Launched a small hydrographic vessel "Alexander Rogotsky" As the press service of the Government of the Amur region, July 19, 2018 at JSC "Shipbuilding Plant them. October Revolution ”(Blagoveshchensk, Amur Region) launched the small hydrographic vessel“ Alexander Rogotsky ”of project 19910 under construction for..

Break the routine Surprisingly, sometimes, to have a good time, you just need to change the routine. And I mean not only the routine of working days, our weekends are so often filled with habitual actions that they cease to bring the intended effect..

Aeroflot. Food specifically for Russians on a flight to Italy Last year, in addition to the standard kosher, children's, low-calorie, etc. They have a new type of special food - Russian special menus. Since mid-March, Aeroflot has updated the menu on domestic and international..

FBK: Shuvalov spends 40 million rubles annually on flying dogs Deputy Prime Minister Igor Shuvalov spends 40 million rubles a year on flying his dogs in a private jet, according to the Alexei Navalny Foundation for Combating Corruption. “It’s quite well known that Igor..

In Seoul works painted cafe. Do they accept drawn money? ResidentsSouth Koreathey like everything unusual, and therefore, to surprise their countrymen, the owners of this unusual cafe had to try very hard. But the idea was definitely a success! Everything is drawn in the..

How to whiten and wash white sneakers? Sneakers or sneakers have long ceased to be a purely summer sports shoes. World designers and couturiers allowed us to wear them both in winter and summer ... Wear them with a tracksuit, cocktail dress, leggings, long..

24 Warez Ru Information to the news Views: 4231 Author: Date: August 31, 2010 How did I go with Putin to? Zaporozhets? Category: Home / Humor In Zaporozhets to Vladimir Putin, I sat down on Gagarinskaya Square, voting on the road. The guards, who..

"Black Avengers": a gang that kept all of Moscow in fear Saban (the leader of the gang of "black avengers" called himself) hated the police and the rich. First he blamed for the years spent behind bars. The second was the object of hunting..

Stylish banner NKVDistov Award banner of a separate company of motobronevagons of the 55th railway regiment of the VOKhR NKVD, presented to a separate company of motorbike wagons of the 55th railway regiment of the VOKhR NKVD for differences in the air defense of..

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