09.09.18. Expectations. Vladimir

We are finishing our acquaintance with the pre-election situation in the regions where direct gubernatorial elections will be held on September 9. Today - Vladimir region.
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The "main candidate" in these elections will be the acting governor of the Vladimir region, Svetlana Orlova, for her this will be the second gubernatorial campaign. Orlova has been in charge of the region since September 23, 2013 (since March 24 - as interim governor), i.e. The upcoming elections will be next.
Before being appointed acting head of the regional administration (2004-13), Orlova was the vice-speaker of the Federation Council and plenipotentiary representative of the upper chamber of parliament in the State Duma, in the commission of the Russian government on legislative activities and other coordinating and advisory bodies under the president, government and federal executive authorities. Previously, she was elected to the State Duma of the I and II convocations, both times from the movement “Women of Russia”: in 1993 - by party list, in 1995 - by Arseniev single-mandate electoral district No. 49 (Primorsky Krai).At the moment he is a member of the United Russia party, he is a member of the bureau of the Supreme Council of the United Russia.
Here is how the governor elections of the past years were held in the Vladimir region:
1996: turnout - 44.19%, Nikolai Vinogradov - 62.20%;
2000: turnout - 34.00%, Nikolai Vinogradov - 65.58%;
2013: a turnout of 28.52%, Svetlana Orlova - 74.73%.
This year, 8 candidates were put forward for the post of governor: Svetlana Orlova (United Russia), journalist Maxim Shevchenko (CPRF), head of the LDPR faction in the Vladimir Region Legislative Assembly Vladimir Sipagin (LDPR), an employee of the Just Russia party regions Sergey Biryukov ("Fair Russia"), chairman of the public organization "Association of activists of public self-government" Goodwill "" Ivan Altukhov (Communist Party of Social Justice / CPSU), entrepreneur, activist of NOD Sergei Glumov ("Patr ioty of Russia "), general director of LLC" Cascade ", deputy of the Council of people's deputies of the Kameshkovsky district of the Vladimir region Alexander Leontyev (" The people against corruption ") and human rights activist Oleg Pavletsov (" The Party of changes ").
As you can see, the composition is quite diverse. There are two surprises here.The first is the nomination of Maxim Shevchenko, whom local observers began to call the main competitor Orlova. The second is that the Senator Anton Belyakov has not been nominated by the SR. The fact is that until recently he was also the head of the regional branch of the party and everyone expected Belyakov to be the candidate of the Social Revolutionaries. However, in early June, the presidium of the Central Council of the Fair Russia recommended Sergey Biryukov to the post of head of the regional branch of the party, who was nominated for the elections. Later, after the registration of candidates, it turned out that, following the party post, Anton Belyakov would also lose his seat in the Federation Council: he did not enter any of the “senatorial triples” voiced by candidates for the position of head of the region.
To pass the municipal filter, each candidate had to collect and submit by July 25 to the election commission signatures of 8% (from 128 to 134) deputies of all levels and elected heads of municipalities of the region, including 35 to 37 signatures of deputies and heads of districts and urban districts . These signatures must be collected in at least 16 districts and urban districts (3/4 of the total number).
Not all were able to successfully register. Oleg Pavletsov submitted to the election commission of the region a statement about the withdrawal of his candidacy "due to personal circumstances", another candidate, Alexander Leontyev, did not submit the required documents in due time. Among the other candidates who submitted documents on time, only Maxim Shevchenko was denied registration: out of 133 signatures provided to them, collected in 13 districts and urban districts of the region, 13 were rejected. After that, he left 120 reliable signatures collected in 12 municipalities, which is clearly not enough both in terms of the number and the number of “closed” territories.
Thus, on September 9, candidates from five parties will fight for the governor’s post: United Russia, LDPR, Fair Russia, Patriots of Russia and the CPSU.
Oles Pashchenko, deputy of the Council of People's Deputies of the Municipal Formation Bogolyubovo rural settlement, shares his opinion on the campaign: “There is no favorite race. There is a acting governor who must go through an approval procedure, which is quite problematic today, and spoiler candidates.<...> Two passable candidates who could compete and fight for the victory were removed at the start. Not allowed to the election of Maxim Shevchenko and Anton Belyakov. All the rest are just spoilers who don’t even consider it necessary to wage the election campaign. But turnout should be high, as paradoxical as it sounds. People are going to come to the polling stations and protest against the state of affairs that now exists in the Vladimir region. "
Political analyst Kirill Nikolenko notes the campaign lethargy: “Now, as such, the governor’s election campaign is virtually non-existent. Orlova’s meetings, usually without the participation of the press, protocol events. There is a display of posters, sometimes banners from a candidate from the LDPR or problems. On the topic of a boycott of the elections, the governor is also trying to play. <...> Now the region is spreading fake materials: they offer to strike Orlov in the bulletin. This is a calculation for the fool because the election commission evaluates exclusively what is in the squares.And therefore, crossing Orlova is a mark in this box, that is, it will be a vote for her. <...> I think that for Orlova this vote will take place without any complications. "
Well, something like this.
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