By law, punish scammers will not work. Russian legislation does not provide for any restrictions for mobile scammers. Earn on children and teens as much as you can. The only way out is to have a heart-to-heart talk with the child and explain to him that he will never gain anything in such SMS lotteries.
Fraud with warranty
You rejoiced at the new mobile phone for a month, and then it? Dies ?. You bring the device to the warranty workshop, sign the repair contract and wait.A week later, you are stunned: the phone is removed from the guarantee, you are to blame for its breakdown. There are traces of bathing in the bathroom, or a fall of the device from the roof, or attempts at self-repair (they say you tried to disconnect the processor with a soldering iron). You even show the insides of the phone.
And they finish off the client with an agreement, or rather, with lines from it, which you yourself signed:? The phone was accepted by the guarantee workshop without disassembling and checking the fault with the consent of the client. The client agrees that all the detected faults occurred before contacting the service center ?. What to do: - When you give the phone for repair, carefully read the contract. Repairmen are obliged to detect all defects with YOU. If not, look for another service. And what about those who signed the contract on conditions of enslaving for the client? The only option is to sue. There were cases when your comrades in distress won the case. You write a claim in court. During the process, an examination of the apparatus. As a rule, professionals find that the phone is not disconnected due to a defect discovered by hackers.
Lotteries and promotions
? You won free talk before the end of the year!?.Such a joyful message on their phone has already been heard by 15,000 Muscovites. They call you allegedly from a radio station where a joint action is being held with your operator. All you need to get a year of free calls is to send the codes of two brand new payment cards. You send them and get nothing! You spent.
What to do: - You probably will not return the money. How do you prove in court that it was not in good faith that they sent the secret codes for not telling anyone? Remember: no cellular operator holds contests in this way. Never name or transmit secret codes of express payment cards. Just remember and send all callers with such offers away. And if you got it, try to spoil the blood of scammers. Write down the number of the caller (if he was not identified on the phone, then surely there is in the printout of calls) and indicate it in the application that you leave at the police station. The probability of 50 percent, that with several hits scam will calculate and punish.
Your mobile phone repair forever
How long does the warranty workshop have to restore the phone? By law - immediately.But this is unless a different period is established by agreement of the parties in writing. A cunning wizard found a loophole. In the contracts they insert the phrase that the repair will be completed when the necessary parts are available. And they can appear when the cancer whistles on the mountain.
Several Muscovites were waiting for their phones from the workshop for a year. It is clear that when the unit is repaired, it will be morally obsolete and is unlikely to bring joy to the owner. What to do: - Take the phone and bring it to the seller to demand a replacement for serviceable or refund. As a rule, mobile phone shops unconditionally go towards the client. You only need to file a claim in writing, in two copies and leave your signature with the salon manager and his full name that he received the appeal.
You turned out to be a cellular operator
Muscovite Marina through WAP for ten minutes went online. And at the end of the month she received a bill for $ 300 and a notice that she spent 18 hours on the Net. The girl was surprised: under the contract her mobile Internet connection can not exceed half an hour. And how could she owe so much money if the operator stops providing services when the account is zeroed? “We have a failure in the computer, so you haven’t been turned off,” an employee of the financial accounting department of the cellular operator MTS confessed to her in a whisper.- But once the equipment shows you a debt, pay.
Marina is still lucky. It happens that those who lose their mobile phones at a resort in Turkey or Egypt get bills for thousands of dollars. The bad person has found your phone, has told on it how many, and to pay off to you. What to do: - Block your SIM card as soon as you discover the loss!
Extortion from relatives
Another way of fraud is extortion of money from relatives. As a rule, fraudsters are divided into two groups; one takes care of a relative so that he does not get in touch, the other organizes a call to a family member and, imitating his voice, reports that he was in trouble (for example, in a car accident, shot down a person, etc.) and asks for a large sum, activating several express payment cards or asking to bring money to the agreed place. The amounts of payments reach several thousand dollars.
Examples of other extortion options from relatives:
Claims of cash in the amount of several thousand dollars for a relative to be released for detention with marijuana, brawling, rape. The reason in such cases is thought out as weightier as possible!
"Penalties of the operator"
The fraudsters call and say something like the following dialogue: "You changed the tariff plan without notice, and therefore a fine of 42 (!) Dollars, you have to pay with cards." Next, the victim is instructed how to do this, leave the phone number of "technical support".
Quite a common and effective way in recent times. In most cases, fraudsters are citizens deprived of their liberty, because There are no other ways to replenish the balance. The essence of the method is as follows: according to the newspaper free ads are individuals who have already sold the car, is not calculated in a complicated way and when sold. A couple of days later the bell rang, allegedly from the current owner of the car. The “owner”, a frightened voice, reports that he got into an accident, there are victims, he asks to throw 200-300 rubles to call an ambulance and call his relatives.

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