Agent GRU - Stig Bergling The famous agent of the GRU in the seventies was a Swede Stig Bergling. He was born in 1937. By nature, he was an adventurer and reckless adventurer. First, he served as chief of the criminal police, then from..

Naked yoga in Australia Naked yoga is gaining popularity on Instagram 06.10.17 It all started with one girl, who on the page nude_yogagirl laid out her photos during yoga classes in the nude. 26 year old model wanted to inspire Casey Bachelor in a..

Terminator broke a leg "Old! But not useless!" It is this phrase from the last movie about Terminator that comes to mind when you look at these photos. Yes, Iron Arnie broke his leg. Moreover, as he himself stated with his characteristic humor on..

On this day ... September 2 - 3 About the strange battle of Akcium On September 2, 31 BC, a historicsea ​​battle at Akcium(this cape in the Ionian Sea in the north-west of Greece is also known asAcre).The battle will mark the end of..

Where did the water go? This is what the Abakan River Station looks like today. Sadly Why is that? And what are the prospects? 01. Regular shipping on the upper Yenisei began in 1886, when the St. Nicholas steamship began to sail between the..

In Krasnoyarsk, spoiled Edkham Shukrievich, mayor of the city of Krasnoyarsk, is walking somehow along the embankment of the Yenisei River, and here is a splash! - A gull has shit on his shoulder ... It happens ... An ordinary person will brush the..

Terminator against Wii About the fact that in the sequel of the film "Viy 3D" one of the roles played by Jackie Chan was known for a long time. But as it turned out, one legend of this film is not limited. In Oleg..

09.09.2018 myphototravel Festival "Guslitsky hop" To bookmarks On Saturday, September 8, in the village of Stepanovka, Likino-Dulyovskogo urban district, the festival "Guslitsky hop" was held. The festival is young, it only appeared last year, but it was immediately loved by the locals and guests..

Kan Museum of Normandy. Holon, city of museums - historical buses, comics and cartoons, Spanish design 03.07.18 Let us shortly from Baku and return to Israel. This time I invite you to visit several museums of the glorious city of Holon. Let's start with..

When the light shamans Liquid Sculptures by Annalù Boeretto 20.09.16 Italian artist Annaluigia Boeretto imagines the world as a crystal flower, where the pages of books or flower petals seem to be lapping in a single movement in Artist Tatiana Barakova 13.09.16 Since 2006..

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