10 weird thoughts that every introvert has

Have you, as an introvert, ever been overcome by strange thoughts?
Do you think it is abnormal to sit quietly aside?
It seems that the world is telling you that being super social is good. Extroverts always make you feel uncomfortable because of the desire to stay away.
Here are ten weird thoughts that an introvert can attend.
1. I could draw something right now.
Have you ever been in the company of friends and thought to yourself: “I would draw right now”? Whether it's drawing, reading, playing video games or something like that - this will be one of your constant weird thoughts, as the introvert wants to do something a little less social. This is not a stone in the garden of your friends or some occupation. You just know that it would be more fun for you to do something you want, at home alone.
The author, Susan Kane, who talks about what it is to be an introvert, explains that this type of character is closely related to creativity.A simple conversation with people can be boring for an introvert because it does not stimulate it creatively.
2. If I go to the kitchen for a meal, will I encounter my roommates?
You can be completely satisfied with your neighbors in the apartment, but sometimes you really do not want to talk to anyone at all. The question of whether you will encounter your neighbors is quite like a strange thought, as well as a very sad one.
Most people are not against spontaneously communicating with their neighbors, but for this you need to put too much effort.
3. The best friend is the one with whom you do not need to talk.
When you start to communicate with someone, you feel that you have to constantly talk about something. You really love spending time with close friends you know for a long time. With these people, you can be around without talking, and that's fine. You should not have strange thoughts like "Is it really embarrassing?" Or "But am I not tired?"
4. It would be better if I played a game with strict rules than to communicate freely.
When you are completely free to just chat, your friends rejoice, while you suffer from death agony and are puzzled in trying to find something to say.At a party, for example, it would be nice to first play an organized game with drinks, and only then interact and talk freely!
If you are left alone, then an incredible amount of strange thoughts and questions begins to plague you. Who should I talk to? Is this man tired of talking to me? If I leave the toilet, then I can then find myself again the interlocutor?
5.It would be much easier for me if this conversation took place online.
Personal conversation seems to take so much energy. You would feel much more comfortable if you were chatting in the messenger. In an online conversation, you do not need to answer instantly, so you have more time to find a good answer. You do not need to worry about eye contact and other social signals.
6. Talking before 3:00 pm is unwise.
When you are an introvert, the conversation can be difficult at any time of the day, especially in the morning. Being socially active is hard work for you, and work is even harder when your brain is not fully awake. Maintaining small talk or project presentation can be even more difficult until 2:00 pm or even 3:00 pm.The fact that you are an early social bird does not mean that life is given to you easily.
7. Don't ask me why I'm so quiet.
If you ask me again why I am so quiet, I will hit you! You are just tired of people asking the same question many times. You are quiet because you want to be like this! Does it look so weird ?! All this extra time, when you are not talking, is filled with more thoughts in your head than any average person. But that’s what makes the introvert so interesting!
8. Going to a party is an ordeal.
Many people see parties as a great opportunity to have fun, but for you it’s hard work. Talking with different people every few minutes causes you to stress ... and also to dance in front of others! Forget it! On Saturday evening, you would prefer to meet with a small group of friends or even be left alone. An invitation to a party can be compared with a three-hour prison term.
9. Maybe sometimes I'm too attentive.
Sometimes you have really random information about what you don’t need to know.You are wondering if anyone would know what you know of his middle name, while he doesn’t even know your first name.
You do not tend to specifically try to get such information, you just very attentive. When you watch what is happening around you, it's easier for you to focus on wanting to talk with others. You just hear what people say to each other, and remember it well.
10. I'm not in a bad mood ... I just don't want to move my mouth right now.
Introverts don't like to talk - it's that easy. Very often, especially in situations where it is necessary to be socially active, people ask if you are doing well if you are sitting alone. You are not depressed, everything is fine with you ... you just do not want to talk or otherwise interact with someone right now.
You can be overcome by obsessive thoughts like “It's strange that people are so worried about me. Does this mean that I am strange? ” Indeed, other people simply do not understand this. They just do not understand what it is to be an introvert.

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