03/18/18. Results Leningrad region

We continue to learn how residents of different regions voted in the presidential election in March 2018. Today - Leningrad region.
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890326 people participated in the voting in the region - this is 66.87% of all voters in the region. Compared to the 2012 elections, turnout increased slightly: the percentage increase was 3.63%, in the number of voters - 79569 people, or 9.81%. The dynamics are quite good, given the growth in the list number of voters: over 6 years, their number increased by 49,560, or by 3.86%. We also note that this is the highest figure in the last presidential campaigns in the region: in 2004, the turnout was 57.94%, in 2008 - 63.68% and in 2012 - 63.24%.
Participating in our election special project "Election of the President of Russia 2018. Voting on March 18" experts managed to predict the turnout in the Leningrad Region as accurately as possible. Recall that 50 regions with the maximum number of voters were selected for the project, in each of them, in February and March, three experts were interviewed about what kind of turnout they expected, and based on the figures sounded they built a consensus forecast for turnout in a particular region.For the Leningrad region, the forecast was 64% in February and 66% in March.
Presidential candidates showed the following results in the Leningrad region: Vladimir Putin - 79.01%, Pavel Grudinin - 8.82%, Vladimir Zhirinovsky - 5.44%, Ksenia Sobchak - 2.10%, Grigory Yavlinsky - 1.20%, Boris Titov - 0.91%, Sergey Baburin - 0.69%, Maxim Suraikin - 0.64%. As we see, there are no serious differences from what turned out to be in the federal final protocol.
This time, Vladimir Putin managed to set a record of the latest campaigns in the percentage of votes for the "Kremlin candidate": in 2004 he had 77.10%, in 2012 - 61.90% and in 2008 Dmitry Medvedev - 70.19% .
Representatives of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation and the Liberal Democratic Party, as in many other regions of the North-West and other districts, have a serious loss of support: in the presidential election of 2012, Gennady Zyuganov received 14.18%, and Vladimir Zhirinovsky - 6.77%.
As Mikhail Lebedinsky, chairman of the Lenoblisbirkom, said during the summing up of the campaign, the elections were fairly calm: "The election of the President of Russia was held in the Leningrad Region lawfully, openly, honestly and in an organized and, very importantly, with high voter activity." The election commission promptly checked all complaints and appeals, only 8 of them were found to be reasonable,but they dealt with issues that could be resolved promptly.
Yaroslav Ignatovsky, political consultant, general director of the PolitGeneration analytical center, shares his opinion on the results of the campaign: "I think the election organizers did it all. As far as I know, from my colleagues, and what I saw myself, there were no serious remarks or violations. The election is really a holiday. The turnout was really high. <...> If we talk about some problems, they mostly mention voting not at the place of registration, but at the place of actual stay. In this respect, everything was done in the Leningrad Region more kkuratno. I can not say that there were some serious violations. "
Political technologist, deputy of the Legislative Assembly of the Leningrad Region, member of the presidium of the regional political council of the United Russia party, Alexei Lomov, drew attention to the high turnout and the absence of serious violations: “I can say that people voted very actively in those areas that I visited. As for the holiday mood, it most likely was, although there was no intrigue. People wanted to show their civic position.<...> The people went to the polls all day. If we summarize the work of the election commission in terms of electoral propaganda and everything else, then we can say that everything was possible.
I have not heard anything about a strong administrative resource, as it was in the previous elections.
As for complaints, their total volume in the Leningrad region was small. Something around 15-20. The election commission examined them, one of them was checked, which revealed nothing. That is, if we talk in general, everything went legally and honestly. "
Well, something like this.
The full version of the material with detailed comments of experts can be read here.
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